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Syphilinum (Luesinum) - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - H.C. Allen

The Syphilitic Virus - A Nosode, Syphil, Luesinum, Syph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Syphilinum (Luesinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Upper extremities

Rheumatism of shoulder-joint or at insertion of deltoid, worse from raising arm laterallyfont

Can only raise arms to a right angle with axilla; trying to force them higher causes muscles to suddenly become paralysed and they drop pendant.

Lameness and pain of arm on motion worse on raising arm up in front as if reaching; pain located about insertion deltoid in upper third of humerus, not painful to pressure.

Always washing the hands.

Hands badly ulcerated on backsfont

Right second finger is swollen and stiffened

Lower extremities

Swelling of legs from knees down, soles painful when standing on them; swelling goes down in morning, comes back at night.

Pains in lower extremities, excruciating, completely banish sleep; worse from hot fomentations; better pouring cold water on them better for an hour, after which the pains returned.

Cannot sit in a low chair, or squat down, owing to loss of control over knee and hip-joints.

Pains in long bones of lower extremities, also on joints.

Dull pains over back of feet to toes, began soon after getting into bed, lasting until 4 or 5 A. M.

For two or three winters intense cold pain in both legs, worse in left, came on every night on lying down, lasting all night; better by getting up and walking, and in warm weatherfont

Pain in three toes of right foot as if disjointed.

Slight contraction of tendons beneath right kneefont

Tearing pains in hip and thighs, worse at night better about daybreak, worse by walking, not affected by weather (improved).

Redness and rawness with terrible itching between toesfont

Bubo with pain in spot on middle of right thigh in front, only when standing and on deep pressure, which seemed to touch spot, which was apparently on periosteumfont

Two ulcers larger than a crown piece, dirty stinking, sloughing, with jagged, elevated edges, one on thigh above patella, another on head of tibia; two large pieces of bone came away from head of tibiafont

Osteosarcoma in centre of right tibia the size of half an ostrich egg, pains agonizing at night, growth irregular, spongy, partly laminated, very hardfont

Contracted, painful feeling in soles, as if tendons were too shortfont

Aching pains in limbs, like growing pains.

Bone pains in knees and feet.

Gradual rigidity of all joints after eruption; flexors seem contracted.

Rheumatic swelling of left wrist and big toe, bluish-red, with pains as if somebody sawed at his bones with a dull saw; better by heat of stove; worse from sundown to sunrise; no appetite; has lasted two weeksfont

Feeling of numbness in palms and soles, at times a prickly sensation as if numb parts were punctured by a great number of needles.

Excruciating arthritis; swelling, heat, and redness intensefont

Rheumatism, muscles are caked in hard knots or lumpsfont

Severe attacks of aching in lower limbsfont

Sharp rheumatic pain, burning like fire, in left side of right instep and below inner malleolus, prevents her from moving foot worse when toe is pointed inward; worse in evening, continuing during night, waking her up suddenly every two or three hours, worst from 130 to 330 A. M., worse toward daybreak (improved)font

An old doctor residing here had been troubled for two or three winters with an intense cold pain in both legs, left one worse.

It came on every night on lying down and lasted all night, only relief was by getting up and walking, and everything had failed to help.

Magnetic leggings had afforded most relief.

The trouble ceased in warm weather.

He happened to speak of it one day, and I told him when it returned in a milder form, and he received one dose of Syphilinum cmm., and he has never had it since.

Went all winter without pain.

But he said the second powder made his genitals ache so that he couldn't sit still, and this continued for over a monthp

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