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Sulphur - Vertigo, Dizziness symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Confusion and Vertigo.

In the morning woke with dizzy confusion of the head,

About 2 P.M., dizzy confusion of the head, heat and redness of the face, with sensible throbbing of all the arteries of the head and neck, followed by breaking out of perspiration in the face (lasting more than a quarter of an hour), (first day),

Slight confusion of the head (forty-ninth day); confusion of the head, in the evening (seventy-seventh day); slight confusion of the head (eighty-first day); towards evening, slight confusion of the head, like commencing vertigo (eighty-third day); the head confused, its left side especially painful (one hundred and second day),

Vertigo (eighty-first day),

Severe vertigo, at 9 A.M. (sixth day),

Vertigo, in the morning, with some nosebleed,

Excessive vertigo, in the morning on rising; as soon as he attempts to stand he falls back upon the bed, only disappearing after half an hour (tenth day),

Vertigo and weakness, even to falling, in the morning on rising,

Vertigo, in the forenoon (first day), ; (thirty-second day),

Whirling vertigo, in the evening after lying in bed a quarter of an hour, as if he would fall into a faint, everything whirled around in the head, two evenings in succession,

Vertigo, in the evening while standing, with rush of blood to the heart,

In the evening, vertigo; feeling as if all the blood rushed to the head (fifth day),

Vertigo, on waking at night,

During the day, frequent sudden vertigo, especially when walking near a declivity. The accustomed beer at night makes the vertigo worse (thirteenth day),

Vertigo when walking over running water, even to falling down, and all parts seem paralyzed,

Attacks of vertigo while walking, with apprehension on looking in front of her, wherewith there was immediately a crawling ("Kriebelig") before the eyes,

While walking, vertigo like an obscuration before the eyes, a reeling to the left side, lasting a few minutes,

Vertigo, like reeling, while walking,

Vertigo for eight minutes, while walking in the open air on an elevation; he could not step firmly, with obscuration of his senses (after four days),

Vertigo while walking in the open air (after supper); she did not dare to stoop, nor to look down; was obliged to steady herself to avoid falling,

Vertigo, when lying on the back, at night,

Vertigo, while sitting; reeling while standing,

At noon, when sitting, some vertigo (twenty-sixth day),

Vertigo, lasting some minutes, followed immediately by slight shooting in the anus (fourteenth day),

Vertigo, to falling forward, on suddenly rising from a seat,

Vertigo on stooping,

On rising from stooping position, vertigo and weight in the head (ninth day),

Vertigo, with qualmishness, ; (fifteenth day),

Vertigo, with qualmishness to falling sideways, while walking in the open air,

Vertigo and nausea, so that everything turned about with her, at night during perspiration, lasting till morning,

A kind of occipital vertigo,

Want of steadiness and dizzy feeling accompanied anxious state (fourth day),

A transient slight attack of vertigo (after fifteen minutes),

Transient vertigo to falling sideways,

Vertigo, worse soon after taking medicine (probably the effect of the alcohol), but lasting in a slight degree all day (second day); slight vertigo (immediately, ninth day),

Vertigo, as if from intoxication (soon, second day),

Dizziness, like a tingling and buzzing out at the forehead, if she walks rapidly, or moves the head suddenly,

Dizziness in the head, in the afternoon (soon, sixth day); dizziness, in the morning, soon after getting up, that lasted till 5 P.M. (seventh day),

A dizzy condition of the head prevented sharp and clear thought,

Dizziness, with sticking in the head,

Dizziness, unsteadiness of the head and body, in the morning, lasting three hours, as if one stood upon wavering ground (third day),

Head heavy and dizzy (twenty-fourth day),

Sensation of fog in his head and dizziness, which makes him sad; ideas indefinite, with irresolution,

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