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Sulphur - Modalities Etc

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Pressure in forehead; from 11 A.M. till evening, stitches in forehead; palpitation; fever.

(Afternoon), Pressure in forehead; pain above and beneath eyebrows; jerking in lids; toothache; 2 to 3 P.M., weakness and sleepiness; chill; 5 to 6 P.M., heat of face.

(Evening), Ill-humor; vertigo; stitches in forehead; pressure in eyes; roaring in ears; stitches in rectum; cough; in bed, stitches in corm; after getting warm in bed, prickling in skin of the whole body; chilliness; coldness of feet.

(Night), Headache; pressure in stomach; sudden colic; pressure to stool; uneasiness; cough; dyspnoea; throbbing in chest; pain in back; heaviness of lower extremities; pain in thigh; itching; restless; dreams; after midnight, anxious dreams; chilliness; sweat; sour sweat; sweat on legs.

(Open air), Headache; toothache; hiccough; sensitiveness, cracking of skin.

(Cold air), Toothache; pains.

(Draft of air), Pains in abdomen.

(Bending head), Cracking in cervical vertebrae; to right, pain in right side of neck.

(Biting), Toothache.

(Breathing), Pain in shoulder.

(Deep breathing), Stitches in left side of abdomen; griping in abdomen; shooting in left side of chest.

(Coughing), Stitches in parietal and occipital bones.

(After dinner), Cutting colic.

(Drinking beer), All Symptoms.

(After eating), Pain in stomach; colic; chilliness in abdomen; much affected and exhausted.

(Earnest thought), Confusion.

(Exertion of chest), Stitches in it.

(Farinaceous food), Trouble in abdomen.

(Feather bed), Pain in limbs.

(On going upstairs), Tension in knees.

(Heat of bed), Exanthema; itching.

(During menses), Drawing colic; pain in lower abdomen.

(Milk), Eructations.

(Moving arm), Pain in chest; sticking in pectoral muscles.

(Pressure), Pressive headache; tearing in left pectoralis major.

(Reading), Shooting through left eye.

(Rest), Tearing in shoulders; tearing in right upper arm; tearing in elbow-joint; pain in hip; most troubles.

(Rising from seat), Pain in small of back.

(Rubbing), Burning in ankle.

(Sitting), Burning in anus; bearing down in anus; shortness of breath; stiffness in back; pressure in small of back; pressure in hollows of knee; weariness in legs; drawing in calves.

(Sneezing), Pressure in ears.

(Standing), Burning in stomach; tearing in lower extremities; shoots in right knee-joint; sticking in right knee; weariness in legs; the symptoms.

(Stepping), Tearing in left knee.

(Before stool), Colic.

(During stool), Pressure in rectum.

(Stooping), Vertigo; headache; cutting around navel; griping in abdomen; stitches in nape of neck; backache; weight in small of back; pain in small of back.

(Swallowing), Pressure in ears; pressure in upper part of throat; constriction of throat; stitches in throat.

(Talking), Cough.

(Touch), Pain in small of back; pain in left hand.

(Turning in bed), Pain in sacro-lumbar region.

(While urinating), Burning in urethra; aching in small of back.

(Walking), Vertigo; headache; pain in left temple; burning in stomach; constriction of chest; pain in back; tearing in limbs; pain in hip-joint; swelling of feet; burning and itching on the soles of the feet; weariness; perspiration.

(Walking in open air), Head and stomach symptoms; stitches in hepatic region; cough; shortness of breath; pressure on sternum; palpitation; pressure on shoulders; sticking itching.

(After walking), Heaviness and weakness of lower extremities.

(Cold water), Pressure in forehead; toothache.

(After wine), Eruption.






IN BED, by woolens, etc

Atmospheric changes


Periodically 11 AM

Climacteric Full moon (Cina Cina)


(Bending body), Pain in stomach.

(Eructations), Pressure in stomach.

(In the house), Headache.

(Lying in bed), Cramp in chest.

(Motion), Tearing in shoulders; tearing in right upper arm; pain in right wrist; jerking in both soles.

(Pressure of hand), Pressure in stomach.

(Rubbing), Numbness and crawling in soles of feet; tearing in sole of right foot.

(Scratching), Itching.

(Sitting up), Short breathing.

(Walking), Griping in abdomen; pressure in small of back; tearing in lower extremities; drawing in calves; most troubles.

(External warmth), The pains.


Open air


Warm applications


Dry heat

Desires and aversions

Great craving for food, especially with little children.

Drinks much, eats little.

Violent thirst for beer; longing for brandy.

Desire for sweets, and diseases from eating sweet things; also in pale, lean children with large abdomen.

Milk disagrees, causing sour taste and sour eructations.

Aversion to meat.

The Sulphur patient is very thirsty


Increased appetite the whole first part of the proving,

Excessive hunger and appetite,

Ravenous hunger, which obliges him to eat frequently; if he does not, he has headache and great lassitude, and is obliged to lie down (after ten days),

Appetite much increased (seventh day),

Appetite uncommonly good (fifteenth day),

At noon, he had an uncommonly good appetite (first, second, and third days), ; (second day), ; (fourth day), ; (tenth day), ; (several days),

At noon, good appetite and much thirst (first day); great appetite (second day),

Appetite good, but wants to eat often,

Irresistible desire for sugar,

Sensation of hunger, in the abdomen; speedy fulness from a few morsels,

At noon but little appetite; he ate more from habit than from necessity (third day); at noon little appetite, and no desire to drink water while eating, which he was always in the habit of doing (sixth day); at noon no appetite (ninth day),

No appetite for breakfast (eighty-eighth day),

Less appetite than usual, at noon (seventy-third day),

No appetite (third day); anorexia; what she eats has no taste; she has no relish, and the morsel seems to stick in her gullet (fourth day); no appetite (sixth day),

At noon, disgust at meat (fourteenth day),

Smoking tobacco is not relished by one accustomed to smoking,

He cannot tolerate meat or fish, in the evening; it causes pressure in the stomach, draws the abdomen upward, and delays the stool,

Aversion to meat; it makes her qualmish,

He suddenly becomes averse to all sweets and to milk,

Aversion to sour and sweet things,

In the forenoon, loss of appetite (first day),

Loss of appetite (fourteenth day), ; (ninth day), ; (seventeenth and following days), ; (fourth day),

Loss of appetite; nothing is relished,

Complete loss of appetite; he desires only acids,

Complete loss of appetite, as if it were contracted in the pit of the stomach,

Complete loss of appetite,

Anorexia (second day), ; (twentieth day),



Entire loss of appetite, but constant thirst,

Very much thirst during the day,

Great thirst, and always more thirst than hunger,

Great thirst without heat; drink tastes good, but does not quench the first, and seems to distress the stomach,

Great thirst, with desire for beer, in the evening (eighteenth day),

Thirst for several hours, immediately,

Thirst, with dryness and agglutination of the mouth,

Unusual thirst,

Very thirsty, in the morning, ; (fifth day),

After stool much thirst (second day),

Great thirst for beer, worse an hour after eating,

Great thirst for beer,

Longing for sugar water,

Desire for coffee (third day),

Dislike to the usual glass of beer, in the evening (seventeenth day),


Eructations (tenth day), ; (sixth day),

Uprising of the breakfast (after three hours and a half),

Frequent eructation and yawning (eleventh day),

Eructations as after onions,

Occasional eructations and sour taste in the mouth, lasting several days (fifth day),

Frequent eructation after breakfast (eighth day),

After breakfast eructations (fifty-fifth day),

After breakfast occasional eructation (one hundred and thirtieth day),

Eructations of air (first day), ; (two hundred and twenty-eighth day),

Frequent eructation of air (fourth day),

Eructation of wind, immediately (twenty-sixth day), ; (thirty-second day),

Frequent eructation of air, in the forenoon (first day),

Frequent eructation of air after breakfast (sixth day),

Much eructation of air, accompanied in the evening with hiccough (fifth day),

Frequent tasteless eructations of air, in the evening (fifty-third day),

Tasteless eructation, and very insipid feeling in the stomach (immediately, second day),

Eructation of what had been eaten at noon, in the evening (nineteenth day),

Eructations of gas smelling of Sulphur (sixteenth to twenty-first day), ; (first day),

Several eructations smelling of Sulphur (first, fifth, and seventh days), ; (first day), ; (two hundred and forty-fifth day),

Throughout the forenoon, eructations smelling of Sulphur (first to eleventh day),

Frequent eructation with odor of Sulphur (second day),

In the evening, eructations smelling of sulphuretted hydrogen (thirtieth day),

Frequent eructations of air smelling of sulphuretted hydrogen (fifth day); eructations, with the odor of Sulphur, occurred during the latter part of the trial,

Eructation with odor of rotten eggs (after dose, twenty-first day),

Acid eructations (thirteenth day),

Sour eructations tasting of lead,

Sour eructations several times in the day, with pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Sour eructations frequently during the day,

Sour eructations, with much distress in the stomach from acids,

Sour eructations like heartburn (eighth day),

Sour eructations after eating,

When walking in the open air, sour eructation (fifth day),

Sweetish eructations, in the morning,

Rancid eructations after drinking Weiss beer,

Bitter, rancid eructations of blood,

Bitter, scraping eructations of milk,

Empty eructations (ninth day),

Frequent empty eructations (tenth day),

Empty eructations immediately after eating,

Empty eructations every morning,

Empty eructations with frequent yawning, with prostration,

Ineffectual eructation on going to bed,

Empty eructation, and sensation as if he were about to have heartburn, after breakfast (fifth day),

Empty eructation with relief of symptoms (in one hour, first and second days),


Hiccough in the morning, fasting also in the evening, even also in bed,

Hiccough like eructations, always with pain, in the posterior part of the palate,

Hiccough on going into the open air after eating,


Heartburn all day,

Heartburn, in the morning; a crawling and burning in the forepart of the chest,

In the evening, heartburn (tenth day),

Severe heartburn and acidity,

Heartburn for half an hour after taking two soft-boiled eggs (twenty-fifth day),

Slight heartburn, in the afternoon (seventh day),

Waterbrash, at noon and in the evening, after eating, preceded by pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Waterbrash, with retching and discharge of water from the stomach, in the morning,

Waterbrash twice daily, a working in the pit of the stomach, and retching and rising of much water from the stomach to the mouth,

Entire lack of appetite; his only inclination is for sour things.

Without hunger and appetite, she only eats from habit, while the food has its normal taste.

Lack of appetite; she has no relish for anything.

Entire lack of appetite, as if constricted in the precordial region.

Sensation of emptiness in the stomach in the forenoon.

Aversion to meat; she feels like vomiting after it.

Appetite only for soft food, not bread or meat.

Aversion to sour and to sweet things.

All sweetish food and dishes made with milk are all at once repugnant to him.

Milk is troublesome; it is vomited in a curdled state.

After milk, sourish taste in the mouth and sour eructation.

Drinking milk is at once followed by a sour taste as of vinegar in the mouth.

After milk there is a bitterish, scratchy eructation.

Milk causes violent eructation, even to vomiting of mucus.

Acids cause oppression; she cannot bear them.

Dishes made of flour cause him abdominal troubles.

Irresistible craving for sugar.

Sensation of hunger in the abdomen, but it feels full quickly from a few morsels.

He feels appetite, but as soon as he even sees the food his appetite vanishes, and he feels, as it were, full in the abdomen; when he starts to eat he feels loathing.

Excessive hunger and appetite.

Thirst for several hours (at once).

Very much thirst by day.

Increased appetite the whole of the first part of the proving.

Intense thirst, and always more thirst than hunger.

Thirst, with dryness and cleaving together of the mouth.

Intense thirst for beer.

Constant, intense thirst for beer, worst one hour after eating.

Severe thirst, without heat; what he drinks tastes good, but does not assuage his thirst, and also seems to load the stomach.

Craving for sugar-water.

Without any appetite at all, but constant thirst.

Position etc

Rest 4; Lying 28; with head high 2. Motion 1, 4, 28, 31. Turning in bed 31. Moving head 3. Stooping 2, 3. Bending forward 19. Bending backward 31. Rising 2, 31. Walking 2, 3, 18, 33, 36. Crossing a bridge 2. Ascending 29. Standing 2. Sitting 2. Must bend double 19. Bending arms backward 26. Every step 33.

Morning 2, 4, 5, 11, 16, 20, 27, 32, 40. Forenoon 24. 11 A.M. 17. Afternoon 24, 37, 40. 3 P.M. 7. Evening 1, 4, 16, 20, 23, 27, 28, 37, 40. Night 3, 5, 10, 20, 21, 26, 27, 32, 33, 37, 40. Day 1, 3, 11, 20, 27, 36, 40.

As to time aggravations, nightly complaints are a feature.