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Syphilinum (Luesinum) - Head symptoms - Clarke

The Syphilitic Virus - A Nosode, Syphil, Luesinum, Syph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Syphilinum (Luesinum) in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Bursting sensation in vertex as from severe cold.

a precursor of epileptic attack.

Heavy, clouded, dull feeling in base of brain.

Suffusion and full feeling in face, throat, and head, with innumerable small enlarged cervical glands.

Sore, one and a half inches in diameter, on occipital bone, covered with a thick, yellow-white scab.


Headache linear, from or near one eye backward; lateral; frontal; from temple to temple; deep into brain from vertex; as from pressure on vertex; in either temple, extending into or from eye amel. by warmth; in bones of head; agg. by heat of sun; after sunstroke.

Sick-headache, pains intolerable, arteries of head full and pulsating violently; high fever, frequent retelling on trying to vomit; menses regular, but very scanty.

Lancinating pain in occiput, invariably agg. at night (n).

Neuralgic headache causing sleeplessness or delirium at night, always commencing about 4 p.m.; agg. at from 10 to 11 and ceasing at daylight.

Pain from eyes through to occiput, with sensation of weight in occiput drawing head back; or as if it were pulled back; eyes ache and smart.

Constant linear headache, commencing at both angles of forehead and extending in parallel lines backward

Heavy, crushing, cutting pain across base of cerebellum.

Headache through temples, thence vertically like an inverted letter T.

Coronal headache (s.s.).

Headaches accompanied by great restlessness, sleeplessness and general nervous erethism.

Syphilitic headache for many months, piercing, pressing excruciating over r. eye; extending deep into brain; losing continuity of thought and memory; makes repeated mistakes in figures.


Dirty eruption on scalp.

Great loss of hair (n).

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