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Sulphur - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Looks ill (twelfth day), ; (sixth day),

Looks ill; has double rings around the eyes (two hundred and seventy-eighth day),

The natural tension of the facial muscles gone, so that her features appear distorted, as if worn out by long suffering (fourth day),

Redness of the face and perspiration after dinner,

Dark redness and heat of the face, especially on walking in the open air,

Considerable congestion of the face, at 3 P.M. (sixth day),

Yellow complexion (nineteenth day); appearance grew daily worse (twenty-first to thirty-first day),

Complexion showed a remarkable change; it had a dirty earthy appearance (sixth day),

Complexion pallid (fifth day),

Paleness of the face,

Face pale and collapsed, with an expression of great anxiety,

Pale suffering expression, as after a long illness, with great discomfort,

In the morning, on awaking, tension of the skin surrounding the mouth (third day); dryness and tension of the outer skin round about the lips, and branlike desquamation of it (tenth day),


Tension in the skin of the face, as if beginning to swell (fourth day),

Drawing pain in the left side of the face, as if in the skin, above the eye, on the temples, and on the malar bone as far as into the lobule of the ear, mostly in the morning,

Tearing in the right half of the face,

Boring above the root of the nose,

Burning in the face and throat, without redness,

Burning in the face, recurring several times during the day (fourth day); occasional attacks (sixth to tenth day),

Crawling sensation in the face,

A sensation under the skin of the face as if dashed with cold water, with perceptible coldness of the face, in paroxysms, lasting a few minutes,


Red swelling of the cheeks, without pain,

Swelling of the cheeks, with sticking pains, and also pain on touch, lasting eight days,

Roughness of both cheeks, heat and burning in them, and sensation as if they had been exposed for several days to a severe cold; this lasted several days, and was followed by a branlike desquamation, which also lasted several days (twenty-third day),

Redness and violent burning on both cheek-bones,

After drinking coffee, burning of the right cheek and auricle, with chilliness of the rest of the body (third day),

About noon, burning in the right cheek, as if some drops of hot fluid were thrown against it, lasting four or five minutes; this recurred twice (fourth day),

Pressure and burning in the cheeks and cheek-bones,

Painful pressure on the malar bone and beneath the eye,

Bruised pain in the right malar bone, even at night,

Penetrating shooting and drawing in the left zygoma (one hundred and forty-third day),

At 11.30 A.M., occasional violent shooting in the right cheek-bone (sixth day),

In the evening, frequent sudden tearing in the left cheek, in the right nape muscles, and in the right tibia (twenty-second day),

In the evening, tearing in the right cheek (thirtieth day),

Repeated flying tearing in both cheeks (thirty-first day),

Tearing in the malar bone, also at other times in the lower jaw, as if the parts would be torn out,

Twitching at times on the malar bone, at times on the chin,

Painful swelling of the upper jaw above the gum (after three days),

Ulcerative pain in the left upper jaw (soon),

Spasmodic drawing in the jaws,

Drawing in the left upper jaw and zygoma, about 5 P.M. (eighth day),

The left jaw very little painful (two hundred and eighty-fourth day),

Drawing in the right upper jaw and in the left thumb (fourth day),

Cracking in the articulation of the jaw on chewing,

Tearing in the right upper jaw, in the evening,


Swelling of the lower lip, with eruption upon it,

Swelling of the upper lip, also, in the evening, with pain,

Trembling of the lips,

Twitching of the lips,

Dry, scaly, rough upper lip and margins of the nose, with burning,

Lips cracked,

Dryness of the red of the lower lip, with scabs and tensive pain,

Before dinner, he observed on the inner side of the lower lip a vesicle, the size of a hemp-seed, filled with a dark blood, but it did not annoy him much, and after dinner was found to have disappeared without leaving a trace behind (second day),

On the mucous membrane of the right side of the under lip two aphthae, which went off in two days (third day),

On the internal surface of the left lower lip he observed a group of grayish-white aphthae, which were rather painful; after a time, several aphthae appeared on the right upper lip (they lasted a week), (fourth day),

A very painful fissure in the middle of the upper lip, which lasted several days (third day),

A scabby ulcer with burning pain on the margin of the red of the lower lip,

A red pimple on the margin of the red of the lower lip, with sticking pain only on touch,

A painful inflamed spot in the red of the upper lip (one hundred and seventy-fourth day); the spot of the upper lip is swollen and burns extremely (one hundred and seventy-fifth day); the spot has turned into an aphthae (one hundred and seventy-sixth day); the aphthae begins to dry up (one hundred and seventy-eighth day),

A painful spot in the red part of the upper lip, in the forenoon (first day); a small pustule on that spot; after this was opened and the matter discharged, it disappeared in a few days (second day),

In the morning, on awaking, dry wrinkled lips (fourteenth day),

In the morning dryness of lips, the mucous membrane of which lies in folds; aridity of the commissures of the mouth, which are covered with small whitish scales (fifteenth day),

In the morning, on awaking, arid, wrinkled lips (third day); lips dry and shrivelled (fourth day); dryness of the lips and palate (tenth day),

The upper lip very red and sensitive on its inner surface (twentieth day),

The lips become so dry in speaking that they are quite rough, and cause a disagreeable feeling of rubbing (sixteenth day),

Dryness of the lips,

In the morning, dryness and tension of the skin of the lips (forty-eighth day),

In the red part of the lower lip, on the left side, sensation like a fissure, though there was none (fifth day),

Feeling as if the upper lip were swelled (first day),

Burning of the lips,

Burning smarting of the lower lip,

Lips always hot, sticking, and burning,

Burning in the upper lip and the edges of the lids, in the morning after rising (fourth day),

The upper lip burns as if it were raw (second day),

Slight burning in the upper lip (forty-fifth day),

Tenderness of the upper lip after rising (second day),

Tenderness of upper lip (eleventh and forty-first days),

Upper lip sensitive to touch (second, eighth, and eleventh days), ; (sixty-eighth day),

Sensitiveness of the upper lip, which is quite dry (fifty-fifth day),

Raw pain in left commissure of mouth (seventh to thirteenth day),

Left commissure of mouth again painful (first day),

Soreness of the left commissure of the mouth (sixth day), ; (second day),

Sore pain in both oral commissures, in the afternoon (eighth day),

The commissures of the mouth, especially the left one, smarted as if raw (fourth day),


Glandular swelling on the lower jaw,

Painful swelling on the lower jaw beneath the gum,

A thick painless lump on the lower jaw, tense on chewing,

Cramplike pain in the left lower jaw and in the glans penis (first day),

In the morning, after waking, pain on the left side of the lower jaw, and swelling of the gum around a tooth, as if a gumboil were about to come (one hundred and first day),

Drawing jerking in the left lower jaw,

Drawing-tensive pains in the right side of the lower jaw (seventeenth day),

In the evening, sudden drawing on the right side of the lower jaw (third day),

Drawing on the left side of the lower jaw and in the left thigh, in the afternoon (fourth and fifth days),

Drawing in the left side of the lower jaw, towards its articulation, about noon (sixth day),

Drawing in the left side of the lower jaw, in the morning after getting up (thirty-first day),

Jerking in the lower jaw on falling asleep,

Sticking in the lower jaw, extending out of the ear,

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