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Sulphur - Head symptoms - Hahnemann

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
Common symptoms: Skin problems, Hot flashes, Pimples.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Dullness in the head as from pressure of blood to the head, especially on going upstairs.

Reeling in the head.

Reeling, stupefaction and great weariness, in the forenoon at 11 o'clock, she had to lie down and lay till three o'clock in restless slumber, in which she heard everything.

Weakness in the head, like stupefaction, while walking in the open air, with obscure, disagreeable ideas, for several minutes, now weaker, then stronger.

Stupefaction of the head, so that she imagined she had lost her reason.

Pressure in the fore part of the head, as after nocturnal excesses; this after several days passes over into a glowing tearing in the right side of the head and in the teeth; it is worse when touched by cold water.

Pressure in the head, in the morning, just after rising.

Pressure in the head, from one temple to the other, in the morning after rising.

Pressure in the head, every other morning, about eight or nine o'clock, and thus alternately till going to sleep.

Violent pressure in the forehead.

Pressure in the temples, and tension in the brain, when meditating and during intellectual labors.

Sensation of fullness in the head, as if it was surcharged with blood.

Sensation of fullness and heaviness in the head.

Sensation of heaviness in the vertex.

Heaviness of the head, so that every movement becomes disagreeable.

Heaviness of the head, while sitting, lying, moving about and stooping.

Sensation of heaviness and dullness in the head, as if it would fall forward, relieved while walking, but then succeeded by fine stitches in the head.

Tension in the forehead.

The brain is pinched together, from one temple to the other, often for minutes.

Drawing through the forehead and temple, very acute, as if a worm were creeping through there (the first days).

Tearing in the head, out at the ear.

Tearing in the head, as with a saw.

Tearing and pressure in the left temple and the eye.

Tearing in the forehead.

Tearing in the head, more in the afternoon than in the forenoon, with weariness and heat without thirst; he had to rest his head on the table to get relief.

Stitch like tearing, after long, unequal pauses, sometimes through various parts of the head, sometimes through the cheekbones, the region about the ears, the lower jaw and other parts of the face.

A stitch in the head.

Stitches in and above the forehead.

Stitches in the forehead, in the evening; these became continually more violent later on.

Stitches, shooting out at the forehead when talking and coughing violently, so that she has to hold her forehead with the hand, chiefly in the evening for many days.

Stitches shooting out at the forehead, with every step, every day; also when speaking loud and coughing she was compelled to frown.

Stitches in the head and shooting out at the eyes.

Shooting out at the forehead, every day from 11 A.M. till evening.

Several stitches in the vertex of the head.

Beating in the head, in the morning.

Beating in the head (the temples), on the neck and about the heart; everything on him pulsated and trembled.

Single shocks all through the head.

Pulsation in the left side of the occiput, passing over finally into twitching.

Pulsating beating, sensible externally on the head.

Rush of blood to the head, even with a soft stool and after driving out.

Rush of blood to the head; there was a pressure in it and out at the eyes; she seemed deaf before the ears.

Ebullition of blood in the head and frequent flushes of heat.

Rush of blood to the head, like a gentle pressure over the head.

Heat in the head, in the morning.

Heat in the head, in the evening, with cold feet.

Severe, dry heat in the head, with glowing face, in the morning on awaking.

Heat rising into the head, with redness of the face and warm forehead.

Burning and shooting on the right side of the occiput.

Buzzing in the upper part of the vertex.

Ringing roaring through the head, coming out at the ears.

Pain at every nod of the head, as if the brain were beating against the skull.

The brain beats against the skull, on moving the head, with a pressive pain.

External aching of the head on the left side, on being touched, it aches as if festering underneath.

The vertex is very sensitive per se and when touched.

Pressure externally on the vertex, toward the forehead.

There is occasionally a burning aching of a small spot of the head, below on the nape, while lying upon it, and especially after scratching.

Sensation of coldness on the head.

There is always a cold spot on top of the head.

Itching on the head, with impatience.

Itching on the occiput.

Itching on the forehead.

Severe itching on the forehead.

Shooting on the forehead, seemingly on the bone.

Itching pimples on the forehead; on rubbing there was a stinging.

Moving of the skin of the head, from the nape over the vertex to the forehead.


Headache with nausea.

Headache, as from incarceration of flatus.

Headache, every morning, above the eyes, as from stuffed coryza; he has to sneeze continually.

Headache, worse in the open air, less in the room.

Headache, while the eyes are, as it were, drawn shut.

Headache, only when going upstairs.

Severe headache in the vertex of the head, recurring several days like fever, for twelve hours.

Pain in the upper part of the vertex, when chewing or coughing, or when blowing the nose.

Severe pain in the centre of the head, from coughing and sneezing.

Much headache, especially when stooping.

He feels every step painfully in his head.

Headache in the occiput, from noon onward; in treading there was a stupefying resonance there; she had to sit quite still for four hours.

Headache in the vertex, as if there was a pressure on the brain from above downward (9th d.).

Pressive pain in the forehead, chiefly in the forenoon.

Pressive headache, he painfully feels every step in his forehead, with perspiration there.

Pressive headache (also in the morning, after rising), mostly in the vertex, as if the eyes were pressed down.

Pressive headache above the left eye, in the afternoon.

Pressive headache in the forehead, more violent when moving.

One-sided sharp pressive headache under the left parietal bone, immediately after supper.

Pain in the whole head, as if it had been pressed upon from without, e.g., by a tight hat.

Pressive headache in the room, when pressed by a tight headache; it passes off by uncovering the head.

Painful, intermittent pressure, from the vertex above inward deep into the brain, especially late in the evening and at night in bed; the pain causes the forehead to wrinkle and the eyes to contract.

Pain in the forehead, pressing outward.

Headache, especially in the forenoon, as if the head was drawn forward and downward.

Headache, as from a load pressing down from above in the brain, and like a hoop around the head.

Headache, as from a board before the head.

Tensive pain in the head.

Tensive headache in the eyes, but only while raising them, for several mornings in bed, on awaking.

Headache, as if forced together in a vise, and above the forehead.

Contractive pain in the temples, for several mornings.

Pain, as from screwing together, in the left side of the head.

Drawing pain in the occiput, so severe when chewing, that he has to cease eating.

Tearing in the head, most in the sides and the forehead, occasionally attended with drawing, shooting and ulcerative pain, and especially relieved or removed by moving the head, by pressing upon it and by the open air.

Nocturnal headache, as if it would tear out the skull.

After awaking from the noon-day sleep, on opening the eyes, a quickly arising, mostly semi-cranial headache, as if the brain was torn or wounded (aft. 36 h.).

Shooting headache in the temples.

Shooting pain in the forehead, but only while walking.

Shooting headache at various times, at times also continuing at night, with tearing in the lower jaw or bruised pain in the side of the head afterward, sometimes transiently relieved by compressing the head; at times compelling one to lie down.

Painful whirling and tingling in the temples.

Twitching headache.

Twitching pains above the right eye.

Painful blows in the right side of the head, in the evening, while sitting.

Hammering headache when speaking lively.

Very painful hammering in the head.

Pain in the left side of the occiput, as from stagnation of blood, on awaking from sleep.

A spot on the vertex is painful when touched.

Boring headache in the upper part of the head, below the vertex; the spot is also painful when touched.

Nodule on the forehead, painful when touched.


Severe pain on the vertex, in the evening, as if the hair was being torn out, and the hair stands up on the sensitive spot.

The hair of the head aches, when scratching the head.

Pain of the roots of the hair, especially when touched.

Falling out of the hair.

Much hair falls out.

Itching pimples on the hairy scalp (the first 14 d.).

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