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Sulphur - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
Common symptoms: Skin problems, Hot flashes, Pimples.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Talking fatigues her very much and excites pain with her.

Twitching and jerking of all the limbs, while he bites his teeth together, and moans softly, for eight minutes; then a slumber for a quarter of an hour, then again jerks and spasmodic drawing in the limbs, after which he is very much fatigued.

Sleep and dreams

Deep sleep toward morning, without any visible respiration.

In the morning on awaking, heat in the face, with nausea.

In the morning, on rising, heaviness in the back and lower limbs.

She is very sleepy at night, and her eyes close, as if heavy, but she can in no way get to sleep, though nothing is the matter with her. She cannot go to sleep before twelve, then she awakes frequently and tosses about.

She cannot go to sleep before 12 at night, then wakes up often and tosses about.

She cannot fall asleep in bed in the evening for an hour, but without feeling any ailment.

She has difficulty in falling asleep, and wakes up every hour.

Difficulty in falling asleep, owing to a rush of ideas.

She frequently awakes from a sound sleep without cause.

He cannot get to sleep before midnight, owing to great unrest.

He wakes up at night every half hour, and can only sleep a few hours toward morning.

Difficulty in getting to sleep, with tendency to perspiration.

Sleepless the whole night and wide awake.

He often is half awake at night, and does not fully wake up, but he can think and he feels cold in bed.

He wakes up early every night, at 3 o'clock and cannot go to sleep again.

Sleeplessness, as if from over excitement and restlessness.

She does not sleep a quarter of an hour during the night, though she is tired.

Sleepless and wide awake all night, as in daytime.

Restless tossing about, at night in bed.

Frequent turning over at night in bed without awaking.

Too wide awake in the evening, the blood rose to his head and the night was sleepless.

Ideas about a business already finished, involuntarily press upon her again in the evening.

In the evening, while slightly occupied, she perspired for a short time, and afterward had a waking dream, as if she had a dress on her, which she had to be very careful not to soil.

Loud talking in sleep about conversations had during the day.

Restless nights, he awakes every time in a fright, as from a fearful dream, and was occupied, even after awaking, with anxious fancies, as of spectres, and he could not rid himself of them.

Restless sleep, full of dreams; he talks wildly in his sleep, before midnight, as if in anxious delirium.

She imagines that she has really experienced things which she has only dreamt.

She dreams at night mostly such things as she actually sees the next day.

She starts up when going to sleep in the evening in bed, twice in succession.

At night when falling asleep he is much startled by an imaginary noise, causing a fright to pass all through his body.

She frequently starts up anxiously from her sleep.

Much startled when going to sleep.

Starts up from the noon-nap.

Twitches in the foot, while slumbering.

At night, violent headache, disturbing the sleep, she cannot rest in any position.

In the morning, awaking with the head in a dizzy, muddled condition.

When sleeping he lays his arms over his head.

Snoring in sleep.

Sleeping with eyes half-open.

Unintelligible murmuring in sleep.

After midnight, the sleep is restless; she dreams that she has fever and awakes in full perspiration, with great heat, especially in the face, so that she could not bear to be covered in bed, with great thirst and a shaking chill, which was aggravated on moving, even to chattering of the teeth.

Restless sleep, or frequent awaking at night, followed by chilliness without heat.

Unconscious screaming in sleep; she imagined she was black, etc.

Screaming in sleep.

He laments and moans in sleep.

At night, great heat, alternating with chill.

Frightful dream, as if a dog bit him.

Vivid, anxious dreams.

Frightful dreams, about a fire, all night.

Anxious dreams, as if fire fell down from heaven.

Anxious dream, as if something would crush him (nightmare).

Dreams every night, sometimes anxious, sometimes indifferent.

Anxious dreams after midnight, every night.

Frightful anxious dreams, every night.

Frightening, anxious dreams of mortal danger and about the dead.

Frightful dreams, as if he was falling from a height.

Annoying, anxious dreams.

Dreams full of loathing, and on awaking, nausea.

The first three nights he walked from his bed asleep, like a somnambulist, as if unconscious, and said "My head, my head! I am delirious!" and seized his forehead; after walking about a while, it ceased.

Anxious dreams, in which she rose unconscious from her bed; then violent headache (aft. 3, 4 d.).

Anxious dream, before midnight; she gets up and walks in her sleep; she believes that there is a fire, dresses, talks out at the window, and is frightened when she hears that it is nothing; then for three days she is exhausted and as it were bruised.

Many and vivid dreams at night, and frequent awaking.

Before going to sleep, ridiculous fancies in a half dream; she laughs aloud; for many evenings.

For three nights in succession, he lay in raving phantasies and talked aloud, whatever his fancy brought before him, with open eyes.

As soon as he closes his eyes there appear dream images.

In the evening in bed, when she closes her eyes, there appear horrible, grotesque larvae, of which she cannot rid herself (aft. 4 h.).

At night, on awaking, an arithmetical number appeared before his fancy, it expanded and the strokes in it became of the thickness of a quarter of a yard; when lying on the other side it vanished.


A pain that had passed away six weeks before, caused by a contusion (on the chest), is renewed as a pressive pain, especially in the evening.

Drawing in the knee, the arm and the shoulder, for a few moments.

Tearing in the back, in the knees and the legs, in the evening in bed.

Sudden tearing or jerks, here and there in the body.

Drawing pain in the abdomen and in all the limbs, in the arms for hours, and in the thighs for days.

Severe drawing and tearing through the knees and the tibiae, especially in the evening; she knows not where to lay her lower limbs.

The drawing (tearing) pains in the limbs are aggravated under feather-beds, so as to be unbearable.

External warmth diminishes the pains, coldness increase them.

Most of the ailments only arise while at rest, and pass off on moving the suffering part, or when walking.

The ailments, especially those of the head and stomach, appear in the open air, while walking.

Bruised feeling in the limbs in the morning, just after rising.

Bone-pains in the limbs, when touched, as if the flesh was detached.

She feels worst while standing.

Cracking in the knees and the elbows.

Pinching here and there in the muscles.

Uncomfortable sensation, as if her whole body was pushed out of its natural shape.

Queer, pressive sensation through all the body.

Tension in all the limbs, as if they were too short; he had to stretch.

Tensive aching in all the limbs, and in the tendons of the feet, after a short walk.

After a short walk at noon, palpitation and trembling of the hands.

Muscular twitching, here and there, as if excited by electricity.

Repeated cramp-like twitching in the whole body, after supper, with pain in the back and then also in the right side of the abdomen.

Attack of epilepsy, after a fright, or after a quick run.

After being washed, the child lets its head hang to the side, and after straightening it, on the other side, the face and lips become pale, the eyes stare for two minutes, then it sneezes, firmly closes for a moment mouth and eyes, and lets the mucus run from the mouth; subsequently a sweet sleep (aft. 3 d.).

Attack of obscuration of the sight, when walking in the open air, with violent pressure and beating in the head, nausea and weariness (6th d.).

Attack of stitches in the sacrum, which take away the breath, with pain in the head and nape, followed by frequently alternating chill and heat, with anxiety about the scrobiculus cordis, until evening.

Attack, toward evening, of much eructation, with nausea, relaxation of the body, severe rolling in the abdomen and discharge of flatus.

Chilliness, owing to disagreeable news; then she could hardly get warm during the night in bed.

The body is tossed up high, as in violent twitchings.

Concussion through the whole body, in the evening in bed, like shivering passing over the skin.

Quivering sensation in the arms and lower limbs.

Inclination in the hands and toes to stretch and contract.

Great restlessness, which does not allow him to sit for any length of time; also in lying down, he has to continually move his feet.

Intense ebullition of blood, and burning in the hands.

Restlessness in the blood, with swollen veins on the hands.

At night, on awaking, muddled feeling in the head.

He is frequently awakened at night by beating of the blood in the head, then also in the chest.

At night, when turning over in bed, severe palpitation.

At night, he blows blood from his nose.

At night, digging in the forehead.

At night, burning in the mouth, with thirst.

At night, after awaking, compressive pain in the stomach, it goes off through bending the body double.

At night, pressure in the stomach, for an hour, relieved by eructation.

A night, oppressive pressure in the scrobiculus cordis, with palpitation; lasting for hours, for several nights.

After midnight, pressure in the stomach and a beating headache.

At night, on awaking, vertigo.

At night, while perspiring, vertigo and nausea, so that everything seemed to turn around with her, lasting till morning.

At night, pain in the front teeth.

At night he often wakes up with nausea, but without vomiting.

About midnight she is awakened by shooting and cutting in the abdomen.

Nocturnal flatulent colic, with retching anguish and muddled feeling of the head.

At night, sharp stitches in the abdomen, and then frequent discharge of flatus.

At night, spasmodic pressure in the hypogastrium.

At night, sudden contractive pains in the abdomen.

At night, while lying in bed, pressure and squeezing downward in the abdomen, awaking her.

At night, while lying in bed, protrusion of the umbilical region in a pregnant woman, as if caused by the uterus, in fits of several minutes (aft. 14 d.).

At night, perspiration all over the abdomen, extending to the groin, while the feet up to the ankles are cold, and there is a dull cutting in the soles of the feet.

At night, while asleep, a humor flowed from the anus, and then also faeces.

In the evening in bed, asthmatic.

At night, attacks of failing of the breath.

At night, oppression of the chest, as if a heavy load lay upon it, which pressed upon him as soon as he moved; he had to sit up.

He awakes in the morning with rawness on the chest.

At night, shocks in the left side of the chest, toward the heart, taking away her breath, with great thirst (aft. 3 d.).

In the evening, just after lying down, tussiculation for an hour, making her hot; she waked up from it again at three o'clock.

At night, expectoration of blood, with fatty, sweetish taste in the mouth.

In the evening, in bed, after turning over several times, the heart-beat is quickened.

Several nights, severe pains in the back, with bruised feeling in the sacrum, so that she cannot sleep, with great ebullition in the blood.

At night, severe pain in the hip-joint; he cannot tread; it is also painful when touched.

In the evening in bed, painless jerks in the sacrum.

The whole night, a pressive pain in the thigh.

At night in bed, tearing in the thigh and leg; she could not get warm in bed.

At night he has to lay his lower limbs outside of the bed on account of tearing pains.

At night there was a tearing in both feet, which then felt rigid, robbing him of all sleep.

At night in bed, shooting in the corn.

At night, cramp in the calves, when stretching the lower limb.

At night in bed, heat in the feet, with a burning sensation, so that she had to uncover them for several hours; then restlessness, itching and formication; she had to rub them.

At night, tossing in bed, with hot feet.

At night in bed, for two hours, a tickling formication in the left arm and lower limb, forcing him to draw them up repeatedly.

At night much extending and stretching the body.

At night in bed, palpitation.

At night, while half awake, a sensation as if everything in the body trembled and pulsated.

In the evening in bed (at full moon) great anxiety.

At night, awaking with great anguish and heat all over, and with the sensation of a convulsive state in the body.

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