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Sulphur - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
Common symptoms: Skin problems, Hot flashes, Pimples.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Anxiety, feverish delirium, with great dyspnoea, burning in the stomach, vomiting, twitching of the whole body, and death),

Delirium; she destroys her things, throws them away, thinking that she has a superfluity of everything, wherewith she wastes to a skeleton,

The child was intolerably violent and difficult to quiet,

Very much excited and very passionate, on violent motion,

Agitation, with the sore throat,

An indolent excitement, almost as after coffee,

She talks nonsense day and night,

Numerous morbid ideas, extremely disagreeable, causing rancor, though with also joyous thoughts (and melodies), mostly from the past, take possession of her, they throng one upon another so that she cannot free herself from them during the day, with neglect of business, worse in the evening in bed, when they prevent falling asleep (after four hours),

She imagines that people injure her, and that she will die in consequence,

Vexatious and morbid ideas of the past arise from the most indifferent thoughts, and from every occurrence in life, which continue to be united with new vexations, so that she cannot free herself from them, together with a courageous mood which is ready for great resolution,

She fancies that she is becoming emaciated,

She fancies that she has beautiful clothes; old rags look like fine things, a coat like a beautiful jacket, a cap like a beautiful hat,

Greatly inclined to philosophical and religious reveries,

The whole forenoon a state of mind partaking more of earnest exaltation than of depression or want of cheerfulness (second day),

The spirits were better than usual, more disposed for literary work than he had lately been (eighth day); spirits much diminished towards evening by the recurrence of the sacro-lumbar crampy pain (ninth day); spirits diminished in proportion as they were previously increased (tenth day); spirits uncommonly good (thirteenth day),

Uncommon cheerfulness (fourteenth day),

Cheerful disposition (forty-seventh day); very cheerful (fiftieth day),

Lively, clear, and good-humored; in the morning on rising, but about 9 o'clock the confusion returns, and is greatly aggravated by earnest thought,

Very great weeping mood,

During the nightly cough the boy fell into long weeping, with great physical restlessness,

Greatly inclined to weep without cause,

Moaning and complaining, with wringing of the hands day and night, with much thirst and little appetite, though she swallows her food hastily,

Extremely sensitive, and weeping easily on the slightest unpleasantness,


Despondent, indifferent,

Desponding, cried several times,

Greatly depressed, hypochondriac and sighing, so that he could not speak a loud word (the first weeks),

Depressed about her illness and out of humor,

She does not know what to do with herself on account of internal discouragement,

In the afternoon in the open air, without any cause, great depression of spirits (nineteenth day),

She had no rest anywhere, day or night,

Low spirits (tenth day),

Sad, without courage,

Sad all day, without cause (second day),

Sad, discouraged, weary of life,

While walking in the open air she suddenly became sad; she was filled with only sad, anxious despondent thoughts, from which she could not free herself, which made her suspicious, peevish, and lachrymose,

During the day, sad, lachrymose; she weeps if one attempts to console her (third day),

Disposition variable, but on the whole rather inclined to be dull and lachrymose (third to thirty-seventh day),

In the evening, sudden sadness and disinclination for everything (seventeenth day),

Morose and impetuous,

Frequently during the day she has attacks of melancholy, lasting a few minutes, when she feels extremely unhappy, without cause; she wishes to die,

In the course of the day, without any cause, very melancholy disposition, discontented with himself and all about him, which made him unfit for any serious occupation, and at the same time very irascible. On satisfying his appetite his cheerfulness returned, but only for a short time, for during the whole evening he was absorbed in himself and unable to command his thoughts to read, so much so that he sat staring at the same page for upwards of two hours (twenty-second day),

Anxious, fearful (second day),

Anxiety, as if he would cease to live,

Anxious disposition; I could not free myself from the anticipation of some great misfortune, though I had no ground for such fear, in the evening (third and fourth days),

Anxious disposition (fourteenth day),

Great anxiety and ill-humor,

Anxiety, with heat of the head and cold feet, so that he does not know what he shall do; every moment he forgets what he wishes to do,

Great anxiety, in the evening in bed, at the time of the full moon,

Awoke with great anxiety and heat all over, at night, and with a sensation of a cramplike condition of the whole body,

Great anxiety, in the evening after lying down, so that she cannot fall asleep for an hour, without palpitation,

Great anxiety, with involuntary discharge of thin faeces (ninth day),

Great anxiety, which, however, diminishes after drinking a few glasses of cold water (third day),

Anxiety, as if some great misfortune were apprehended (thirteenth day),

Apprehensive and lachrymose,

She is apprehensive for others, and anxious (after a few hours),

During the proving I was much concerned about my state of health, and feared lest I might really get ill,

The condition seems very distressing, and she is apprehensive of the future,

Awoke in an hour in great fright and distress; horror of instant death,

Fear that he would take cold in the open air; he did not know whether it was illusive or physical,

Unusually timid,

Violent starting up, even when his name is called,

Irritated cross temper (eighth day),

Irritable mood; easily excited, and always absorbed in himself,

Excessively irritable disposition, without cause (ninth day),

His spirits, which were as usual in the morning, underwent a change about noon; but is was less sadness than irritability which now affected him (twenty-third day),

Peevishness (fourth day),

Peevish and quarrelsome,

Extremely peevish and ill-humored; nothing seems right to her (after half an hour),

Fretful and irritable; no desire to talk,

Fretfulness; the head is gloomy and confused, as in the outbreak of coryza,

Unusually fretful and restless (next morning),

Ill-humor, ; (seventeenth day),

Bad humor, and great disinclination to speak (eighth day),

Ill-humored and fault-finding,

Ill-humored; she is vexed with herself,

In the morning after getting up very much out of humor (third day),

Very ill-humored, fretful, and lachrymose, especially in the morning and evening,

During the day she became excessively ill-humored (fourth day); all day long, humor very bad (seventh day),

Very much out of sorts with everything, in the evening, for work, for pleasure, for talking and movement; he is extremely uncomfortable and does not know what is the matter,

Everything made her impatient,

Impatient before urinating,

Quarrelsome and vexatious mood about everything,

He is vexed at everything, gets angry and out of humor at every word, thinks he must be defended and becomes exasperated,

He could tear himself to pieces from vexation,

At 11 A.M., impatience, anger, vexation, inclination to weep, without cause; this state of feeling lasts all the rest of the day (eighth day); towards noon, the same feelings of weariness and impatience as the day before (ninth day),

Embittered mood, as if he had been injured,

Obstinate and lachrymose, with the morning stool,

Can think of nothing to be thankful for; is obstinate and unyielding without knowing why,

So obstinate and morose that he answers no one, and will tolerate no one about him; he cannot obtain quickly enough whatever he desires,

At one time inclined to weep, at another to laugh,


Indolent, irresolute,

Indolence of mind and body through the day; disinclination for any work or movement (after seven days),

He sits for hours immovable and indolent, without definite thought, though he has much to accomplish,

Aversion to every business,

The slightest work is irksome to him,

She takes pleasure in nothing,

Disinclination to talk,

He feels a great need of rest of mind, and is in constant motion,

Thoughts of the business that had been accomplished thronged upon her, in the evening,

Uneasiness and haste (during the day), he could not steady himself,

Involuntary haste when taking anything, and when walking,

Words and sentences that he hears revolve involuntarily in his mind,

She could not connect two thoughts, and seemed weak-minded,

Makes mistakes as to time; she thinks it much earlier than it really is; at the vesper Belladonna bell (7 P.M.) she contends, with warmth, that it is only 5 o'clock, and she became quite angry on attempting to convince her of her error (third day),

When spoken to he seems absorbed, as if walking in a dream; he seems foolish; is obliged to exert himself to understand and answer correctly,

For some days past he has observed a remarkable distraction, and particularly a very great loss of memory, with respect to well-known localities (sixteenth day),

Great distraction of mind; he cannot fix his mind upon present objects, and does his work awkwardly,

He was not always master of his thoughts and words; at times said things he did not mean,

Forgetfulness (second day),

She forgets the word she is about to speak,

Very forgetful,

So forgetful that was has just happened is only indefinitely remembered,

Remarkable forgetfulness, especially for proper names,

Seems stupid, senseless, confused; avoids conversation,

In the afternoon, after a glass of wine, a stupefied state (seventeenth day),

Stupefied felling; he feel asleep soon (third day),

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