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Sulphur - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
Common symptoms: Skin problems, Hot flashes, Pimples.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Prolapsus of the rectum during a stool,

Gurgling in the rectum,

Burning in the rectum during a stool,

Burning in the rectum (forty-ninth day),

Awoke with feeling of coldness and irritation in the rectum (twenty-sixth day),

Astringent sore pain in the rectum, when lying down,

Pressure in the rectum,

Painful pressure in the rectum during a (soft) stool,

Pressure on rectum and bladder (third day),

Pressive fulness in the rectum,

Constant bearing down in the rectum (thirteenth day); great bearing down, and feeling of fulness in the rectum (fourteenth day); bearing down (fifteenth day),

Tearing in the rectum,

Cutting in the rectum during a normal stool,

Previous to a good motion, violent cutting, extending far up the rectum (third night),

In the evening several jerking, lightning-like shoots in the rectum (sixth day),

At 7 P.M., when standing, several throbbing shoots in the rectum, from the border of the anus through the bowel and into the right hip (sixth day),

Violent stitches in the rectum, especially in the evening,

Violent sticking in the rectum, even when not at stool, taking away the breath,

Crawling and biting in the rectum, as from worms while sitting, in the evening,

Itching in the rectum,

Violent itching in the rectum, frequently during the day,

Violent itching in the rectum (seventh day); itching in the course of the day and evening, which, however, never lasts longer than a minute (ninth day); occasional tickling (tenth day); after walking, itching more frequently, and lasted longer; after stool, itching ceased (eleventh day),

Throbbing pain in the rectum the whole day, after a stool,

Rectum and anus



In the morning, knotty stool (second day); soft stool, with itching in the perinaeum (third day); soft stool (fourth day); stool pretty firm and covered with mucus; it slipped quickly through the anus (eighth day); soft stool (ninth day),

Constrictive sensation in the perinaeum,

Sore pain at the raphe of the perinaeum (fourteenth and fifteenth days),

Itching in the perinaeum, with soft stool (third day); itching and shooting in the perinaeum and anus (fourth day),



Diarrhoea for four days (after forty-eight hours),

Diarrhoea, with rumbling in the abdomen,

Diarrhoea, like water, every half hour, always preceded by rumbling in the abdomen, without pain (third day),

Diarrhoea six times, even to faintness, at first with heat and warm perspiration, then with cold sweat on the forehead and feet, and white tongue,

Diarrhoea, with tenesmus and cutting in the abdomen, relieved by application of warm cloths, about 4 and 6 A.M.,

Increased evacuation from the bowels,

Violent purging and tenesmus, a few hours after she had taken the third teaspoonful, and which continued throughout the greater part of the day following; the motions were of a whitish appearance, intermixed with frothy mucus,

In the evening, frequent fluid stools; involuntary evacuation of the stool when sneezing or laughing (third day),

During the day, several diarrhoeic stools, with burning in the anus, preceded by gripes (twenty-ninth day),

Frequent frothy diarrhoea, with tenesmus, even at night,

Watery diarrhoea, several times (twelfth day); bowels easily moved (fifteenth day),

About 6.45 P.M., diarrhoea, with some cutting in the abdomen and stitches in the anus (second day),

In the evening, two liquid stools, with relief to the tension in the abdomen (fourth and ninth days); no stool (fifth and sixth days); in the evening, diarrhoeic evacuations (twenty-first day); two diarrhoeic motions (thirty-third day),

During the whole time of the proving, two or three evacuations daily, they were loose and smelt stronger than usual,

Simultaneously with the spasms, copious discharges from the bowels took place, of the consistence of thin mush, of a dark-gray color, and very fetid,

Four loose motions (second day),

A most extraordinary copious stool, he thought it would never end,

Stool four times a day, preceded and accompanied by griping,

The stool is evacuated rapidly and almost involuntarily; he cannot rise from bed quickly enough,

Three stools a day, with mucus,

In two hours, urgent call to stool and loose motion (first day); in a few minutes a motion of the bowels, though previously he had felt no call (second day), soft, insufficient stool (fourth day),

Call to stool; loose motion, with tenesmus; in the course of the day three diarrhoeic stools (third day); a soft motion (seventh, eighth, and ninth days),

In the morning, soft stool, with emission of much flatus, having the smell of rotten eggs (second day); soft stool, in the morning (third day),

In the course of the day two loose stools (third and fourth days); in the morning a loose stool (fifth day); loose stool (seventh day); about 8 A.M., a very liquid evacuation (eighth day); immediately after dinner, a loose motion, although I had had a normal stool in the forenoon (tenth day),

At 3 P.M., a copious loose stool, although I had had my usual motion, in the morning (sixth day); no stool (seventh day),

Unusually easy stool (first, second, and seventh days); hard evacuation (eleventh day),

A soft motion (fourth day),

Along with some flatus several drops of diarrhoeic faeces were involuntarily discharged. During the day two watery stools, with slight pinching in the bowels (thirteenth day),

In the evening, two loose stools (tenth day); fruitless call to stool (eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth days); a loose stool, with itching in the anus (eighteenth day); after constipation had continued for two days, a copious loose motion, with burning in the anus (twenty-seventh day),

Two loose stools (second day); loose motion (fourth and sixth days); two loose motions (seventh, tenth, and twelfth days); a loose stool (fourteenth day); two loose motions (seventeenth day),

After rising from bed a hard motion, causing a smarting sticking in passage through the rectum (second day); diarrhoeic evacuation of a yellowish-green, pappy, slimy mass (fourth day),

Early in the morning, four soft stools (second day),

In the morning, a copious extremely fetid, pappy, yellowish green stool, followed by a feeling of perfect health (ninth day),

A soft, very fetid evacuation (sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth days); motions more liquid, and occurred twice a day (nineteenth to twenty-eighth day); motions more fluid (after thirty-nine days),

Stool soft, very thin,

Frequent pasty stool, with cutting in the abdomen,

Stool thin every morning, with cutting in the lower abdomen, for twenty days,

Two thin stools, followed by pressure in the stomach, in the forenoon,

Soft stool, with tenesmus and burning in the anus, in the evening; preceded by distension of the abdomen, followed by emission of hot, offensive flatus, with griping in the small of the back,

Frequent soft, semi-liquid stools,

Thin pasty stool of a bilious appearance passed involuntarily, with a sensation as if wind would pass,

Stool soft, with bloody mucus, preceded by cutting in the abdomen,

Blood with the stool, in the evening,

Loosish evacuation (third day),

Two fluid stools (sixteenth and seventeenth days),

Two loose stools (fourth day),

A very copious, loose stool, at 9.30 A.M. (third day),

At noon, a second copious, quite thin stool; in the afternoon, two liquid stools (fourth day); liquid stool, in the morning (fifth day),

(Since taking the Sulphur, the stools have been in quite good order; she had daily, one, sometimes two, copious evacuations, whereas, previously, she often had no stool for three or four days), (eighth day),

A hard stool, followed speedily by one of ordinary consistence (in his ordinary state he seldom had two evacuations in one day), (third day),

In the morning, afternoon, and evening, always soon after eating, passed a motion, half fluid, half lumpy, mixed up with gas, and attended with great noise from flatus (second day); the accustomed motion did not take place (third day); firm stool, with severe pressing (fourth day),

Stool as usual, only it was evacuated more rapidly than usual (second day),

Diminished consistence of faeces,

Evacuation, mingled with blood, for several days; the blood came away quite passively and painlessly,

Pasty evacuation, at 11 P.M. (third, fourth, and fifth days),

Pasty and thin stools, preceded by much sulphurous-smelling flatus,

Stool containing undigested food,

Stool covered with mucus,

Very slimy stool,

Red slimy stool, with fever, loss of appetite, lying down, and colic,

Stool light-colored,

Stool sour-smelling,

Stool nodular, but not hard,

Stool nodular, mixed with mucus,

Mucous stool, without faeces, several times a day, mixed with red veins, for several days (after five days),

After getting up, a hard motion, which causes cutting in its passage through the rectum (first day),

A hard motion in the course of the day (fifth day),

Stool hard, scanty, clawing, with a sensation as if the rectum would prolapse,

Stool, with a sensation as if something still remained, and as if the stool had been insufficient,

Stool hard, as if burnt,

Stool hard, black, crumbly, as if burnt,

Stool hard, with burning pain in the anus and rectum,

Stool very hard, followed by pain in the anus,

About 4 P.M., an unusually hard stool (second day),

There was the usual morning stool, but to-day it was less in quantity; the first part of the motion was hard and lumpy, and in its passage through the rectum caused a raw, shooting pain; the last part was soft, and of the color and consistence of birdlime (third day),

Evacuation of tapeworm, with a hard stool,

Frequent evacuation of some threadworms,

Threadworms cause itching in the rectum,

Evacuation of round worms and violent colic, with the hard stool,

Threadworms passed with the stool,


Constipation for two days, followed by an involuntary stool, without colic,

Constipation at times,

Extreme constipation,

Bowels obstinately obstructed, for four days, and no action could be produced by various aperients,

Feeling of great constipation and hardness in the bowels,

The next day the usual morning motion did not occur; it was not till the afternoon that she had an unusually hard stool, accompanied by pressure and burning in the anus (second day); no stool (third day); scanty evacuation, with much tenesmus, and severe burning in the anus (fourth day); irregular bowels (for three months),

No stool (first and second days); stool, with burning in the rectum (third day); in the morning, a very firm motion (fourth day),

No stool (third and fourth days); in the evening, a hard evacuation (fifth day); a firm motion, in the evening (eleventh day); no stool (eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth days),

Stool unsatisfactory, scanty,

Stool only every two, three, or four days, hard and difficult,


Swelling of the anus, with burning itching,

Bleeding from the anus, although the motion was quite easily passed (seventh and eighth days),

Discharge of liquid from the anus, followed by faeces, at night during sleep,

Involuntary discharge of moisture from the anus, followed by itching in it,

Moist pimples in the anus, with smarting and sticking while walking and sitting,

Increased congestion of the haemorrhoidal vessels,

Haemorrhoids moist, even after a natural stool,

Feeling of soreness of the anus, and exudation from it of a viscid, slimy fluid, which probably occasioned the feeling of soreness (third day); the borders of the anus were somewhat swollen, and he felt a tickling there as if a worm were creeping about; escape of a small quantity of slimy fluid from the anus (tenth day),

Sore feeling at the anus, and escape of moisture from it; itching in the skin surrounding the anus (thirty-second day),

Violent burning in the anus,

Burning in the anus, after sitting awhile (fourth day),

Burning in the anus after a soft, formed stool, lasting a few minutes,

Burning in the anus after a thin stool,

During a stool, burning sensation in the anus, which was red and inflamed and covered with red veins,

In the evening, great burning in the anus and urethra (twenty-ninth day),

Before, during, and after the motion, burning in the anus (second day),

In the afternoon, burning in the anus, distressing (fifth day),

Slight, but transient burning in the anus after moderate exercise (after last two doses),

After stool, slight burning in the anus, lasting some minutes (second day),

Burning in the anus, when sitting (eighteenth day),

Burning in the anus after a good stool, in the morning (fourth day); sudden burning pain in the anus (eighth day),

Pressure and burning in the anus; the burning lasted some time after the motion, so that she could not bear to sit (second day); tenesmus and severe burning in the anus (fourth day); burning in the anus so she cannot sit (fifth day),

Strong bearing-down pains,

Slight bearing down and sore feeling in the anus, in the forenoon (thirteenth day),

In the forenoon, when walking, severe bearing down and cutting in the anus; when sitting these symptoms went off (third day); at noon when sitting, very severe forcing down and violent pains in the anus (nineteenth day),

Aching in the anus (eighth day),

A loose fetid stool, followed by annoying, straining, ulcerative pain in the anus on touching it, and a sensation for long afterwards, as if he should have more diarrhoea (soon),

Raw pain in anus (third day),

Constrictive pain in the anus, after a stool,

Shooting in the anus (second day), ; (fourteenth day), ; (one hundred and forty-third day),

Frequent shooting in the anus (thirty-fourth day),

In the afternoon, frequent shooting in the anus and neck of the bladder (fourth day),

Dull stitch in the haemorrhoids, so that he started up,

Towards evening, great tenderness around the anus, and sudden jerking, very painful stitches, first out of the right, then out of the left half of the anus; they were so violent that they made him start from his seat (twenty-fourth day),

Some stitches in the anus (after two hours, sixth day); occasionally in the course of the day, stitches in the anus (seventh day),

During the day, frequent stitches through the anus (second day),

Such violent needlelike stitches from the anus up into the rectum, after a difficult, not hard stool that he almost loses his senses from the pain, followed by chilliness and weakness,

Jerking stitches through the right half of the anus; itching in the anus; feeling as if the anus were sore, swollen, and moist (in three hours, thirtieth day),

At noon, piercing, jerking stitches out at the anus, which was then so sensitive that he could not remain an instant seated (thirty-second day),

In the forenoon, when standing, jerking stitches in the anus (fifty-second day),

At noon, when sitting, a not disagreeable creeping in the anus, lasting an hour (two hundred and forty-fifth day),

In the morning on awaking, sensation as if a worm crept out of the anus (nineteenth day),

Itching in the anus, , ,

(The itching and burning in the anus, to which he is subject, quite gone), (eightieth day),

Itching at the anus, round about it (second day),

In the evening, itching in the anus (sixth day),

In the morning, great itching in the anus (second day),

Distressing itching in the anus (first day),

In the morning, violent itching in the anus and tenesmus (second day),

Itching and sore feeling at the border of the anus (thirty-fifth day),

At night, intense itching at the anus, and the following morning, escape of an acrid itching fluid from the anus (forty-first day),



Urgent desire for stool, yet he was obliged to make great effort before anything was evacuated, though the stool was soft and thin,

Desire for stool mostly after dinner,

Desire for stool, with some colic, woke him about 5 A.M., soon followed by emission of flatus smelling of sulphuretted hydrogen, after which the desire for stool passed off. This was repeated about 7 and about 8, when there were scanty, but consistent evacuations,

After getting up he had such a sudden call to stool, that he could not get quick enough to the closet, and, in consequence, some faeces escaped prematurely, and yet he had no diarrhoea; but the motion consisted of tough gluey fetid faeces. Two hours later a similar stool (twenty-eighth day),

Frequent ineffectual urging to stool,

Constant urging to stool and to urinate, with evacuation of a few drops of blood immediately after urinating, and violent stitching in the urethra, with apprehension and discomfort,

Excessive urging to stool, even in bed, followed by some diarrhoea,

At 10 P.M., sudden call to stool, as though he should have diarrhoea, which continued after he had passed a lump of hard faeces (first day),

Call to stool without result; it was only at noon that he had an unsatisfactory stool (forty-first day),

Call to stool, and after much effort, a scanty evacuation (second and third days),

In the morning, call to stool without effect, followed by several shoots in the rectum (third day),

After dinner, ineffectual call to stool (first day),

Pressure at stool, as if the rectum would protrude, with pressure on the bladder; he was obliged to rise three times at night on account of it,

Constant pressure to stool, at night; is obliged to rise as many as ten times; can neither lie nor sit on account of sticking and sore pain in the anus; it seems as though everything had been pressed out, with pain, especially on drawing in the anus,

Much pressure and tenesmus after stool, lasting an hour; she cannot sit down on account of pain in the anus,

Ineffectual straining at stool (twenty-third day),

Straining before and after the stool,

On going to stool he had to strain for a long time, and has distressing aching in the small of the back (twelfth day),

Straining at stool (fourth day),

At 3 P.M., straining at stool without evacuation, feeling of dryness in the rectum (eighth day),

Pressure in the anus and rectum after a soft stool, as after a hard stool,


About 11 A.M., when sitting, slight tenesmus in the anus (one hundred and twenty-fourth day),

In the forenoon when walking, frequent tenesmus and forcing down in the anus (two hundred and fifty-fifth day),

Some tenesmus in the anus, when sitting (eighty-third day),

At night, tenesmus and swelling of the piles, which had not occurred for nine years previously (third day),

After the evacuation, violent tenesmus, a contraction with flatus pressing forwards in the bowels. This flatus felt like a great sausage lying from left to right above the navel (ninth day),

In the morning after waking, great tenesmus in the anus, followed by a copious fluid stool; after awhile a second, and in the afternoon a third, likewise copious fluid stool (one hundred and sixty-fourth day),


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