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Sulphur - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - Hahnemann

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
Common symptoms: Skin problems, Hot flashes, Pimples.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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After a soft, formed stool, burning in the anus, for several minutes.

After the stool, contractive pain in the anus.

Bearing down toward the anus.

Pressure in the rectum.

Tearing in the rectum.

Violent stitches in the rectum, especially in the evening.

Severe stitches in the rectum, even between stools, arresting the breathing.

Burning on the anus, after sitting a while (4th d.).

Severe burning on the anus.

Choking; sore pain in the rectum, while lying down.

Sore pain between the nates.

Itching on the anus.

Itching in the rectum.

Severe itching in the rectum, repeated during the day.

Crawling and itching in the rectum, as from worms, in the evening, while sitting.

Growling in the rectum.

Urging fullness in the rectum.

Swelling of the anus, with burning itching.

Varices of the anus, which are humid, even after a normal stool.

Humid varices on the anus, with erosion and shooting, when walking and sitting.

Dull stitch in the varices of the anus, so that he is startled.

Involuntary discharge of humor from the anus, with subsequent itching there.


Contractive sensation in the perinaeum.


Constipation for two days, then a single stool without colic; it comes on unexpectedly.

Intermitting stool.

Occasional costiveness.

Stool only every two, three or four days, hard and troublesome.

Very hard stool and then pain in the anus.

Hard stool with burning pain in the anus and rectum.

Hard stool; it looks burnt.

Hard, scanty, griping stool; with a sensation as if the rectum would protrude.

Hard, black stool, falling to pieces, as if burnt.

Knotty stool, though not hard.

Knotty stool, mixed with mucus.

Insufficient, too scanty stool.

Stool with a sensation as if something had stayed behind, and not enough had been discharged.

Frequent abortive calls to stool.

Hurried call to stool, and yet he has to strain before anything is passed, though the stool is soft and normal.

Urging before and after the stool.


Urging to stool, as if the rectum would be pressed out, with pressure on the bladder; he has to get up three times at night on account of it.

Much pressure and tenesmus after the stool, for one hour; then she could not sit for pain in the anus.

Constant urging to stool at night; she had to get out of bed ten times, could neither lie nor sit still on account of shooting and sore pain on the anus; she felt as if she had pressed out everything, and it was painful, especially when drawing the anus inward.

The stool passes off suddenly and almost involuntarily; he can not get out of bed fast enough.

Stool four times a day, attended with pinching in the abdomen before and afterward.

Soft stool, of very thin formation.

Frequent pappy stool, with cutting in the abdomen.

Soft, half liquid stool, frequently.

Soft stool with bloody mucus, after previous cutting in the abdomen.

Soft stool with tenesmus and burning of the anus in the evening; preceded by inflation of the abdomen, then passage of hot, fetid flatus with pinching in the sacral region.

Thin stool every morning, with cutting in the hypogastrium, for twenty days.

Two thin stools, followed by pressure in the stomach, in the forenoon.

Thin, pappy stool looking like bile, passes off involuntarily, with a sensation as if only flatus would be discharged.

Diarrhoea, for four days (aft 48 h.).

Diarrhoea, like water, every half hour, every time preceded by growling in the abdomen, without pain (3d d.).

Diarrhoea, six times, followed by fainting, first with heat, then warm sweat, then with cold sweat on the forehead and feet, with white tongue.

Frequent frothy diarrhoeic stools, with tenesmus, even at night.

Diarrhoea stools with tenesmus and cutting in the abdomen; the tenesmus goes off by applying warm cloths; at 4 and 6 A.M.

Pale colored stool.

Sour smelling stool.

Discharge of undigested food with the stool.

Stool covered with mucus.

Three stools a day, covered with mucus.

Very mucous stool.

Reddish mucous stool, with fever, lack of appetite, attended with lying down and colic.

Mucous stools, without faeces, several times a day, mixed with red veinlets of blood, for several days (aft. 5 d.).

Blood during stool, in the evening.

Ascarides pass with the stool.

Frequent passage of single ascarides.

The ascarides cause itching in the rectum.

Lumbrici pass off after violent pains in the abdomen, with a hard stool.

Tapeworm discharged with a hard stool.

Before every stool colic.

Before the stool, as it were, an aching in the intestines.

Before the diarrhoeic stool, searching and pinching in the abdomen, much discharge of flatus, at times with pain, as if it would tear the anus, and with urging to stool or tenesmus after the stool.

During stool, palpitation, which disappeared afterward.

During the morning stool, obstinate and inclined to weep.

During the stool, in the evening, nausea, as if she had to vomit.

During the (soft) stool, painful pressure in the rectum.

During the soft stool, rush of blood to the head.

During the stool, sensation as if there was a contraction within.

With a normal stool, cutting in the rectum.

During stool, burning in the rectum.

During stool, sensation of burning in the anus, which seemed red and inflamed, and studded with little varices.

During stool, protrusion of the rectum.

Before the morning stool, pinching in the abdomen.

After the stool, pinching in the abdomen.

After the stool, a bruised feeling in the intestines.

After the stool, great exhaustion.

After a soft stool, pressure in the anus and rectum, as after a hard stool.

After a difficult, though not hard stool, so violent a pin-pricking, extending from the anus up the rectum, that he almost became unconscious for pain, then chill and weariness.

After stool, a beating pain in the rectum, all day long.

After a thin stool, burning in the anus.

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