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Sulphur - Fever And Chill symptoms - Hahnemann

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Fever and chill

Dry heat in the body, every room is too hot for him.

Internal heat with thirst.

Frequent flying, quickly transient flushes of great heat.

Sensation of heat all over the interior of the body; it burns upward in her chest; but without any thirst; she has to compel herself to drink.

Unsteady in walking and tremulous in the hands, in the afternoon.

Trembling of the limbs, especially of the hands.

Severe trembling of the left scapula, the arm and the hand, in the forenoon.

Tremulous sensation through the whole body, in the morning, but attended with warmth.


Frequent chilliness.

Very much disposed to catch cold.

The child is extremely sensitive to the open air, and is unwilling to go out (the first days).

When moving more violently, greater excitement and passionateness.

After walking in the open air, intense palpitation.

While walking in the afternoon, headache and weariness; in the evening it passes over into toothache and drowsiness (aft. 8 d.).

After walking, nausea and exhaustion, with trembling of the limbs.

While walking in the open air, dry, short cough.

The open air makes him feel as chilly as if he were naked.

While walking in the open air, profuse perspiration.

Profuse perspiration while sitting; no sweat at night.

Profuse sweat at the slightest motion or manual labor.

At the slightest movement, inclination to perspire.

While sitting, reading, writing, speaking and walking, great tendency to perspire.

At the least exertion, drops of perspiration in the face.

In the morning in bed, perspiration in the face and nape, and bruised feeling in the limbs on rising.

Very heavy and fatigued in the limbs, from morning till evening.

Lack of tone, all day.

The strength failed him in his upper and lower limbs, somewhat like fainting; he was near losing consciousness (7th d.).

Swoon, for a quarter of an hour.

He felt heavy in all his limbs.

Always weary and fatigued.

Fatigued, as after an illness.

Weariness in the feet.

Weariness, disappearing while walking.

On lying down, weakness, even to fainting.

Very much exhausted, weary and averse to work, she is indisposed to everything, even to talking.

After walking a while, all weariness has disappeared from the limbs, but this returns in the room, only more faintly.

Weariness of the limbs, so that she trembled at every movement.

Trembling of the hands and feet, with great exhaustion.

Lack of vital force, like an internal coldness; almost always attended with chills alternating with heat; pale complexion with blue rims about the eyes; afraid of heat when it is cold, and afraid of cold when it is hot.

Quite weary and tremulous after walking (subsequent to smoking cigars).

He is very much fatigued by a short walk.

After slight exertion he is breathless and weary, with constant inflation of the abdomen and repeated swelling of the feet.

In the afternoon, swoon and vertigo, with much vomiting and perspiration.

Heavy feet when walking in the open air, when going on they become lighter.

Walking is hard for her; the feet refuse to carry her; it feels as if there was a load on them; attended with tension on the chest.

Weary and dejected, in the afternoon.

So tired from driving, that he cannot recover from it; he slept all day after it.

Very tired in the afternoon; he had always to sit down, having no strength for walking.

Spasmodic, incessant yawning, in the evening before going to sleep.

Frequent yawning and stretching, without drowsiness.

Very weary and drowsy, all the day.

Much yawning and drowsiness by day.

Frequent yawning and cold hands.

Irresistible sleepiness by day, she cannot keep from going to sleep while sitting at her work.

He cannot keep from sleeping for several hours during the day.

Intense sleepiness by day; as soon as he sits down he falls asleep.

Drowsiness in the afternoon.

Very weary and sleepy every afternoon from 2 to 3 o'clock.

In the evening, very sleepy, as soon as the light comes on the table, she has to sleep.

In the evening, for an hour, almost constant yawning, and an unconquerable weariness.

Long sleep; he has to compel himself to get up in the morning.

He sleeps too much, and is, nevertheless, unrefreshed in the morning.

No refreshed in the morning through the night's sleep.

Without any inclination of getting up in the morning.

Drowsy till eight o'clock in the morning, with indisposition for work.

In the morning he feels as after a debauch, the eyes are swollen there is an inclination to stretch.

For many mornings, for half an hour, very lazy, with pain in the back and the lower limbs, so that she has to sit down often.

In the morning it is hard for him to get up.

Fear that he might catch cold in the open air; he does not know whether this fear comes from his fancy or from his body.

In the evening, in bed, before going to sleep, chilliness and then heat.

Much chill, at night.

Shivering at the least movement in bed.

Brief chill, every afternoon, then heat with thirst, with cold feet and sweat in the face and the hands, with dry cough at night, as soon as he gets into bed.

Formication shiver over the skin, without chill.

Transient chill on the chest, the arms and the back.

Coldness of the nose, the hand and the feet.

Sensation of coldness for several hours, without chill; then heat with little thirst, slight perspiration, with headache and hoarseness, great weariness and lack of appetite.

Sensation of coldness through all the limbs, without subsequent heat, in the forenoon.

Chill extending up the back, in the evening, for an hour, without subsequent heat.

Internal chill, frequently without thirst.

Chill, at night in bed, for four hours, preceded by colic, attended with heat without perspiration; but the following night, profuse perspiration.

Chill every evening, not removed by the warmth of the stove; in the bed, there is great warmth and every morning sourish perspiration.

Chill with diarrhoea, for several hours.

Shaking chill, in the evening, and intense paleness of the face.

Often in the evening a shaking chill.

In the evening from 7 to 8 o'clock, a shaking chill without thirst, with cold hands and severe pressure in the stomach, as from heaviness; later on again, the usual warmth with thirst.

Chill and coldness in the whole body, in the evening from 5 to 6 o'clock, also from the afternoon till evening.

Chill from 9 A.M. till 5 P.M.

A thrill of chill creeps up the back, removed by the warmth of the stove, in the evening.

Chill, with thirst, also in the warmth of the stove, after dinner, till 4 P.M.

Chill, and, later on, shivering all over the body, seemingly from the toes upward, without subsequent heat or thirst, from 4 till 6 P.M.

Chill with headache, in the evening; it goes off after lying down.

A chill runs continually up her back from the sacrum, without subsequent heat or thirst, from 6 to 8 P.M.

Chilly, at night in bed, especially on the abdomen, she cannot get warm.

Chill, with perceptible heat, with frequent shivering, almost every half hour.

Chill and shaking, from 5 to 6 P.M.; then, after lying down, heat on the hands and the soles of the feet, soon passing off, without thirst.

Chill and coldness in the whole body, from 10 A.M. till 6 P.M.; she had to go to bed, where the chill ceased; then burning heat in the palms, and finally warmth of the whole body except the head, for one hour, without any thirst.

Chilliness with thirst, without subsequent heat, in the afternoon.

Shivering from the feet up over the back, extending into the arms, at 6 P.M., for half an hour.

Shivering all over the body, from 8 to 9 P.M. till bed-time, without subsequent heat or thirst.

In the evening, first shivering, then heat in the face and the hands, with thirst.

Awakes at night with febrile shivering and, nevertheless, is warm to the touch; then some heat.

Much sensation of heat, in the afternoon; then she became warmer, but the feet remained cold.

Chilly, in the forenoon; in the afternoon, sensation of heat, though she was cold to the touch.

Shivering in the morning, at eight o'clock, for five to eight minutes.

Chilliness for one hour, at 10 A.M., then rest till 3 P.M., when there ensued heat in the head and hands, with thirst for beer; repeated for several days.

In the afternoon, the hands and feet are quite cold, then a shaking chill with blue face; then heat and perspiration till half past nine o'clock.

In the evening, chilliness; at night, a slight perspiration.

Severe chill, in the evening in bed, then raving fancies, then heat and profuse perspiration.

Severe chill from 7 P.M. through the night and the following day (aft. 33 d.).

Chill at 5 ½ P.M., then heat, then again chill with some thirst, till 8 P.M.

Flying heat in the face, then coldness and sensation of coldness all over the body, followed by weariness of the bones of the lower limbs, especially sensible while sitting, as if there was no marrow in them.

Severe heat in the face toward evening, with chill over the back and hairy scalp.

Flying heat in the face, with febrile shivering on the body.

Heat, in the afternoon, intermingled with chills and constant palpitation.

Heat in the face by day, then every evening about five or six o'clock, a chill for half an hour, followed by heat all over, for one hour.

Sensation as if warm air blew upon the legs, now more, now less, at 8 P.M. (1st d.).

Fever, at noon, much internal heat, with redness of the face and at the same time a chill; all the limbs were weary, as if bruised with great thirst, till twelve o'clock at night, when chill and heat abated, and she fell into a perspiration all over, for three hours (19th d.).

Febrile heat, first in the face, with a sensation as if he had gone through a severe illness; after the heat, some chill, with much thirst (aft. 4 d.).

Fever, every forenoon, an internal chill, every day more violent, with vertigo, as if her head would sink down, without thirst; then so great a weariness that he could not get up stairs any more, with perspiration day and night, only on the head, which was bloated.

Chill, lasting for two hours, every evening at 8 o'clock, without heat; the night following, on awaking, heat without thirst.

In the morning, very thirsty.

Much thirst by day.

From noon till evening, febrile heat with thirst.

Heat, with much thirst, but only during the whole day, not by night.

Dry heat, in the morning in bed.

Heat, in the morning on awaking; it passes soon.

In the morning in bed, anxious, disagreeable heat, with perspiration and dryness in the throat.

Heat, toward morning, as if perspiration would break out.

Frequent morning-sweat, only on the itching parts.

In the morning while sleeping, perspiration; this goes off on awaking.

In the morning, perspiration on the hands and feet.

Morning perspiration, every morning on awaking, about 6 or 7 o'clock.

Profuse morning-sweat, which comes only on awaking.

At night, perspiration, only in the nape, so that the shirt and the neck-cloth were wet through.

Night-sweat, only after awaking.

Night-sweat, of a sourish burnt smell.

Sourish, profuse night-sweat, commencing at once in the evening.

In the evening, before lying down, perspiration, especially on the hands; and after lying down, at once heat and difficulty in falling asleep.

In the evening in bed, some perspiration.

In the evening, anxious perspiration with trembling; then vomiting; during the anxiety, urging to stool; then heaviness in the head and weakness in the arms.

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