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Sulphur - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
Common symptoms: Skin problems, Hot flashes, Pimples.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Eyes sunken, surrounded by blue rings,

Blue rings around the eyes,

Both eyes inflamed,

Redness of the eyes during the day; violent itching in them in the evening,

Swelling and redness of the eyes, with pimples on the lids,

The white of the eye reddened (third day); redness of conjunctiva less (fourth day),

A white vesicle in the white of the eye, close to the cornea,

Much matter in the eye, in the morning, for several days,

Purulent mucus in the eyes (after three days),

Trembling of the eyes,

Heaviness of the eyes,

Dryness of the eyes,


Aching in left eye (soon); in the evening, aching in the left eye (second day),

Aching in the right eye, and sometimes a feeling as if the eyeballs were swollen, during the forenoon (eighth day),

Slight adhesion and burning of the eyes, in the morning (eleventh day); burning in the eyes at noon (thirteenth day); burning of the eyes and lids, in the forenoon (fourteenth day); occasional slight burning in the eyes (seventeenth day),

Burning in the eyes,

Burning and easy fatigue of the eyes when reading,

Burning of the eyes, without redness,

Burning of the eyes, with great sensitiveness to daylight,

Burning of the eyes, with redness of the outer canthi and discharge of corrosive tears,

Burning and pressure in the eyes; in the morning they were agglutinated and the whole face swollen,

Burning in the eyes, with redness of them (thirty-third day); redness of eyes much diminished (thirty-fourth day),

In the afternoon burning shooting beneath the lids of the left eye, as though sand had got into it (second day),

Burning in the right eye for a short time, which recurs at short intervals (seventeenth day),

Sensitiveness and burning in the eyes, for several days,

Burning in eyes and feet (nineteenth day),

In the evening troublesome feeling of heat in the eyes (thirty-second day),

Burning heat in the eyes,

Sensation of heat in the eyes,

Sensation of fulness of blood in the eyes,

Smarting of the eyes, in the evening; the candlelight seems to be a red ring, wherewith he cannot see,

Smarting of the eyes, with a feeling as if they watered,

Painful smarting of the eyes,

A sensation as if there were a foreign body in the right eye, in the morning (twenty-eighth day); feeling of foreign body in the eyes, in the forenoon in the right, in the evening in the left eye (twenty-ninth day),

Sensation in the right eye, as if a foreign body were in it, which compels him repeatedly to rub and wipe the eye, in the afternoon (thirty-fifth day),

Sensation as if an inflammation of the eye were about to come on (second day); in the morning, on awaking, prickling, causing him to scratch, itching and smarting in the lids (third and fourth days); itching and smarting in the lids much diminished; towards evening it went off completely (fifth day),

Pressure in the eyes as if sleepy, every evening, without sleepiness,

Pressure in the eyes, especially on working in the sun,

Pressure and itching in the eyes and vertigo on stooping,

About 4 P.M., after a glass of beer, pressive pain on the left eye (nineteenth day),

Tensive headache in the eyes only on raising them, several mornings in bed, on waking,

A feeling as if the eyes were plucked back into her head,

Bruised pain in the eye on pressing it together and on feeling of it,

Violent pains in the left eye, as if it were rubbed against spiculae of glass, and drawn in towards the pupil. He was obliged to close the eye five or six times involuntarily. This was followed by burning in the eye and flow of tears. The attack lasted about two minutes (fifth day),

Pains shooting through the right eye, and through the head generally,

The eyes are painful to touch when closed,

The eyes are painful on looking at the flame of a candle,

In the evening, jerking cutting in right eye, spreading to the temple; it lasts several hours, and can be excited anew by touching the right side of the tip of the nose (first day),

Severe cutting in right eye (first day),

Shooting in the left eye, preventing him from reading, for several days; when he attempts to read he gets, immediately, violent shooting pains through the middle of the pupil deep into the eye (thirty-second day),

The right eye feels very weak, water runs from it when looking at anything for a few seconds,

About 2 A.M., painful dry sensation in both eyes (third day),

Biting in the eyes, as from Ammonia,

Biting of the eyes and lachrymation, every evening,

A feeling as of sand in the eyes,

Feeling of sand in right eye (first and second days),

Stitches as with a knife in the right eye,

Itching and burning of the eyes (fourth day),

In the forenoon, itching and burning in both eyes, followed by great watering of the eyes (third day),

At noon, for half an hour, great itching of the left eye, with lachrymation (ninetieth day),

In the morning, itching in left eye, which is not only aggravated by rubbing, but extends all over the face (fifth day),

Itching in the left eye (second day),

Paroxysms of obscuration of the eyes, while walking in the open air, with violent pressure and beating in the head, nausea and weakness (sixth day),


Dimness of vision, as from a fog, with the headache,

Dimness of vision of both eyes, with great sensitiveness to bright daylight (second day); great dimness of vision (on reading), as if the cornea had lost its transparency; at the same time feeling of dryness (as from fine sand) between the eyelids (after one hour, seventh day),

Dimness of vision, in the forenoon (first day); all the forenoon, unusual weakness and dimness of the eyes, followed by frequent dry tussiculation (third day),

Dimness of vision and weakness of both eyes, with innumerable confused dark spots floating before the eyes (in two hours),

Dimness of vision, with giddy confusion (first day),

In the forenoon, dimness of vision; it seemed as if a veil were before the eyes; sometimes she saw objects double; she could hardly see to do needlework; when sewing the sight went away completely (seventh day),

Since commencing my proving of Sulphur I have observed a considerable weakness of vision, and very often a feeling of heaviness and aching in the eyeballs. When reading or writing I often feel as if a mist were before the eyes. I must then cover the eyes with the hand, slightly press and rub them, in order to read. Moreover, I must hold the book I am reading a considerable distance from the eyes, for when I hold it close I cannot distinguish the letters. I had previously noticed a slight diminution of my visual powers, but since the proving of Sulphur, the feeling of weight and aching in the eyes, and the weakness of sight rapidly increased, and to a great extent,

The eyes seem blinded, in the morning,

Weakness of sight, she sees things only sideways,

Sensation of a veil before the eyes, and dim vision for near and distant objects,

In the evening, by candlelight, a veil before the eyes; the surrounding objects appeared to be enveloped in smoke; rubbing and wiping them had no effect (third day),

Sensitiveness of the eyes to daylight (in two hours, fifth day),

Vision as through a veil (twentieth day),

Intolerance of sunlight,

Obscuration of vision, while reading,

Illusions of vision, as if her skin were yellow,

Objects seem more distant than they really are,

Flickering before the eyes (after forty-eight hours),

After breakfast, great flickering and luminous appearance before the eye. Everything appeared to be in a quivering movement. This symptom lasted an hour (one hundred and twentieth day),

At night, when going to sleep, lightning-like flashes before the eyes (eighth day),

A white spot before the eyes, on looking into the air,

Small dark specks before the eyes; eyes dazzled after looking long at an object (twenty-third day),

Dark points and spots before the eyes,

Black flies seem to float not far from the eyes (after twelve hours),

Brow and orbit

An inflamed pimple above the left eyebrow (one hundred and twenty-seventh day),

Pressure in the eyebrows and balls,

In the afternoon, slight tearing pains in the left eyebrow (seventeenth day),

Burning pain above and beneath the eyebrows, every afternoon,

In the evening, drawing in the left eyebrow (forty-third day),

Sudden drawing above the right eyebrow (after two hours, third day),

At night, drawing pains in the region of the left eyebrow and aching in the left eyeball, as if it were swelled out and pushed forward; the aching in the eyeballs only went off the following morning, after getting up (twenty-fifth day),

Much itching in the eyebrows, and in the tip of the nose,

Very violent piercing, cramplike pain deep in the right orbit (probably in the muscles), which, as far as he could judge, seemed to extend through the bony wall of the orbit into the frontal sinus; it lasted a few minutes, and then alternated, with a similar pain in the left orbit (after half an hour, second day),

Pressure in both orbits,

Boring pain over the left eye,

Jerking pain above the right eye,

Drawing pain in the bones of the orbits,

Before going to sleep, shooting pain in the upper border of the left orbit (first day),

Shooting above the left eye (twenty-third day),


Swelling of the upper lid and dry matter in the lashes,

Swelling of the upper lid, with redness and burning pain,

Swelling and pain in the eyelids, with lachrymation,

Inflammation of the lower lids, without especial swelling,

Redness of the eyelids and conjunctiva (fourth day),

The canthi of the eyes red and inflamed, slightly adhesive, and exuding a little (fifteenth day),

Eruption of pimples on the upper lid,

Stye on the upper lid by the inner canthus,

Near the outer canthus of the left eye an intensely red, excessively itching and burning spot on the skin; the left palpebral conjunctiva much reddened (twelfth day),

Agglutination of the eyes, two mornings (after twenty days),

Agglutinated eyes, in the morning (after burning, in the evening),

The eyes are agglutinated, in the morning, the lids thick and red; afterwards dry mucus in the lashes,

I could scarcely open my eyes, which were agglutinated, with forcible closure of the lids; in the evening the light obliges me to shut them (fourteenth day),

Eyes slightly adhering, in the morning, on awaking (fourteenth day),

Slight adhesion of the lids, in the morning (ninth, thirty-second, and one hundred and seventh days),

Much eye-gum on the ciliae, in the morning, after waking (ninth day),

Copious secretion of mucus from the Meibomian glands (fifth day),

Twitching of the lids for many days,

Twitching of the lower lid every day,

Twitching of the upper lid,

The lids often close, after rising, in the morning,

In the evening, twitching in the eyelids (second day),

Jerking in the lids,

Jerking in the lids, mostly in the afternoon,

Jerking in the left lower lid almost constantly,

Jerking in the lower lid,

Eyelids heavy, in the evening,

Dryness of the inner surface of the lids,

Pressure in the eyelids, in the evening,

Pressure in the upper lids,

In the evening, violent shooting in the upper lid (fourth day),

Aching on the eyelids (fifth day),

Pain in the outer canthus of both eyes (twelfth day),

In the evening, sudden, very painful tearing in the left upper eyelid (twenty-third day),

Burning of the lids, that are inflamed and red and tense on motion,

Burning of the eyelids externally,

Sensation of many burning sparks in the eyelids, that are immediately drawn together,

Burning jerking in the right eyelid,

Sticking and burning in the outer canthi, with dimness of vision, in the evening,

A persistent burning in the external canthus of the right eye, and at the same time a sensation as if a grain of sand was in it (after third dose),

In the afternoon, burning in the eyelids, with flow of tears (second day),

Burning in the lids, especially of the right eye, in the morning, after getting up (eighth day),

Burning of the upper lids,

In the evening a fine burning, like sparks, on some parts of the skin of the right upper lid (third day),

Great burning in the canthi, at noon (second day); slight burning in both outer canthi (tenth day); slight burning in the edges of the lids (twelfth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth days),

In the forenoon, some burning on the edges of the eyelids (seventh day); slight burning in the external canthi (sixty-fourth day); during the day, severe burning on the edges of the eyelids (two hundred and third day); slight burning of the tarsal edges (two hundred and seventy-ninth day),

Frequent fine burning stitches in different parts of the skin of the left upper eyelid, as if from fine sparks (seventh day),

Smarting sore pain on the inner side of the lids, after midnight, followed by a sensation of a rubbing dryness upon the inner surfaces,

Smarting pain as from dryness of the margins of the lids,

Smarting of the lids; inclination to rub them; the eyes can hardly bear the light, in the evening (eleventh day),

Sensation like sparks in the left upper lid (fifth day),

In the morning, slight sensitiveness of the edges of the lids (one hundred and thirty-fifth day),

Four hours after taking the medicine, when in bed, he felt a rubbing dry sensation (like sand) in the mucous surface of the eyelids (fourth day),

In the morning, on awaking, feeling of sand in the eyes, with raw pain on rubbing them (second day),

In the morning, after awaking, painful rubbing dry feeling in the borders of the right eyelids (fourth day),

About 3 P.M., feeling of fine sand between the right eye and lid (second day),

Itching of the eyelids, as if they would become inflamed,

Itching of the lids, obliging him to rest them every moment, in the afternoon; the eyes can scarcely endure the light at all, in the evening (twelfth day),

Itching biting in the outer canthus (after six hours),

Itching and biting in the inner canthi,

Itching and burning of the lids, which are red and swollen, in the morning (ninth day),

Frequent itching, burning, and smarting in the canthi of the eyes, making him rub them (third day),

Itching in eyelids and burning in eyes (twelfth day),

In the morning, after awaking, itching in the eyelids (second day), which are gummed together (third day); itching much diminished (fourth day),

Itching in the right eye (second day); during the day prickling, itching, and smarting in the eyelids (third day); in the morning, after awaking, eyelids gummed together, and a feeling as if fine sand were in the eyes (fourth day),

In the morning, itching and smarting in both eyelids (fifth day),

A sensation of prickling in both eyelids, causing him to scratch and rub them,

In the outer canthus of the right eye itching, shooting, and sensation of fine sparks in the skin of the right upper lid (third day),

In the afternoon, itching, burning, and redness of the edges of the lids, and of the skin on the outside of the nose (twenty-fourth day),

Itching on the borders of the eyelids (eighth day),

After dinner, rather severe itching of the lids, especially of the right eye (two hundred and forty-seventh day); great itching on the borders of the right eyelids (two hundred and forty-eighth day),

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Great lachrymation and coryza,

Lachrymation, feeling fatty, from both eyes,

Lachrymation in the morning, followed by dryness,

Lachrymation and burning, in the morning,

Lachrymation in the open air, several days,

Lachrymation of the eyes, when walking, in the open air (two hundred and seventy-sixth day),

Slight burning and profuse lachrymation of the left eye, in the forenoon (tenth day),

Acrid water ran out of the eyes (third day),


About 3 P.M., for an hour, remarkable dilatation of the pupils (thirty-second day),

Distortion of the left pupil,

Pupils much contracted,


The eyeballs are painful on moving them,

Pressure in the eyeballs on walking, in the open air,

Pressure in the left eyeball, in the afternoon (twenty-eighth day),

In the evening, dull aching and feeling of weight in both eyeballs, with loss of vision, as if a thick veil were before the eyes (seventeenth day),

Pain as from dryness of the eyeballs, and a sensation as if they rubbed against the lids,

After dinner, jerking tearing in the left eyeball (second day),

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