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Sulphur - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - Hahnemann

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
Common symptoms: Skin problems, Hot flashes, Pimples.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Dejected, indifferent to others.

Sad, without courage.

Often during the day, attacks lasting for several minutes, when she feels herself utterly miserable, without any cause, like melancholy; she desire to die.

Sad, pusillanimous, full of weariness of life.

Moaning and lamentation and wringing of hands, day and night, with much thirst and light appetite, though she swallows her food hastily.

Troubled about her disease and ill-humored.

Deeply hypochondriacally troubled and sighing, so that he could not speak loud (the first week).

Sad the whole day, without cause (the 2d d.).

Anxious and lachrymose.

She finds her state very agonizing and she is apprehensive about the future.

Great anxiety and ill-humor.

Great anxiousness in the evening after lying down, so that she could not go to sleep, for one hour, but without palpitation.

Anxiety, timidity (2d d.).

Apprehension, as if he had to lose his life at once.

Excessively inclined to start.

Violently frightened, even from being called by name.

In the afternoon, when wide awake, he starts right up, and at the same time a shudder runs all through his body.

Great inclination to weep, without cause.

Acutely sensitive and readily inclined to weep about slight troubles.

Very great inclination to weep.

Now disposed to weep, then again to laugh.

During the nocturnal cough, the boy has long weeping fits, with great restlessness of the body.

She imagines that she might give people something wrong, which might kill them.

She is apprehensive for others, with anxiety (aft. sever. h.).

Anxiety with heat in the head and cold feet, so that he does not know what to do; he forgets every moment what he desired to do.

Involuntary hastiness in grasping at things and in walking.

Restlessness and hurriedness (by day), he could not restrain himself.

She has no rest anywhere, neither by day nor night.

He greatly feels the need of tranquillity of spirit, as his spirit is ever active.

Great distraction; he cannot fix his attention on the present subject and carries on his business awkwardly.

Dawdling, undecided.

Aversion to every occupation.

Dawdling excitement, almost as after drinking coffee.

He imagines he is getting thin.

Very ill-humored, peevish and inclined to weep, especially in the morning and evening.

Extremely annoyed and ill-humored, nothing suits her (aft. ½ h.).

He gets vexed about everything, takes every word ill and gets insulted, he imagines he ought to defend himself and gets angry.

He allows himself to be carried away by vexation.

Peevish, frowning and gloomy in his head, as from an out-breaking coryza.

Peevish, irritable, disinclined to talk.

Annoyed and passionate.

Ill-humored; she becomes vexed at herself.

Ill-humored and in a criticizing mood.

The child becomes intolerably passionate and hard to quiet.

Irritable humor; readily thrown into a passion, and always introverted.

Indolence of spirit and body during the day and indisposed to work or to move about (aft. 7 d.).

Whatever she undertakes, makes her impatient.

He has no pleasure in anything.

He is averse to the least work.

For hours he sits motionless and indolent, without any definite thoughts, though he has many things to attend to.

In the evening quite indisposed to everything, to work, to enjoyment, to talking and moving; he feels very uncomfortable, and knows not what is the matter with him.

He is so peevish and obstinate, that he will not give an answer to anybody, he cannot bear to have anyone around him, and cannot get quickly enough what he wants.

Surly and vehement.

She cannot contain herself for internal ill-humor, cannot do anything so as to please herself, is obstinate and unyielding, without herself knowing why.

The mind is embittered, as if he had been insulted.

His mood is quarrelsome and contentious about everything.

In walking in the open air, she suddenly becomes sad; she thinks of nothing but anxious, annoying and dejecting thoughts, which she cannot get rid of; this makes her apprehensive and peevish, unto tears.

Indifferent things and such things as naturally occur in life are attended in her mind with annoying, mortifying ideas from her past, which continually connect themselves with recent annoyances, of which she cannot rid herself. This is attended with a resoluteness of mind, which is ready for great resolves.

Great inclination to philosophic and religious ravings.

She imagines that she has beautiful clothes, she takes old rags for beautiful clothes, she takes a coat for a jacket, a cap for a hat.

Insanity; she spoils her things and throws them away, imagining she has an abundance of everything; at the same time she becomes emaciated, like a skeleton.

She talks day and night without rhyme or reason.

Startling forgetfulness, especially as to proper names.

Very forgetful.

She forgets the word in her mouth.

So forgetful, that even the most recent events are only obscurely recalled.

He seems dull, cannot remember, is embarrassed and shuns intercourse with others.

If any one addresses him, he is deep in meditation and seems to wake up from a dream; he looks idiotic and has to make an effort in order to comprehend and to answer properly.

Words and expressions heard, involuntarily pass again through his head.

Sensation of mist in the head and dizziness, which makes him sad; the ideas are indefinite, with irresolution.

She ran about in the room for five minutes, with open eyes, without knowing where she was.

She could not connect two ideas together and seemed weak-minded.

Muddled in the head, as if from loss of sleep.

Muddled feeling in the head, in the morning and pressure in the forehead till noon.

Muddled feeling in the head, in the evening.

Muddled feeling in the head, after a walk in the open air.

Feeling of great dullness and gloominess.

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