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Sulphur - Genitals Etc symptoms - Hahnemann

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Urine scanty (the first 36 h.).

Violent urging to urinate, with burning in the urethra.

Constant urging to urinate; some drops pass from her involuntarily.

Violent urging to urinate, though he has not drunk anything for a long time (aft. 2 h.).

Impatient before urinating.

After a pollution, he awakes with violent urging to urinate, which does not abate even after much micturition, on account of the irritation (not in the bladder) at the orifice of the urethra.

Frequent quick urging to urinate; she has to urinate frequently.

Frequent quick impulse to urinate.

Sensation in the urethra, as if he had to urinate all the time.

Violent urging to urinate; he has to urinate at once, else the urine would be discharged involuntarily.

Constant inclination to urinate, but little is discharged at a time.

The urine is discharged with much violence.

Frequent urging to urinate; he can hardly resist for a moment.

Frequent discharge of urine (aft. 6 d.).

She was frequently impelled to urinate, always preceded by cutting in the hypogastrium.

Increase of urine, especially at night.

Very frequent micturition, almost every half hour, with voluptuous urging extending into the anus.

He has to rise after midnight to urinate, and passes much urine.

He has to rise twice during the night, to urinate.

A night there is twice a passage of urine, but slowly.

At night very violent urging to urinate.

Urine is passed at the discharge of flatus.

Urine is passed during coughing.

The stream of urine is far thinner than usual.

The stream of urine is intermittent.

Very frequent discharge of urine looking like water.

Dark-brown urine.

The urine in the evening is red, and deposits a sediment over night.

The urine becomes turbid after a few hours.

Turbid urine.

The urine is whitish, even when passed.

Whitish sediment, like four, in the urine.

Reedish sediment in the urine.

Fatty scum on the urine, for seven days.

The urine is very fetid.

The fetor of the urine is like that of sweaty feet.

Blood is discharged with the urine, which was quite mucous.

Before micturition, cutting in the abdomen.

During micturition, burning anteriorly in the urethra.

When finishing micturition and afterward, a cutting in the urethra, as if the urine was acrid, like corroding lye.

During micturition, burning in the urethra.

After micturition, urging in the bladder, in the morning after rising.


Intense pressure on the bladder.

Stitches in the bladder, or in the hypogastrium.


Cutting in the urethra, before and during stools.

Erosion in the female urethra.

Burning anteriorly in and on the urethra when not urinating.

Burning in the urethra, when not urinating.

Itching in the middle of the urethra.

Stitches anteriorly in the urethra.

Transient shooting pain in the urethra (9th d.).

Stitches or cuts in the urethra and in the hypogastrium.

Shooting and tearing in the urethra.

Pain in the urethra, as from incipient gonorrhoea.

Redness and inflammation of the orifice of the urethra.

Shooting in the penis, in the morning, during micturition, especially in the glans, as if the urethra was being pierced; the urine, in consequence, only drips out in the beginning, later it is suppressed.

Pollution with burning pain in the urethra.

Discharge of prostatic juice, dripping in long threads from the urethra after micturition and stools.


Stitches in the penis.

The member is discolored, bluish, is always cold and the prepuce retracted.

Itching on the glans.

Glans and prepuce icy cold.

Burning and redness of the prepuce.

Redness and swelling of the prepuce.

Phimosis, with dropping out of the fetid pus below the prepuce.

The prepuce hangs down far beyond the glans and is divided by fissures into four to five lobes.

The prepuce becomes quite stiff and hard like leather; on the inner surface it shines and secretes a thin humor of offensive smell.

In the testes and the genitals, a resounding.

Pressure and tension in the testes and spermatic cords.

Pin-pricks in the testicle.

The testes hang down limp, for several weeks.

The testes and scrotum very flaccid, in the evening in bed.

Resistance of the genitals to a complete evacuation of the semen.

Several pollutions (the first nights).

Profuse pollution of watery semen.


In the mons veneris frequent itching and humidity.

Occasional itching in the vagina.

Burning in the vagina, so that she could scarcely sit still.

During coitus, sensation of soreness in the vagina.

Yellowish discharge from the vagina, preceded by pinching in the hypogastrium.

Discharge from the vagina, for fourteen days after the appearance of the menses, for two days, like nasal mucus.

Discharge from the vagina, which smarts like salt as it passes.


The epididymis is thickened and swollen.

Coldness of the genitals, in the morning.

Male impotence, even during amorous imagination.

Hardly any sexual impulse remains.

Increased sexual potency (aft. 56 h.).

Great urging to seminal emission, without erection.

Extreme voluptuous irritation in the internal genitals, in the morning after awaking, with an erection lasting an hour and a half, at first strong, but finally weak; this passed over into a burning pain, which only gradually subsided after a seminal emission (aft. 24 h.).

Excitation of the sexual impulse.

Pollution in an aged man, who for many years had not had any (6th m.).

Pollution in the noon-siesta, while sitting, in a man of seventy years, who had not had the like for twenty years (aft. 5 h.).

Discharge of prostatic juice.

Sensation of weakness in the genital parts.

Troublesome itching on the genitals, with eruptive pimples around.

Painless vesicles on the external pudenda.

Burning in the pudenda, without itching.

Inflammation of one of the labia, with burning pain, mostly while urinating.

A sore place on the pudenda and one on the perinaeum, for 10 days.

Intense itching on the clitoris.

Menstrual flow lasts two days longer and is stronger.

Menstrual flow stronger, thick and black, and so acrid, that it erodes the thighs.

Leucorrhoea, very severe (2d d.).

Thin leucorrhoea, in the morning after rising, preceded by pinching in the abdomen.

Leucorrhoea, corroding the pudenda, with burning pain (2d d.).

Leucorrhoea, preceded by colic (13th d.).

At the first movements of the embryo, severe palpitation and heat in the face, then burning in the abdomen.


Menses one day too early, very strong, with violent pains in the abdomen and the sacrum; preceded by a chill all over the body.

Almost daily discharge of some blood from the uterus, for several weeks after the restoration of the long-suppressed menses (aft. 3 d.).

Menses almost at once, seven days before the time.

Menses too early by seven days, and more scanty (aft. 15 d.).

Menses too early by two days (aft. 34 h.).

Menses too late by ten days, and lasting eight days, with pains during the first days.

Menses too early by eleven days, preceded by cutting downward in the hypogastrium.

Menses retarded for three days.

Menses retarded by two days, with much illness and oppression. (9th d.).

Menses retarded by two days, with constipation and inflated abdomen.

The menses stopped at once, though it was in full force, after having lasted two and one-half days.

Stronger flow of the menses, which had a sourish smell.

Restlessness and apprehension, the day before the menses.

Just before the menses, cough in bed, in the evening; she had to get up to gain relief, then it passed away.

Before the menses, cramp below the left hypochondrium.

Three mornings before the menses, shooting in a hollow tooth from seven to eight A.M.

Just before the menses, burning in the throat like heartburn.

Just before the menses and soon after them, epistaxis.

Before the menses she feels so full on the chest that she has to take a deep breath frequently.

During the menses, on the third evening, epistaxis.

During the menses, sleepiness by day.

During the menses, now a cutting, then a contractive pain in the hypogastrium.

During the menses, in the morning, with slight flow of blood, violent pains in the abdomen and the sacrum, with inflation; in the afternoon, a stronger flow of blood, with a diminution of the pains, which are relieved by active movements.

During the menses, pinching in the abdomen, pain in the sacrum (and chill all over the body).

During the menses, cramp-like pains in the hypogastrium, as if the intestines were being drawn together with threads into a small lump; she could neither lie nor walk, but had to sit up as upright as possible.

During the menses, drawing pains in the abdomen.

During the menses, pressure in the forehead, mostly in the afternoon.

During the menses, pressure in the pit of the stomach.

During the menses, a great rush of blood to the head.

During the menses, severe pains in the hypogastrium, with great heat, chill and a sort of epilepsy; she became quite rigid, distorted her mouth, and moved to and fro, without speaking, her forehead and hands being cold.

After the menses, for many days, an itching on the outer side of the nose.

Leucorrhoea, two days before the menses.

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