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Syphilinum (Luesinum) - General symptoms - H.C. Allen

The Syphilitic Virus - A Nosode, Syphil, Luesinum, Syph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Syphilinum (Luesinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Relations antidote; Nux Vomica Nux vomica, for over-action or excess of action in sensitive organizations, or too frequent repetition of the remedy, especially in the higher potencies.

Terrible dread of night, not on account of cough so much as on account of mental and physical exhaustion when she awakes.

she fears to prepare for night and is positively in abject fear of suffering, in form of exhaustion on awakening.

it is worse by cough, but it is quite independent of cough as she wakes in this awful state.

always worse at night approaches.

leaves her about daylight, which she prays forfont.

Nervous chills preceded by aching pains in head, especially in occipital and integuments thereof, head feeling heavy, sore, congested.

also frontal headache about one-half or two-thirds inches wide across forehead under eyebrows.

aching pains below waist, in pelvis and extremities, especially in tibia, which is sensitive to touch.

pains commence about 4 P. M., culminate about midnight in delirium, and cease entirely at daylightfont.

Neuralgia every night, beginning about 8 or 9 P. M., gradually increasing in severity until it reached its height about 3 or 4 A. M., and after continuing thus for two or three hours, gradually decreased and finally ceased about 10 A. M.

attacks gradually get more severe and last longer.

first feels cold all over, almost a shiver.

then soreness as if beaten in right half of head, extending a little beyond middle line on vertex.

in about thirty minutes scalding lachrymation from right eye, with shooting backward therein.

eye is very red and closes, with photophobia.

gnawing pains extend down right side of face and whole of nose.

head is worst when eye is bad.

during paroxysm right eye feels as if lids were open wide, and cold air blowing on exposed eye.

she perceives a horizontal band across pupil of right eye hindering sight.

this came on soon after paroxysms commenced.

eye better by placing handkerchief on head and letting it hang over eyes, also by gentle pressure, though she cannot bear much pressure.

it is more painful when lying on right (affected) side when also right side of head feels sore.

right eye red, and red vessels run all over it, converging towards Iris Versicolor iris.

right pupil horizontally oval.

right Irislooks dull and there is a slight brown hue around pupil left eye normal.

attacks seem to have originated from sitting at window in a cold draft, right eye being next windowfont.

Septum of nose threatened, both alae nasi very painful, smarting with burning as if on fire.

pains and burning prevented sleep.

hungry but could eat nothing but fluids, as mastication was impossible.

tongue heavily coated white, large quantities of stringy, viscid saliva running from mouth, of a sweetish taste.

a putrid sickening odor filled whole house.

all symptoms worse toward night.

Pustular eruption on different parts of body.

in patches on certain places, particularly on wrists and shins, where bones are nearest cuticle, and isolated other large pustules on other parts, these break, discharging an ichorous fluid for one or two days, then heal, leaving characteristic pockmark cicatrice.

patches take longer to heal, discharging same fluid till healing process commences.

Eruption over whole body not elevated, but could be distinctly felt by passing hand over skin.

after Syphilinum eruption came rapidly to surface.

at same time a disagreeable odor began to be developed.

eruption reddish-brown like small-pox pustules, without central depression.

body covered with it, except scrotum and penis.

increased, completely covering inside of mouth and throat, making it difficult to swallow even liquids.

eyes also covered, making him completely blind.

intolerable smell from body.

tips of pimples became filled with pus.

worse from warmth of bed.

fetid breath. eruption developed still more, a great quantity of pus, with intolerable itching, yet could not scratch as it was extremely sore.

eruption left skin of entire body covered with dull, reddish, Cuprum Metallicum copper-colored spots, which in cold, looked bluefont.

Chronic asthma. in Summer, especially when weather was warm and damp.

most frequently in evening, passing off at daybreak.

soreness of chest, with great anguish and inability to retain a recumbent position.

in Winter severe bronchial cough succeeded by asthmatic attacks.

a regular type of chills and fever developed.

suffered from this many years beforefont.

Caries of cervical spine with great curvature in same region, directly forward, occiput sinking down to a level with it and resting on protuberance of curvature.

often nearly a teaspoonful of calcareous matter would be discharged at a time and on evaporating it a quantity of dry powder, looking like Calc phos phosphate of lime, would be left.

Caries or dorsal vertebrae with acute curvature, numerous cloacae communicating with diseased bone, one much larger than the rest, exuding a sanious, offensive pus, and surrounded with proud flesh.

great thickening and induration of surrounding parts from effusion of lymph.

percussion or pressure not endurable.

two abscesses in groins, left having been opened a year before right about a month ago.

least motion gave him great pain by day.

and terrific pain by night.

for five months, every night most intense neuralgic pains, commencing generally from 5 to 7 P. M. and never terminating till about daylight or about 5 A. M.

pains in muscles of loins, generally in left, sharp, cutting spasms, terrible to bear, preventing sleep and forcing him to cry out.

worse at least motion, and slightly better by warm poulticesfont.

Urine infrequent, not oftener than once in twenty-four hours, scanty, of a golden-yellow color.

after Syphilinum, woke next morning with great distention of abdomen and pain in region of kidneys.

rising she passed a large quantity of normal colored urine, after which the distention and pain were relieved.

next day regular urination, wateryfont.

After suppressed chancre, disease attacked testes, and scrotum, which became painful and swollen.

this was supposed to be cured, but ever since, every few weeks, if exposed to damp weather would be seized with pain as if in kidneys, seemingly traversing ureters, but instead of passing into bladder followed spermatic cord, down groins and into testes.

pain agonizing, chiefly in cord, in present attack in right.

pricking in chancre, as though punctured by pinsfont.

Fever dry, hot, shortly after going to bed, parched lips, great thirst.

during fever intensely hot, wants to throw off covering, puts feet out of bed and against wall to cool them.

high fever in middle of day, heat being intense, with sensation as if burning up, thirst for large quantities often, sensation of burning internal heat very marked.

fever preceded by slight chill and followed by sweat and great debility.

Body, extremities and face covered with syphilides.

a sticking soreness begins in throat every evening between 6 and 7 o'clock and continues to grow worse during night.

exceedingly restless until 4 P. M.

then a restless sleep for a few hours.

can scarcely swallow. when throbbing in throat, worse from cold and hot drinks, and worse lying down.

throbbing in temples and ears, boring in ears meeting in centre of brain.

sensation as if top of head were coming off.

drawing pain in eyes worse from lamplight.

teeth pain when eating, also when taking anything hot or cold, feel as if they were loose, better pressing teeth together and pressing throat with hands.

excessive flow of saliva, it runs out of mouth when sleeping, severe pain in neck.

bending back head, better pain in neck.

aching pain in shoulders and knees.

rending, tearing pains throughout body, better moving about slowly.

had his wife hide his revolver lest in a fit of desperation he might kill himself, as was his desire during extreme paroxysms of pain.

strikes wall with fist and beats head against wall for relief.

stools hard, dry like sheep dung.

desire for stool three or four times a day, but only a little scentless wind passes which gives relief.

sitting at stool, better pain in head.

is easily offended, gets desperate, cannot bear to be alone, great anxiety about getting well.

at night no position suits him, walks floor or goes into street and moves about slowly.

sleepy all the time but cannot sleep.

dreams about his disease.

worse in open air. frequent urination with sudden desire.

discharges large quantities of muddy urinefont.

After the disappearance of the pustular eruption, a gradual rigidity of all the joints ensues, and all the flexors seem to become contracted and shortened.

this causes inability to close the fingers on a knife, fork or spoon, and a partial inability to lift the foot in order to step up-stairs, except with great difficulty by using a cane, and only a step up or down at a time. (Note. This is not the case where the pustular eruption is a curative effect of the Syphilinum high. - Swan)..


Pains from darkness to daylight; begins with twilight and ends with daylight (Merc Viv Merc., Phytolacca Decandra Phyt.).

Pains increase and decrease gradually (Stan.); shifting and require frequent change of position.

All symptoms are worse at night (Merc Viv Merc.); from sundown to sunrise.

Eruptions dull, red, Cuprum Metallicum copper-colored spots, becoming blue when getting cold.

Extreme emaciation of entire body (Abrotanum Abrot., Iodium Iod.).

Heart lancinating pains from base to apex, at night (from apex to base, Med.); from base to clavicle, or shoulder, (Spigelia Anthelmia Spig.).

Loss of memory cannot remember names of books, persons or places; arithmetical calculations difficult.

Sensations as if going insane; as if about to be paralysed; of apathy and indifference.

Fears the terrible suffering from exhaustion on awakening (Lachesis Lach.).

Leucorrhea profuse, soaking through the napkins and running down to the heels (Alumina Alum.).

Headache, neuralgic in character, causing sleeplessness and delirium at night; commencing at 4 P. M.; worse from 10 to 11 and ceasing at daylight (ceases at 11 or 12 P. M., Lycopodium Lyc.); falling of the hair.

Acute ophthalmia neonatorum; lids swollen, adhere during sleep; pain intense at night worse from 2 to 5 A. M.; pus profuse; better by cold bathing.

Ptosis paralysis of superior oblique; sleepy look from drooping lids (Causticum Caust., Graphites Graph.).

Diplopia, one image seen below the other.

Teeth decay at edge of gum and break off; are cupped, edges serrated; dwarfed in size, converge at their tips (Staphysagria Staph.).

Craving alcohol, in any form.

Hereditary tendency to alcoholism (Sar., Psorinum Psor., Tuberculinum Tuber., Sulphur Sulph., Sulphuricum Acidum Sulph. ac;.).

Obstinate constipation for years; rectum seems tied up with strictures; when enemata were used the agony of passage was like labor (Lac. d., Tuberculinum Tub.).

Fissures in anus and rectum (Thuja Thuja); prolapse of rectum; obstinate cases with syphilitic history.

Rheumatism of the shoulder joint, or at insertion of deltoid, worse from raising arm laterally (Rhus Tox Rhus - right shoulder, Sanguinaria Canadensis Sang. left, Fer.).

When the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve in syphilitic affections.

Syphilitics, or patients who have had chancre treated by local means, and as a result have suffered from throat and skin troubles for years, are nearly always benefited by Syphilinum (Luesinum) at commencement of treatment unless some other remedy is clearly indicated.