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Sulphur - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Violent pain in region of kidneys after stooping a long time.

Aching in small of back all day, esp. agg. while urinating.

Suppressed or very scanty urine.

Frequent and sometimes very urgent want to urinate.

Frequent, profuse, and watery urine, sometimes gushing out with much force, esp. at night.

Retention of urine.

(Neuralgia of neck of bladder, aching and forcing down with smarting and burning in urethra.)

R. T. C.).

Rigor when urinating.

Pressure soon after urinating, as from a full bladder.

Involuntary emission of urine (and stool), esp. when coughing, or expelling flatus.

Wetting the bed (lie awake for some time, then fall into a deep sleep, in which they wet the bed).

Red urine with sediment; or else whitish, turbid, or deep-coloured.

Urine like yeast; muddy, turbid, scanty.

Oily pellicle over urine.

Fetid urine.

Urine smelling of Chamomilla chamomile tea (produced.)

Discharge of (white) mucus from urethra.

Secondary gonorrhoea.

Whitish or thick or reddish sediment, like flour, in the urine.

Urine discharged by drops.

Painful emission of some drops of sanguineous urine after much effort.

Discharge of blood and mucus with the urine.

Itching, sharp pains, shootings, and burning sensation in (orifice of) urethra, chiefly when urinating.

Both flow of urine and discharge of faeces are painful to parts over which they pass.

Urine excoriating parts.

Redness and inflammation of orifice of urethra, and pain as at commencement of gonorrhoea.

Discharge of mucus from urethra.

Haemorrhage from urethra.

Shootings in bladder.

Dragging in bladder in morning after urinating.

Small and intermittent stream of urine.

Spasmodic pains in loins and inguina.


Involuntary discharge of semen, with burning in urethra.


Shootings in penis and glans.

Prepuce stiff, hard, like leather, with copious secretion of fetid smegma.

Inflammation, swelling, and phimosis of prepuce (with discharge of fetid pus), with deep cracks, burning, and redness.

Deep (suppurating) ulcer with elevated margins in glans and prepuce (with puffed edges).

Aching, tension, and shootings in testes and spermatic cords.

Excoriation and oozing in scrotum.

Weakness of the genital functions, often with icy coldness, bluish colour of glans, prepuce, and penis, and retraction of prepuce.

Testes relaxed and hanging down.

Frequent pollutions, also at noon.

Watery semen.

Too quick discharge of semen during coition.

(Induration of testes.)


Sore feeling in vagina during an embrace.

Burning in the vagina; is scarcely able to keep still.

Ascarides of vulva.


Uterine pains running from groins to back.

Moroseness and apprehension with uterine pain.

Bearing down in pelvis; congestion to uterus.

Prolapsus from reaching high; with pain in hypogastrium, esp. r. side; with metritis; with dropsy of uterus.


Affections of the genitals in general.

Itching about genitals on going to bed at night.

Fetid perspiration in parts.

Excoriation between thighs and in groins, chiefly when walking.

Swelling and thickening of epididymis.

Increased sexual desire and voluptuous irritation of the parts, often without erection.


Escape of prostatic fluid, chiefly when urinating and while at stool.


A weak feeling in genitals.

Labour-like pain over symphysis.

Pressure on the parts.

(Bearing down with nightly enuresis.)

R. T. C.).

Excoriation, troublesome itching and burning sensation in genitals; with papular eruption around them.

Inflammation of labia.

(Amenorrhoea, dreadful depression and apprehension, head feels full and heavy, followed by violent headache, numbness of arms and legs, cramp and sick feeling at molimen.)

Menstrual blood thick, acrid, corroding thighs; scanty, dark; dark, putrid, clotted.

Promotes expulsion of moles.

Symphoricarpus Racemosus Morning sickness of pregnancy not amounting to vomiting, faint, sickish spells forenoon, profuse salivation, taste of which = nausea; aversion to meat; craves beer or brandy.

Haemorrhoids during pregnancy and in childbed.

Menstrual blood too pale or of an acid smell.

Leucorrhoea sometimes corrosive; gnawing and yellowish, preceded by colic.

Hot flushes at climaxis, with hot head, hands, and feet, and great goneness in stomach.

Excoriation and itching in nipples.

Cracks in nipples, with burning sensation, easily bleeding, and ulceration (the nipple smarts and burns very much as soon as the infant lets go of it).

Mammary glands engorged and inflamed.

Erysipelatous inflammation of mammae; they are hard, with red rays extending from nipple, and stitching pains.

Swelling of mammae.

Nodosities in mammae.

Scirrhus of breast.


Menses too late; too short.

Delay of first menses.

(Imperfect development of the genital Organs, menstruation does not appear at the usual age; breasts imperfectly developed; pains about the shoulders, in the stomach after meals, in l. side on inspiration; anorexia and vertigo.)

Catamenia premature and too profuse; or too feeble or entirely suppressed (particularly in psoric individuals), with colic, abdominal spasms, headache, pains in loins, pressure at stomach, congestion in head, and nasal haemorrhage, agitation, and even attacks of epilepsy.

Before menses headache, itching in the parts; spasmodic colic; inquietude; cough; toothache; pyrosis; epistaxis; leucorrhoea, and asthmatic sufferings.

Sterility, with too early and profuse menstruation.

After menses itching in nose.

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