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Tetradymite - Extremities, Limbs symptoms

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tetradymite in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Frequently repeated pains in the left leg and left elbow (second day).

Frequent pains on the margins of the nails, as if an ulcer would develop, painful on pressure, as if burning and sore, in small spots, especially on the right middle finger; the next day also on the left hand (similar to the effects of various former provings), (first week).

Upper extremities

Stiffness of the left arm, as if lame, or as if it would fall asleep, worse about the elbow, at the point where the ulnar nerve is exposed, increasing till noon, when it is the worst, with constant inclination to stretch, twist, and turn the arm (second day).

Painful twitching on the inner side of the left arm (after forty-five minutes).

Pains in the left shoulder with itching and burning (first evening).

Violent pains, here and there in the hands, as if in the bones or nerves, after washing in the morning (second day).

Excessive pain in the fingers of the left hand (after forty-five minutes).

Violent pain in the left fourth finger (after thirty minutes).

Lower extremities

Sharp pain through the left leg (second day).

The tendines Achillis are constantly painful, as if sprained; this disappeared while walking; was worse on first rising from a seat (second week).

Pain in the right tendo Achillis always worse on beginning to move; at the end of the third week he discovered, for the first time, a lump in the middle of the tendon, which was painful to pressure, and especially on rising from a seat or on lying, so that he limped for awhile (third week).

Sudden violent pain, with pinching burning, through the left ankle, extending from the upper and inner portion downward and outward (after forty-five minutes).

Violent pains through the left ankle (second day).

Pain in the ankles, especially violent while sitting, and worse on rising from a seat (second week).

Violent itching stitches and pressive pain in the right inner malleolus, frequently repeated (fifth day).

Cramp in the sole of the right foot, in the evening, after drawing off the boot (after forty-five minutes).

Pain above the right heel (after thirty minutes).

Pain in the toes of the right foot (soon).

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