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Sulphur - Nose symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
Common symptoms: Skin problems, Hot flashes, Pimples.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Nose swollen,

Inflammation in the nose (after nine days),

Wings of the nose inflamed, swollen,

Black comedones on the nose, upper lip, and chin,

Rush of blood to the nose, especially in the open air,

Symptoms of threatened catarrh (fourteenth day); symptoms at height (fifteenth day); catarrh declined (sixteenth day),

A very violent catarrh came on, which lasted an unusually long time, viz., one month (fourth day),

Water trickles from the nose,

Profuse secretion of thick, yellow, purulent nasal mucus, for several days,

Offensive odor of nasal mucus on blowing the nose,

A little acrid fluid comes from the nose (fifth day); increased discharge of thin fluid, about noon (eighth day); profuse discharge of fluid from the nose, in the evening (eighteenth day),

Blood from the nose on blowing it,

Nosebleed from time to time, for several days,

Nosebleed, for seven days (after eleven days),

Nosebleed two afternoons in succession, at 3 o'clock, followed by pain in the nose on touch,

Clotted blood is always discharged on blowing the nose,

Blowing of blood from the nose, at night,

Blows blood from the nose,

Nosebleed just before and after the menses,

Nosebleed the third evening during the menses,

The nose bleeds easily,

Violent nosebleed, in the morning on blowing the nose,

Epistaxis, and in one case, a man of 60, nose bled every day, after the third day of taking the medicine, something which had not occurred since childhood,

The mucus brought away on blowing the nose has streaks of blood in it (twenty-seventh day),

In the morning he blew some blood-streaked mucus from the nose (thirteenth day),

About 8 P.M., tickling in the left nostril, immediately followed by the discharge of bright-red thickish blood, to the extent of about half a drachm, which contained a proportionately large quantity of sulphates (forty-eighth day),


Nose much stopped up (sixteenth day),

Dryness of the inner nose,

After a glass of beer, feeling of dryness in left nostril, and sensitiveness of the mucous membrane on inspiring the air of the room; the latter sensation went off almost entirely in the open air (nineteenth day),

Occasional aching in the root of the nose, between the shoulders and all over the back (fifth day); some aching in the nasal bones, towards noon; recurrence of the aching after dinner (sixth day); aching in the nasal bones (eleventh day),

A painful spot on the left nostril (two hundred and fifteenth day),

A tender spot in the left nostril (sixth day),

Boring above the root of the nose (twentieth day),

Pain in the nose, which was swollen and internally ulcerated,

Pain in the tip of the nose, when touched,

A kind of cramp in the nose,

Cracking or feeling, as of the bursting of a bubble in the upper part of the nose,

Pressure in the right nasal bone, in the evening,

Cutting pain in the nose, and discharge of thin fluid from it, in the evening (seventh day),

Tearing in the nose, after dinner, disappearing for a short time after pressure upon it, after dinner,

In the forenoon, smarting in the nose and left eyelid (fifth day),

Slight burning in the septum of the nose, in the morning (third day),

Burning in the left ala nasi, lasting for several minutes, and frequently recurring, in the morning (second day),

On the inside of the nose, especially on the alae nasi, great itching and feeling as if the nose were swelled (twelfth day),

Distressing itching in the nose, which is still stuffed (eighteenth day),

Itching in the nose,

Itching and burning in the nostrils, as if sore,


Cannot tolerate odors,

His dinner had a bad smell but good taste,

Food smells like lime, yet has a good taste,

Sharp biting odor in the nose, as from smoke,

Annoying smell of Sulphur in the nose (sixty-eighth day),

Odor of soaked peas,

Odor of old offensive mucus, in the nose,

Odor of burnt horn, in the nose,

A curious illusion of the sense of olfaction, as though he smelt soapsuds (forty-eighth day),

A peculiar illusion of the sense of smell, to wit, he thought he smelt the perfume of a flower, though there was none in the room,

Sense of smell blunted,

Loss of smell,


Frequent sneezing,

Sneezing, with moisture in the nose, about 9 A.M.,

Very frequent sneezing, in the evening and morning,

Violent sneezing, several days,

Inclination to sneeze, that shook her almost spasmodically,

Very frequent sneezing always preceded by nausea,

Frequent sneezing and coughing (third day),

Violent sneezing (first day),

Frequent sneezing, discharge of fluid mucus from the left nostril, a very severe catarrh, although that which dated from 20th October, had only quite ceased a few days previously (seventeenth day),

Frequent sneezing, and the sensation as if a cold were coming on, and frequent blowing from the nose of mucus mixed with blood (almost every morning), (first fifteen days),

Frequent sneezing, which always gave relief to the head (sixth day); in the afternoon, frequent violent sneezing (fourteenth day),

Several fits of sneezing, in the morning after rising (fourth day); several violent sneezes in rapid succession, in the evening (tenth day),

Frequent sneezing (nineteenth day); frequent sneezing, in the afternoon (twenty-eighth day); frequent sneezing (thirty-second day); frequent severe sneezing, at least ten times in succession, at noon (sixty-seventh day); frequent sneezing, in the afternoon (seventy-eighth day); repeated severe sneezes (eighty-first day),

Frequent sneezing (sixth day),

Coryza (after fourteen days),

Coryza, with chilliness, catarrh and cough,

Coryza about noon (second day),

A good deal of coryza and sneezing,

Coryza and great lachrymation,

At noon, while at dinner, sudden recurrence of coryza (fifth day); occasional attacks (sixth to tenth days),

Stoppage of the nose, violent sneezing (twentieth day); coryza continues (twenty-second and twenty-third days); diminished (twenty-fourth day),

Coryza, with very frequent sneezing (fifteenth day),

Violent fluent coryza (twenty-fourth day); severe fluent coryza, in the morning (twenty-ninth day); fluent coryza, towards noon (fortieth day); fluent coryza (forty-eighth day),

Fluent coryza of burning water,

Fluent coryza and on blowing the nose, also bloody mucus,

Fluent coryza, like water,

Fluent coryza, the mucus must be drawn through the posterior nares,

Frequent short paroxysms of coryza,

Violent coryza, with rawness in the chest, and cough, with much expectoration,

Violent coryza (after fifth and seventeenth days),

Profuse coryza,

Distressing dry coryza, causing obscuration of the head, especially after eating,

Yellow, glutinous, strong-smelling liquid drops from the nose two mornings and evenings, without coryza,

Stoppage of the nose (second day),

Stoppage of both nostrils, with frequent sneezing,

Stoppage of the right nostril (thirteenth day),

Stopped sensation in the upper part of the nose, with fluent coryza and burning soreness, with discharge of biting water, with rough bass voice, in the afternoon and evening,

Great stoppage of the nose, for several days; on blowing the nose clots of blood are at times discharged,

Painful sensation of dryness in the nose, with violent coryza,

The borders of the alae nasi dry, the Schneiderian mucous membrane irritated, as if a coryza were coming on (fifteenth day),

Crawling in the nose, as in coryza,

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