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Sulphur - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Tearing, extending from the shoulder-joint down into the humerus.

Tearing in the top of the shoulders, or in the shoulder-joints, especially at night, with gnawing or severe bruised pain and shooting, first aggravated, then relieved by moving the arm.

Stitches under the right axilla.

Tearing in the shoulder-joint while at rest, this goes off on moving.

Stitches, extending from the top of the shoulder in the chest, only while moving.

Stitches, extending from the shoulder-joint forward into the arm, on lying upon it, and during inspiration and expiration.

Beating in the left shoulder, seemingly in the bone.

Pain of the shoulder-joint, as if dislocated from a fall, especially at night, while lying down.

The arms ache as if bruised.

The arm is asleep for twenty-four hours.

The arm frequently goes to sleep for a quarter of an hour, especially after working, he has to let them lie still.

Cramp in the arms, after midnight.

Pressure and drawing internally in the arm, more when moving than while at rest, especially on stretching or raising the arm.

Drawing and tearing in the arms and hands.

Twitching drawing at night in bed, from one joint of the arm to the other, but more in the joints themselves.

Tearing, slow jerks down from the shoulder or elbow-joint through the limb, but most painful in the joint itself, compelling a frown and contraction of the eyes.

Tearing, and paralytic sensation in the right arm.

Tearing in the arm, unaffected by motion.

Red, burning spots on the upper arm and the fore-arm (after washing with soap-water).

On the upper arm, a sensation as if something heavy hung upon it.

Weakness in the upper arm, so that she cannot raise it up.

Twitching pressure in the deltoid muscle of the upper arm.

Tearing in the left humerus on the anterior surface.

Straining shooting in the right upper arm.

Bruised pain in the left upper arm, which is sensitive also to external pressure.

Hard, hot swelling on the left upper arm, with shooting pain.

Below the bend of the elbow, a burning pain; on being; touched, it feels as it were turgid or numb.

Bruised pain about the right elbow-joint, on raising something with the arm on clenching the fist.

Painful sharp drawing in the right elbow joint.

Pressure in the elbow-joint, on moving it.

Tearing from the elbow-joint up the upper arm and down the fore-arm; also while at rest.

Tearing in and above the right elbow-joint, while at rest; it goes off through moving the arm.

The tendons of the elbow-joint feel tense.

Suppurating blisters on the bend of the elbow, with much itching.

In the fore-arm, slow, painful drawing, seemingly in the nerves, extending from the elbow into the wrist and back again.

Itching in the elbow-joints and the wrist-joints, and especially on the hands, chiefly in the evening; here and there little vesicles full of yellowish water show themselves.

Tension on a spot of the right fore-arm, as if the skin were being raised up with a needle; after rubbing it, this turns to itching.

Tearing in the bones of the fore-arm, at times relieved by pressing upon it and moving it.

The right fore-arm feels as if gone to sleep and heavy.

The right fore-arm feels paralyzed and without any sensation, this goes off by rubbing; at night, while lying on the left side.

Tearing in the knuckles of the hand.

Tearing pain in the wrist-joints.

Drawing on the hand, with alternate stitches.

Painful stitches dart outward through the wrist-joint.

A sudden, burning stitch on the dorsum of the hand.

Tearing in the dorsum of the right hand, at times seeming to be in the bones, at other times in the tensor-tendons.

Sprained pain in the right wrist-joint, during rest and slight movements, but finally going off entirely through violent exercise.

Pain in the wrist-joint, as if sprained.

Stiffness of the wrists, especially in the morning, passing off during the day.

Burning in the hands.

Swollen veins on the hands.

Frequent swelling of the hands.

Formication in the hand, as from ants.

The hands go to sleep, with formication, as soon as the hands are dipped into cold or warm water.

Weariness of the right hand, with tearing in the thumb.

There is no strength in the hands, in the morning, after rising; he has to make quite an effort to hold anything with them.

Trembling of the hands, while writing.

Trembling of the right hand, in the morning.

Tremulous sensation in both hands.

A sort of anxiety in the hands; he has to grasp something.

Involuntary grasping with the hands, most in the afternoon.

Sweaty hands.

Itching in the palms.

Itching in the palms; he has to rub them, when they burn.

Itching, stinging burning in the palms; he has to rub them.

Itching eruption of vesicles on the dorsum of the hand (4th d.).

Nettle-rash on the dorsum of the hand.

Redness and swelling of the hands and fingers, as if frozen, with itching in the evening and with tension on moving them.

Hard, dry skin on the hands.

Chapped skin on the hands.

The skin of the hands chaps, almost without pain, especially where the fingers commence.

Fissures and cuts in the skin of the hands, especially in the joints, with sore pain.

The hands are chapped and rough like a grater, about the posterior knuckles of the fingers.

A slight lesion on the finger becomes malignant, with pulsation; later on a corroding blister forms, and the whole hand swells up, but without pain, except when touching it.

The tendons in the palms behind the first two fingers seem shortened, are hard to the touch and tense, so that he cannot spread his hand flat on the table.

In the fingers, drawing pain, in single, brief jerks, in the afternoon.

Cramp in the middle three fingers.

Involuntary twitching of the fingers.

Tearing in the fingers.

Tearing in the posterior joint of the thumb, extending into the metacarpal joint and the middle of the dorsum of the hand.

Tearing shooting behind the nail of the left ring-finger, as if a needle was pushed in, especially violent in the evening.

Sensation of cramp, of a bruise and of swelling in the middle joint of the third and fourth finger (during the menses).

Pinching and pressure on the ball of the left little finger, every five minutes; on resting the elbow on something it radiates up into the arm, with a chill; during the day, the pain changes into severe stitches, also with a chill, while all his limbs felt heavy as after severe exertions.

Constant burning, tearing stitch on the dorsum of the middle finger.

A burning jerk in the left middle finger.

Burning in the balls of the fingers (in the forenoon.).

Burning in the finger-tips.

Sprained pain in the posterior joint of the thumb.

Pain in the flexor side of the right middle finger, as from a splinter piercing it.

Stitches in the finger-tips.

Tingling and pricking in the finger-tips, very painful; worse when the arm hangs down.

The last two fingers go to sleep, in the evening in bed.

Numbness of the little finger, for some time.

Both the little fingers are numb and go to sleep.

The sensibility of the fingers dies away, in the morning; they become void of blood, with loss of color and tingling therein, while the skin shrivels up at the tips, for two hours, three days in succession.

Dying off of the fingers, in the forenoon.

Coldness of the fingers.

Severe swelling of the middle three fingers on both hands.

Thick, stiff, red finger-joints, as if frozen, with tingling therein.

Swelling of the fingers, in the morning.

Thick, red chilblains on the fingers, itching severely in the warmth.

Peeling off of the fingers (the epidermis peels off in round spots).

Profuse sweat between the fingers.

Pain in the finger-tips, in the morning, as if a nail was cut too short.

Many agnails on the fingers.

Paronychia (panaritium) on the fingers, twice in succession.

The right natis is painful.

When he sits for a long time the whole fundament and the ossa ischii become painful.

Itching erosion on the nates.

In the hip-joint, a tensive pain when walking.

Severe pain in the right hip-joint, at the slightest motion in bed, as if dislocated, so that he cannot tread in the morning, nor walk; also pain when touched.

Frequent twitching, deep in the left hip; it passes off on moving.

Bruised pain in the right hip, on sitting down and on moving the body to one side.

Pain in the hip, only when moving and when touching it, as if he was beaten black and blue there, or had fallen on it.

Pain in the ossa ischii, so that she could neither sit nor lie down, also when touched, it felt as if festering; on rising from the seat, the thigh felt as if fallen asleep, with pinching on the os ischii.

Cramp-like, sudden, very painful jerks about the hip-joint.

Drawing pain in the left hip.

Nettle rash below the hip.

In the lower limbs, a drawing pain, in the morning and evening in bed.

Severe tearing in the lower limb, from the heel into the thigh, and into the hip-joint; worst in the knee-joint, while standing; walking relieved and finally removed it altogether.

Violent tearing in the right lower limb and the hip-joint, in paroxysms, in the evening while walking; nor could she without pain remain sitting on a low seat without stretching out the limb.

Bruised pain in the lower limbs, after walking in the open air.

Restlessness in the lower limbs, so that she could not remain in the room, for two evenings, till bed-time.

Dry heat in the lower limbs.

Coldness in the left lower limb.

The right lower limb feels numb, even while lying down.

Sensation, while lying down, as if he could not raise up the one leg, while yet he could do so.

Often while sitting, he has no sensation in his lower limbs; they are, as if were, asleep.

The left lower limb is asleep, for an hour, two evenings in succession.

Both lower limbs are asleep, in the morning in bed, with great heaviness.

Heaviness in the lower limbs; and tension in the knees and thighs, more at night than by day.

Painful heaviness of the lower limbs.

Heaviness and weariness of the lower limbs, in the morning in bed; this passed off at once on rising.

Heaviness and weariness of the lower limbs after short walks.

Extreme weariness of the lower limbs when walking, almost as if paralyzed.

Humming of the lower limbs, as if from weariness.

Sensation of anxiety and weakness in the whole of the right lower limb, when walking.

Weakness in the lower limbs, so that she could scarcely walk, and pain, as if there was no marrow in the bones.

Sudden weakness of the lower limbs, especially of the legs, after taking a short walk.

In the thigh, a sort of lameness, seemingly in the hip, above the nates.

Twitching in both the thighs, seemingly in the bone.

Cramp in the right thigh.

Formication itching on the inner side of the thigh.

Dry heat in the thighs and the sacrum, while the back is cold.

Pain in the posterior muscles in the thighs, while sitting down.

The thighs feels as if tied together with a bandage.

Twitching in the thigh and leg.

Drawing pain in the thigh.

Violent tearing in the right thigh, from the knee to the crest of the ilium, and then a bruised exhaustion of the whole body.

Tearing in the thighs, also in the bones, frequently extending into the knee, mostly relieved by walking.

Shooting and burning on the inner side of the left thigh, relieved by rubbing.

Bruised pain on the outer side of the thigh, also when touching it.

Violent pain in the thigh, at night, as after a blow.

Pain on the inner side of the right thigh as if wounded, in the evening.

Soreness between the thighs, especially when walking in the open air.

Itching pimples on the inner side of the thighs.

Pain in the knee, as from stiffness, when rising from the seat.

Stiffness in the houghs.

Rigidity in the knees.

Sensation in the knees as if they were grasped with both hands, in the evening.

Tension in the knees, on rising from the seat, while walking, and especially while going up stairs.

Tension in the right knee, so that he cannot stretch his lower limb.

Straining in the houghs, when treading, as if too short.

The tendons of the lower limbs feel too short, when standing.

Tension in the houghs, extending to the foot.

While in bed, the knees are several times spasmodically bent and stretched out again.

Violent, cramp-like pressure in the hough, extending to the ankle, chiefly while sitting, twice a day, for an hour at a time, in the afternoon, attended with great weariness and straining headache.

Pressure on the left patella, while sitting and walking.

Pressure in the knee-joint, on moving it.

Dull shooting pressure on a very small point in the extreme tip of the knee.

Tearing in the left knee, only while walking.

Tearing externally in the left patella, disappearing by continued walking.

In the evening, tearing and sprained pain in the left knee, only while treading; after lying down it disappears, but it returns in the morning.

Shooting in the right knee.

Shooting in the knee and the tibia (3d d.).

Shooting in the right knee, only while standing, then in the left wrist.

Shooting pains in the knees.

Long stitches in the knee, causing shivering and starting.

Shooting in the knee at the least motion (there is a crunching sound in it) and when going up stairs, but hardly at all while walking on a level.

Glowing burning stitch in the left hough, so that she was startled.

Paralytic weakness in the knee, as if strained on going down stairs.

Weariness in the knees, especially in the forenoon; after going up one flight of stairs there is a burning in the joints.

Bruised pain of the knee, on rising from the seat and bending them.

Weary pain in the knee-joints.

Sensation of weariness in the knees, in the morning in bed.

Looseness in the knees, as if they would give way.

The knees give way in walking.

Cracking sound in the knees (2d d.).

Itching about the knees.

The leg is, as it were, asleep and burns and tingles, when rising.

Coldness and cold feeling of the legs, in the evening.

Swollen veins on the legs.

Trembling and weariness, shooting and tearing in both legs, from the knees into the feet; when sitting, there is more tearing; when walking, there is shooting and tension, while the toes are icy cold.

Tearing in the legs, from the knees to the feet, while walking and sitting.

Tearing in both legs, extending up to the middle of the thighs.

Tearing from the knees to the toes, with heaviness of the feet, so that she can hardly drag them along.

Bruised pain on the inner part of the legs, near the tibiae, when touched, as if the flesh was detached from the bones; in the evening.

Tendency to cramp in the leg, when stretching the foot.

The calves are very painful when going up stairs.

Shooting pain in the right calf.

Drawing, alternately in the calf, in the tibia, and in the sole of the foot.

Grasping drawing in the calves, while sitting; relieved by walking.

Glowing burning and boring in the right calf, in the evening.

Weary pain in the calves, at night, only in bed.

Clucking, extending down the left calf, as from drops of water.

Contractive pain in the calf.

Straining, tension and contractive pain in the calves, as if they were sewed together.

Cramp in the calves, even while walking, when the calf aches, as if too short.

Severe cramp in the calves, in the morning in bed.

Cramp in the calves while dancing.

Tremulous sensation in the calves, while standing.

Swelling of the calves.

The feet are icy cold in the evening until bed time.

Cold feet, all the day and the evening, till going to bed.

Coldness in the soles of the feet.

The feet are always cold, she cannot get them warm in the evening in bed.

The soles of the feet become soft, sensitive and painful in walking.

The soles of the feet are painful, when treading and walking, as if they were festered.

Still pain in the soles of the feet.

Severe, momentary pain in the left heel.

Straining in the soles of the feet, as if too short, in treading.

Tension in the hollow of the foot.

Straining about the ankles in walking.

Tension in the right foot on moving the toes.

Cramp in the soles of the feet at every step.

Stiffness in the ankle-joint, about the ankles.

Drawing in the feet and up into the hip, with cracking of the joints at every motion.

Drawing on the outer side of the heel, in the evening after lying down.

Drawing pain in the soles of the feet, in the morning, in bed; also when treading, there was a severe pain in them.

Painless twitching in the soles of both feet; it goes off through motion.

Tearing in the sole of the right foot; it goes off by rubbing, in the evening.

Tearing in the right foot.

Tearing in the right heel, for half an hour.

Tearing and shooting in the sore foot, at night.

Shooting in the right foot.

Severe stitches on the tendo Achillis almost every five minutes.

Shooting below the left ankle, even while at rest, but more yet when stretching out the foot, and also at the least motion; it impedes his walking.

Stitches in the sole of the foot.

Stitches in the ball of the right foot.

Shooting in the right heel, as from a splinter.

Squeezing shooting in the dorsum of the right foot, worse when moving.

Shooting tingling in the right heel.

Beating as from the jumping of a mouse, on the outer border of the right foot.

Sudden, burning stitch on the dorsum of the left foot.

Cutting in the heel, extending to the hollow of the foot.

Burning across the dorsum of the foot.

Burning and itching in the soles of the feet, especially intolerable while walking.

Burning in the soles of the feet, in treading after sitting for awhile.

Severe burning in the hollow of the left sole in the evening.

Burning pinching in the ankle-joint; after friction the burning augments.

Swelling of the feet in the warmth of the bed; it goes off outside the bed.

Swelling of the right foot on walking in the open air.

Swelling on the ankle, with sprained pain on moving.

Pain, as from a misstep, in the left ankle, both when standing and walking.

The ankle gives way in treading, as if dislocated.

The foot gives way in walking.

The ankle tends to give way especially when going down stairs.

The ankle joint cracks when it is moved.

Numbness and formication in the sole of the foot; it goes off through rubbing.

The sole of the left foot goes to sleep, in the evening.

Great heaviness in the feet, especially in the ankle.

Beating in the hollow of the sole of the foot, in the evening, with severe burning for an hour.

Sweat in the sole of the foot.

Cold sweat on the sole of the left foot.

Cold sweat of the feet.

Blue spots and varices about the ankles.

Eruption of pimples around the ankles.

Ulcerating vesicles on the soles of the feet.

In the toes, cramp, on stretching the feet.

Cramp and contraction of the toes, with bruised pain; improved by strong pressure; during the menses.

Tearing in the posterior joint of the right big toe.

Stitches anteriorly in the left big toe.

Stitches in the tips of the toes, while sitting and lying.

Fine stitches in the middle and the big toes.

Pressive pain and aching of the inner side of the nail of the big toe.

Pain of the nail of the big toe.

Dull pain in the ball of the left toe.

Inflammation and swelling of the big toe, with pain.

Swelling of the toes.

Itching in the toes formerly frozen (the first days).

Between the toes, white, painful pimples.

The corns ache, as if pressed by tight shoes.

Frequent violent shooting in the corns.

Shooting burning in the corn, while wearing large shoes.

Inflammation of the corns, with pain.

The limbs go to sleep at once on lying down.

The limbs are apt to go to sleep, as also the cervical muscles, the scalp, the nates and the feet, especially when lying down.

Pressure in the upper and lower limbs, as if they would go to sleep.

Drawing pain in the limbs, in the evening.

Straining in the limbs, almost like drawing.

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