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Sulphur - Head symptoms - Clarke

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Fulness, pressure, and heaviness in head, chiefly in forehead (agg. when raising head and after sleeping and talking, amel. when sitting or when lying with head high) and occiput.

Tearing or stitches in forehead or temples, from within to without, agg. from stooping, amel. when pressing head together, or when moving about.

Sensation of emptiness in back part of head, agg. in open air and when talking, amel. in room.

Pulsation in head with heat in brain, pulsation of carotid arteries and of heart, agg. on waking in morning, when moving about, on stooping, when talking, in open air; amel. when at rest and in warm room.

R. T. C.).

Heat on crown; cold feet; frequent flushings.

R. T. C.).

Severe burning in vertex; went off after getting up; succeeded by cool feeling in same place.

Aching; burning; throbbing; pressing in vertex.

Vertex very sensitive when touched; and when not.

Tension in forehead and eyes on exercising brain; agg. when lifting up eyes, after sleeping; amel. when sitting in room.

Expansive pressure, as if head were about to burst, principally in temples.

Sensation as if the head were soft; as if the brains had been bashed in.

On moving head brain strikes against cranium.

Rush of blood to head; a pressure out at eyes; with roaring in ears and heat of face; during menses; during soft stool; at right in bed; arising from chest with throbbing; agg. when stooping, talking, in open air; amel. sitting in warm room.

Tinkling, buzzing, roaring, and vibration in head.

Pimples with itching in head, principally in forehead.

(Scabby eruption over head and on various parts of body; with hard lumps that discharge and irritate and prevent sleep.)

Coldness in head, sometimes only in circumscribed places.

Fontanelles remain open too long.

Head bent forward when walking.

Itching in head, with impatience.

Exanthema and itching on forehead.


Headache as if caused by incarcerated flatus, by obstruction in head, or by a debauch.

Painful sensibility of head, chiefly of vertex, on least movement, with pain at every step, when coughing, blowing nose, or masticating.

Sensitiveness of the vertex, pressing pain when touching it, agg. from heat of bed, in morning when waking, on scratching it, it bites and burns.

Hammering headache on vivacious talking.

Throbbing all over head with furious pain taking away her sight and preventing her from stooping it affects vertex more and is agg. by washing her head (produced.)

Painful tingling on vertex and in temples.

(Pain in vertex, r. side, agg. 5 to 8 p.m., amel. by warmth.)

Boring headache on top, beneath vertex; the spot is painful to touch externally.

Tension and painful contraction in brain, sometimes with a sensation as if head were compressed by a band (with the sensation as if the flesh were loose around it, followed by inflammation of the bones and caries; agg. in wet, cold weather and when at rest; amel. from motion).

Sharp and jerking pains, or drawing and shootings in head.

Painful sensation, as if brain were wounded or bruised.

Congestion of blood in head, with pulsative pains, clucking, and feeling of heat in brain.

The headache is often only semilateral, or confined to vertex, or to occiput, or to forehead above eyes, with inclination to frown or to close eyes, confusion of sight, unfitness for meditation, humming in ears, and nausea, with inclination to vomit.

Quotidian, periodical, and intermittent headaches, appearing principally at night, or in evening in bed, or in morning, or after a meal; (every 3, 4, 6, 12, or 24 hours; 12 noon or 12 midnight; agg. midsummer or midwinter).

Movement, walking, open air, and meditation often excite or agg. the headaches.

Dry (seldom humid), offensive, scabby, easily bleeding, burning, and sore paining eruption on back part of head and behind ears, with cracks, amel. from scratching (tinea capitis).


Violent pain in vertex in evening, as if hair would be torn out; it bristles on the most painful spots.

Dry or thick. yellowish scabs in scalp, with secretion of a thick and fetid pus, but always with great itching.

Painful sensitiveness of the roots of hair and of scalp when touched.

Mobility of scalp.

Falling off of hair; with great dryness of the hair, painfulness of scalp to the touch and violent itching in evening when getting warm in bed, with swelling of glands on neck (also in lying-in women).

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