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Syphilinum (Luesinum) - General symptoms - Clarke

The Syphilitic Virus - A Nosode, Syphil, Luesinum, Syph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Syphilinum (Luesinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Luesinum. Lueticum. Syphilitic virus. A nosode. Attenuations.

Abscess. succession of abscesses. Alcoholism.

hereditary craving for alcohol. Anus, fissure of. Aphasia. Asthma. Breasts sensitive. Bubo. Constipation. Crying of infants. Deafness. Deltoid rheumatism. Dentition. Diplopia. Dysmenorrhoea. Epilepsy. Headache.

syphilitic. Hoarseness.

before menses. Iritis. Leucorrhoea.

begin with twilight and end with daylight." "All symptoms agg. at night." "Terrible dread of night, on account of mental and physical exhaustion on awaking." This night aggravation will be found in a large proportion of the cases needing Syph.

in ophthalmia, the pains are agg. at night, and during the night the lids grow together. Neuralgia, and headache, asthma, coughs agg. from sunset to sunrise, whether syphilitic or not, will be benefited by Syph. Sleeplessness is itself a leading indication for Syph., which vies with Sulphur Sul. as a sleep restorer. (2) Next to the Night agg., is Ulceration this may affect mouth, nose, genitals, or skin, and the ulcers have greyish bases.

in the nose they produce the most offensive form of ozaena with discharge of fetid clinkers. In such cases I have found Syph. of the greatest service. Fetid discharges from the ear come in the same category. (3) Abscesses with foul secretions. (All pus-formations of Syph. are fetid.) Succession of abscesses is one of the grand keynotes of the materia medica. Eyes, teeth, and skin give other leading indications. In ophthalmia neonatorum the lids adhere during sleep.

pains agg. 2 to 5 a.m.

pus profuse. amel. cold bathing. Iritis, syphilitic or rheumatic, has been cured with Syph. Ptosis.

sleepy look from drooping lids. Diplopia, one image seen below the other. Teeth decay at the edge of the gums and break off.

are cupped, have serrated edges.

dwarfed in size and converge at their tips. The typical eruption of Syph. is Cuprum Metallicum copper-coloured spots, but it covers many other forms, including pemphigus. The glandular system is affected throughout and nutrition impaired, leading to extreme emaciation. Burnett has recorded in his book on Delicate Children many instances of the power of Syph. to free stunted children from this constitutional blight. Further indications for Syph. are Pains agg. and amel. gradually.

are shifting, and require frequent change of position. Leucorrhoea.

rectum seems tied up with strictures.

when enema was used the agony of passage was like labour." Bones are affected, and especially bones of head and tibiae. Nodes on the head. H. C. Allen says "Syphilitics, or patients who have had chancre treated by local means, and as a result have suffered from throat and skip troubles for years, are nearly always benefited by Syphilinum (Luesinum) at commencement of treatment unless some other remedy is clearly indicated." Thomas Wildes (H. P., xi. 267) gives his experience with Syph. In chancre he gives Syph. 1m (Swan).

one dose every night. The chancre increases for the first two weeks and then gradually fades away, not being followed by secondaries. Where the edges of the chancre assume the appearance of proud flesh in the third or fourth week, and become everted, jagged, and angry dark red, he gives Lac Caninum Lac can. cm (Swan) every night for ten to fourteen days, until the sore takes on a more natural appearance, when Syph. 1m is again given to finish the case. For any remaining induration Nitric Acid Nit. ac. 30, four times a day, is given. Headaches in great variety he cured with it.

aphasia. ptosis. paralysis of tongue.

facial paralysis. hemiplegia.

"persistent pains in any part of the body;" catarrhal and nerve deafness.

itching of nostrils. dark purple lines between alae nasi and cheeks. Itching scabby eruptions on face or breast.

singly or in clusters, looking like herpes. Pain and pressure behind sternum. Epilepsy. Wildes cured with Syph. 1m a bookkeeper who for many months had had a piercing, pressing, excruciating headache over right eye extending deep into brain. It was so severe, he was losing continuity of thought and memory. Under Syph. every night the headache disappeared entirely in ten days and the mental faculties were fully restored.

a furious inflammatory mass of syphilitic sores, scabs, and eczema, red and angry, with a fiery base extending from one malar prominence to the other, across nose up to eyes and forehead.

Syphilinum (Luesinum) took eighteen months to cure.

The ozoena never returned.

A boy, 4, had an obstinate rash, a combination of prurigo and herpes, on chin, lips, cheek-bone, forehead, and hairy scalp; on arms, chest, back, bends of joints and on the joints, and on fingers and hands, nowhere profuse.

In spite of authorities to the contrary, Wildes maintains that syphilitic rashes may itch, and that prurigo is infectious and is one of the initial stages of leprosy.

Syphilinum (Luesinum) boy had a spot of eruption on the left thigh the size of the top-joint of a man's thumb.

Syphilinum (Luesinum) was distinctly a leper spot.

Syph. 1m caused the rash to come out strongly all over the body in patches, the face was one-third covered with a thick, yellow, scabby eruption.

The remedy, Syphilinum (Luesinum), was continued and the boy got well, wonderfully improved in health, no longer nervous, growing well; sleeping well; appetite good.

Girl, 16, had measles a year before which did not come out properly.

A year and a half prior thereto subject to neuralgic headaches.

Ailing about two years; very despondent, wants to die, headaches growing more violent.

During the headaches the temple veins stand out, has pains all over the body, is very irritable, restless, walking about much of the time, does not wish to be soothed, violent on being opposed, has tremors and seems on the verge of convulsions, dazed, absent-minded, and almost insane.

Always washing her hands.

Was formerly constipated, but now subject to "a kind of diarrhoea." Menses never have come on properly, and for the past year have been very irregular, much delayed, scanty, and always extremely painful.

Often feverish. Sleep anxious, distressed, and often wakeful and violently restless.

The italicised symptoms indicated Syph., and under this she steadily recovered.

She had an immense blood-boil on her arm which would not heal.

Face broken out with a lumpy fiery rash.

With Syph. 1m at bedtime she recovered rapidly; the arm healed quickly and her face became free from eruption.

Boy, 3, had cluster of yellow blotches on fingers and roots of nails, distorting the nails.

The boy's father was epileptic.

The boy was helped with Fluor. ac. and cured with Syph., the nails becoming straight.

Many persons, says Wildes, after taking Syph. for a few days, complained of heavy, crushing, cutting pains across the base of the cerebellum.

others of heavy aching and stiffness from base of neck up through muscles and cords of neck and into the brain.

others of a heavy, clouded, dull feeling at base of brain with physical lethargy, and sometimes with dizziness, sometimes with confusion of thoughts and often a feeling as if going insane or about to be paralysed.

Sometimes a far-away feeling, with a feeling of indifference to the future.

Accompanying these there may come a heavy, dragging, dull feeling in lumbar region, with stiffness and want of elasticity.

Peculiar Sensations are A seething feeling as if hot water or hot oil running through all veins of the body, all night long.

As if going insane or about to be paralysed.

Tongue feels as if paralysed.

A far-away feeling with apathy.

As if head were pulled back by a weight.

As if blood went to right inner canthus and temples and could get no further.

As if sand in eyes. As if right eye were wide open and cold air were blowing in it.

Fluttering as of something alive in teeth.

As if a worm in tooth.

As if teeth had got out of place.

Distress as if in omentum.

As if rectum were tied up with strictures.

As if urethra had been stuffed up and clogged.

As if sternum was being drawn towards dorsal vertebrae.

As if she would suffocate with rough.

As if skin were drawn up in centre of chest on drawing back head.

Coccyx as if swollen. As if toes on right foot were disjointed.

Like growing-pains in limbs.

As if bones were sawed.

Palms and soles as if pricked by needles.

As if throat tearing to pieces.

As if top of head were coming off.

As if teeth were loose.

As of a nervous chill commencing in anus and running down legs.

As if bitten by bugs. A number of linear pains have been observed in Syph. cases.

G. H. Carr (M. A., xvii. 162) relates this case An old man had been troubled two or three winters with an intense cold pain in both legs; it came on every night on lying down; and lasted all night, the only relief being by getting up and walking.

Magnetic leggings had given most relief.

Syph. mm, one dose daily, was given.

He lost the pain for six weeks, when it returned in milder form.

Syph. cmm was given, and he had no more pains all the winter.

Syphilinum (Luesinum) medicine, he said "made his genitals ache so that he couldn't sit still." This lasted over a month.

Syph. cm cured (ibid.) a lady of "asthma" that she had had for twenty-five years, the attack coming on only at night after lying down, or during a thunderstorm.

Swan (M. A., xxviii. 239) says he gave crying infants, when they developed the propensity immediately after birth and did not cease, one dose of Syph. cmm, and it was difficult to make them cry after that.

Yingling (M. A., xxix. 135) reports this case Rev.

D., 30, dark, free from venereal taint, had a constant dull, heavy ache above inner angle of right eye, very distressing, with an occasional thrust as of an iron rod from the same spot through to lower part of occiput.

Syphilinum (Luesinum) thrust was excruciating.

He was due to preach next day, but the pain quite incapacitated him, hence his appeal for help.

Haggard look. Syph. cm, one dose, was given.

He was free from pain before he reached home, next morning was perfectly well.

The symptoms are agg. by touch (tibia; os uteri).

Pressure = pain in spot middle of thigh; amel. throat; pressing teeth together amel. toothache.

No position suits. Motion agg.

Raising arms laterally agg.

Walking amel. pain in hips and thighs. agg.

At night. Warmth and cold agg. and amel.

Warmth amel. headache; of stove amel. pain in swollen wrist and big toe.

Hot or cold things agg. toothache.

Cold water amel. ophthalmia pains.

Damp weather; warm, damp weather; thunderstorm; seaside agg. amel.

In mountains. agg. Winter.

Twenty ulcers in mouth, every part involved, top and under side of tongue, lips, buccal cavity, fauces and nose.

septum of nose threatened, both alae nasi very painful, smarting with burning as if on fire.

pains and burning prevented sleep.

hungry but could eat nothing but fluids as mastication was impossible.

tongue heavily coated white, large quantities of stringy, viscid, saliva running from mouth of a sweetish taste.

a putrid, sickening odour filled whole house.

all symptoms agg. toward night (s.s.).

Pustular eruption on different parts of body.

in patches on certain places, particularly on wrists and shins, where bones are nearest cuticle, and isolated other large pustules on other parts, these break, discharging an ichorous fluid for one or two days, then heal, leaving characteristic pockmark cicatrice.

patches take longer to heal, discharging same fluid till healing process commences.

After suppressed chancre, disease attacked testes and scrotum, which became painful and swollen.

this was supposed to be cured, but ever since, every few weeks, if exposed at all to damp weather would be seized with pain as if in kidneys, seemingly traversing ureters, but instead of passing into bladder followed spermatic cord, down groins and into testes.

pain agonising, chiefly in cord, in present attack in r.

pricking in chancre.


I learnt the value of this nosode from Skinner, who has made with it some very brilliant cures. It has been proved by Swan in the potencies, and Hering's Schema, from which mine is taken, comprises also disease symptoms

marked "(n)"

according to Skinner's calculation this is much lower than 1m of the centesimal scale