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Sulphur - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Urine copious and rather reddish (twelfth day),

Urine scanty (first thirty-six hours),

Blood passes with the urine, which is very slimy,

Urine very offensive,

The urine has the odor of sweaty feet,

The urine passed before going to bed smelt like Chamomilla chamomile tea,

The urine was of a light-sherry color, and its sp. gr. 1015 (second day),

Urine dark-brown,

The urine passed at night is quite muddy, and has a copious sediment (ninetieth day),

The water passed during the night was cloudy, and of a penetrating, disagreeable odor (third day),

Urine turbid,

The urine is turbid when passed (after a few hours),

Water became very thick and sedimentous,

Urine like yeast, muddy, turbid, scanty,

White mealy sediment in the urine,

Urine whitish, even when passed,

Reddish sediment in the urine,

In the evening the urine is red, and deposits much sediment over night,

A fatty pellicle upon the urine, for seven days,

Average Table. (Grams.),

In health

While taking Sulphur.

Urine, amount in twenty-four hours,

Comprising water,

Comprising solid matter,

Comprising urea,

Comprising uric acid,

Comprising mucus,

Comprising incinerated salts,

Comprising phosphates,

Comprising organic salts and extractives,



















Average Table. (Grams.),

During Sulphur.

Urine, general amount increased,

Comprising water increased,

Comprising solid constituents, diminushed,

Comprising urea, increased,

Comprising uric acid, increased,

Comprising mucus, increased,

Comprising inorganic salts, increased,

Comprising phosphates, increased,

Comprising organic salts and extractives, diminished,










Kidneys and Bladder.

Violent pain in the region of the kidneys after stooping a long time,

Hard pressure upon the bladder,

Pressure on the bladder, as if it were too full, without call to make water, (nineteenth day); pressure on bladder (forty-fifth day),

Aching in the region of the neck of the bladder, lasting half an hour, about 11 A.M. (eighth day),

Aching at the right side, in the region of the bladder, about 3 P.M. (twenty-fifth day),

Dragging in the bladder, in the morning, after rising, after urinating,

About 6 P.M., flying shoots in the vesical region, and feeling of soreness on pressing it (fourth day),

In the morning, on making water, many fine stitches (as with needles) in the region of the neck of the bladder, and several more violent stitches through the anus (second day),

Stitches in the bladder or in the lower abdomen,


Redness and inflammation of the orifice of the urethra,

Dribbling of prostatic fluid in long threads from the urethra after micturition and stool,

Discharge of prostatic fluid,

A feeling in the urethra as if he were constantly obliged to urinate,

Burning in the urethra, even when not urinating,

Burning in the urethra while urinating,

Burning in the forepart of the urethra while urinating,

Burning in the forepart of the urethra when not urinating,

In the evening, great burning in the urethra and anus, with frequent urging call to make water, and burning at the mouth of the urethra during micturition (twenty-ninth day),

At 10 P.M., an intolerable burning in the whole urethra, as if pepper had been sprinkled on it (fifth day),

Scalding on making water, in the morning (seventh day),

Smarting in the female urethra,

Pains in the urethra, as in the beginning of gonorrhoea,

After midnight he must get up to pass water; on doing so, pain in the front of the urethra (eighteenth day),

Slight shooting in the urethra (seventy-seventh day),

Occasional shoots in the urethra, in the morning (second day),

In the evening, sudden shooting itching in the navicular fossa of the urethra (second day),

In the morning on passing water, flying shoots in the urethra (nineteenth day),

Painful shoots in the urethra, with rigor (seventeenth day),

A painful shoot along the urethra, about 5.30 P.M. (tenth day),

Some painful shoots in the urethra, in the afternoon, immediately after taking the tincture (nineteenth day),

Painful shoots in the front of the urethra, in the evening when sitting (third day),

Towards evening, sudden shoots in the orifice of the urethra (fourteenth day),

About noon, some sharp shoots in the urethra (third day),

Frequently recurring shoots in the urethra, which are sometimes limited to a small spot, sometimes extend to the pubes (second and third days),

In the evening on urinating, a violent shoot through the urethra up to above the pubes (second day),

Cutting in the urethra before and during a stool,

Cutting in the urethra, as if the urine were acrid, like corrosive lye, at the close of urinating and afterward,

Stitches and cutting in the urethra, and in the lower abdomen,

Stitches in the forepart of the urethra,

Transient sticking pains in the urethra (ninth day),

Sticking and tearing in the urethra,

Tickling in the urethra, in the evening (nineteenth day),

Itching in the middle of the urethra,

Itching at the mouth of the urethra, as at the commencement of gonorrhoea (fourth day),


Constant desire to urinate, also scanty discharge,

Constant call to void urine,

Constant desire to urinate; a few drops pass involuntarily,

Great desire to urinate, with burning in the urethra,

He woke with violent desire to urinate after an emission, which was not relieved after an evacuation of much urine, on account of irritation of the urethra (in the bladder),

Violent desire to urinate, though he had drank nothing for a long time (after two hours),

Violent desire to urinate; was obliged to urinate immediately, else the urine was passed involuntarily,

Excessive desire to urinate, at night,

Frequent desire to urinate, which he could scarcely resist a moment,

Frequent sudden desire to urinate; he was obliged to urinate frequently,

Frequent call to make water (almost hourly), which had to be quickly obeyed, in the afternoon and evening (twelfth day),

After getting up, urging to make water, with cutting pain (as in strangury) over the symphysis pubis (first day),

Frequent sudden desire to urinate,

Obliged to rise twice, at night, to urinate,

He was obliged to rise after midnight, to urinate; passed much urine,

Frequent urination (eighth, ninth, and tenth days), ; (ninth day), ; (thirteenth day),

Frequent urination, and generally much at a time (sixth day),

Frequent urination, in the forenoon (first day),

Frequent urinating, with a feeling of warmth in the urethra,

Frequent urination, sometimes as often as every half hour, but generally with scanty discharge of urine (twenty-fifth day),

In the evening, frequent urination, almost dry half hour (fifth day),

Frequent urination, about every hour; a great deal of urine was always passed at once (twentieth day),

Towards evening I had to make water about every hour, and each time passed a great deal (twenty-seventh day),

In the afternoon, frequent micturition; the urine greatly increased in quantity (about two quarts within five hours), (first day); urine increased (third day),

Frequent passage of small quantities of urine as clear as water (seventeenth day); frequent call to make water, with feeling of an obstruction in the sphincter muscles of the bladder on doing so (eighteenth day),

Very frequent micturition, nearly every half hour, with voluptuous pressure reaching as far as the anus,

She is frequently obliged to urinate, always preceded by cutting in the lower abdomen,

Frequent, difficult, painful, scanty micturition,

Secretion of urine scanty (ninth to fourteenth days); frequent passing of urine; at night he was awakened by the call to pass water (twenty-first day); frequent call to urinate (twenty-second day); increased flow of urine ceased (twenty-third day),

Frequent evacuation of urine (after six days),

Watery urine is frequently passed,

Frequent and copious evacuation of pale urine, with but little odor (only towards the end it had a mouldy smell), (second day); flow of urine less frequent and scanty (third day),

At night, a remarkable quantity of urine passed (fourteenth day),

Secretion of urine very much increased throughout the day (seventh day),

In the evening, after drinking beer, passes a great quantity of urine (ninth day),

An increase of the urinary secretion, not during the day, but in the evening and at night. Every night I had to urinate once or twice, and the fourth night I passed nearly two quarts (first four days); urinated twice during the night (sixth day),

Increased flow of water (second and third days),

Great flow of urine, at night (seventh and two hundred and fifty-fourth days),

At night, frequent and copious discharge of urine (twenty-fourth day),

Urine increased, especially at night,

The flow of urine increased during the whole time of proving (after three months),

During micturition the urine passes very forcibly,

Urine passes while emitting flatus,

Urine passes on coughing,

Urine decidedly increased (tenth day),

Profuse secretion of urine of a dark-yellow color (ninety-second day),

Slow evacuation of urine twice, at night,

Stream of urine much thinner than usual,

The stream of urine intermits,


Sticking in the penis, in the morning, when urinating, especially in the glans, as if the urethra were pierced; at first the urine dribbles, afterwards it is retained,

Violent itching in the glans penis and the mouth of the urethra (thirty-second day),

Emission, with burning pain in the urethra,


Resistance in the genitals to complete emission of semen,


Pimples below the glans penis, which open, and suppurate,

For several weeks, in spite of repeated washing every day, a very fetid smegma was deposited in considerable quantity on the glans, causing a tiresome burning and itching,

Prepuce and glans penis icy cold,

Phimosis, with oozing of offensive mucus under the prepuce,

The penis seems discolored, bluish, and is always cold, and the prepuce is retracted,

The penis is stiff and hard like leather; on its inner surface it is shiny, and secretes a thin, disgustingly offensive ichor,

The prepuce hangs long over the glans, and is divided into four or five lobes by furrows,

Redness and swelling of the prepuce,

Burning and redness of the prepuce,

Cramplike pain in the glans penis and in the angle of the left lower jaw (first day),

Stitches in the penis,

Itching on the glans penis,


The testicles hang down flabby for several weeks,

Testicles and scrotum very much relaxed, in the evening in bed,

Pressure and tension in the testicles and spermatic cords,

About 7 P.M., drawing in the right spermatic cord and testicle (twelfth day),

Some shoots in the left testicle and left sole (fourth day),

Needlelike stitches in the testicles,

Tingling in the testicles and genitals,

Profuse emission of watery semen,

Extremely voluptuous desire in the inner genitals, in the morning after waking, with erections for an hour and a half, at first strong, at last weak, which changes to a burning pain, which gradually disappears after emission of semen (after twenty-four hours),



Continued erections, with vivid, not lascivious dreams, at night (first day),

During the night, violent itching of the foreskin, making him scratch, and followed by a voluptuous sensation (thirty-second day); itching moderated (thirty-fifth day),

The epididymis is thickened and swollen,


Emission in an old man who had had none for several years (sixth night),

Emission in the midday sleep, while sitting, in a man seventy years old, who had not had the like for twenty years (after five hours),

Several emissions (first night),

Two seminal emissions, at night (fiftieth and fifty-first days),

At night, seminal emissions and voluptuous dreams (twelfth night),

At night (as was the case on several previous nights) a pollution (twenty-seventh day),

At night an emission, without being able to remember if he had a lascivious dream (twenty-third day),

Impotency, even with amorous fancies, in a man,


Excitement of sexual desire,

Increased sexual power (after fifty-six hours),

Troublesome sexual desire without actual erection (twenty-ninth day),

Great desire for an emission without erections,

At night, uncommon sexual excitement (twenty-seventh day),

Very urgent sexual desire for the last few days (one hundred and thirty-eighth and one hundred and eighty-eighth days),

Very active sexual feeling, at night (two hundred and thirty-sixth day),

Very importunate sexual excitement (fourteenth day),

The sexual power was weakened all the time of the proving and for long afterwards (after three months),

Sexual power remarkably diminished (sixth day),

Almost entire loss of sexual desire,

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