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Tabacum - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Tobacco, Tab Ac, Tabac, Tab.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tabacum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Smoking of tobacco tends to render the lungs flaccid, and to bring on a true marasmus,

Various diseases of the chest,

Oppression at the chest great,

Very violent constriction of the chest (tenth day),

Constriction across front of upper chest, dyspnoea and disposition to take a full inspiration, with the darting pain extending from the heart to the vertex,

On a Saturday an attack of angina supervenes, of half an hour's duration; a second fit recurs next day, and he is found dead in his bed on the Monday morning,

One evening, while smoking, he was seized suddenly with violent pain in the chest, as if he had been squeezed by a vice; his pulse was insensible. The attack lasted ten minutes,

Flitting pains in the chest,

Pain, like a soreness in the chest, during rest (twelfth day),

Shocks in the chest and region of the heart; at first always in the night, but after awhile in the daytime, with rushing of blood to the head, which would momentarily deprive him of consciousness,

Anxiety, beginning in the chest and praecordial region,

Pressure in the chest, with anxiety,

Pressure and stitches in the chest (second day),

Front and Sides.

Pain in the sternum, as if a knife were sticking into it (after five minutes),

Pressure beneath the sternum (fifth day),

Pressure on the sternum, as if something heavy were lying upon it (third day),

Fine stitches in the middle of the chest, extending to the sternum,

Dull pains in the sides, which seem to alternate with sore throat,

Great pain and distress in the left side of chest, especially around the praecordial region,

Stitches in the right side of the chest, on talking (fourth day),

Stitches in the right side of the chest (fourth day),

Sore sticking in the right side of the chest, worse during rest (third day),

Some stitches beneath the right short ribs, with tightness of the chest,

Some stitches beneath the left short ribs (third day),


A violent sore pain in the right female mamma, with a feeling as if the nipple itself were bitten off (twelfth day),

Great oppression at breast (woman),

A burning stitch beneath the left breast (first day),

Around armpit

Sharp stitches in the right side of the chest, near the axilla, relieved by inspiration (after half an hour),


Oppression of the chest, relieved by deep breathing,

The chest is oppressed, constricted; cannot take a deep breath, associated with a feeling of apprehension and anxiety; she cannot rid herself of the thought that some misfortune would happen to her (third day),

On taking a deep breath, it seemed as if the chest were too tight (second day),

When taking a deep breath it seems as if the intercostal muscles were being cut to pieces from the front towards the back; worse when touched; the pain brought tears to the eyes (first day),

Stitches in the chest, on taking a deep breath (fourth and eighth days),

Many transient stitches, extending from before backward, through the chest, aggravated by deep breathing,

Stitches in the side and chest, on breathing, with great weakness of the head, as if intoxicated, and flickering before the eyes, so that he could not distinguish objects far off (first day),

Stitches beneath the sternum, with impossibility to take a deep breath (first day),

Stitches beneath the sternum, on deep breathing (fourth day),

Respiration very free and more easy than usual,

Respiration very rapid, short, or at times slow and deep, apparently omitting entirely at times,

Rapid difficult respiration,

Quick breathing (woman),

Respiration spasmodic, deep, 6 per minute,

Prolonged respiration (after fifty minutes),

Respiration slow,

Breathing slow and stertorous,

Respiration slow and regular,

Slow respiration, sinking to 8 in a minute, interrupted by continual yawning,

Respiration slow, the thorax scarcely expanded,

Respiratory movements irregular and sighing,

His wind, as he called it, became so short that he was compelled to give up active exercise,

(When he bends towards the left side and presses he can breathe more easily),

Stertorous respiration,

Breathing stertorous, the cheeks flopping with each expiration,

Respiration anxious, moaning, deep and difficult,

Very feeble respiration,

Difficult respiration,

Respiration difficult, sighing,

Difficult respiration, with a hoarse voice, for a long time after the poisoning,

Sudden difficulty of breathing,

Laborious breathing,

Oppression of breathing,


Dyspnoea, drew long sighs,

Moaned frequently (after third day),

Feeling as though he would suffocate,

Paroxysms of suffocation, from which he frequently awoke with the most frightful anxiety,

Attacks of suffocation,

Asphyxia and syncope,

Dyspnoea to a very great degree (man),

Dyspnoea, from almost constant sibilant rĂ¢les, and which was very troublesome,

Great dyspnoea, palpitation, and distress in cardiac region, on going upstairs or ascending any eminence,

They almost invariably experienced great dyspnoea on ascending,

Average weight of carbonic acid expired, 11616.46 grains (for five days before smoking); 11664.50 grains (for five days while smoking),

Average weight of carbonic acid expired, 10456.53 grains (for five days before smoking); 10458.27 grains (for five days while smoking),

Average weight of aqueous vapor expired, 4884.66 grains (for five days before smoking); 4585.20 grains (for five days while smoking),

Average weight of aqueous vapor expired, 4449.45 grains (for five days before smoking); 4289.51 grains (for five days while smoking),

Constrictive pain in the larynx,

Terrible tickling in the larynx, with alteration of the voice,

Irritation of the upper part of the trachea, followed by expectoration,


Voice weak,

Voice feeble and low,

Voice hoarse,

Cough and Expectoration.

Almost constant cough, with sensation of burning in the larynx,

Dry cough (second, third, seventh, and thirteenth days), ; towards evening,

Dry cough the whole morning, with a stitch in the pit of the stomach (twelfth day),

Dry short cough,

A dry cough, which soon became frightfully severe; a genuine whooping-cough, continuing night and day, only intermitting during a meal,

At times tickling cough,

Cough and hiccough at the same time, as if she would suffocate, lasting a quarter of an hour (tenth day),

Cough, with dark sputa,

(Expectoration of gray mucus, in the morning), (second day),

Heart and pulse


Three had heart disease,

They very generally thought they had idiopathic heart disease; complained of pain and soreness in the region of the heart, and they could not lie very long on the left side, at night,

Heart disease is very common among tobacco provers,

Praecordial oppression,

Suddenly seized in the evening with violent praecordial anxiety, followed by complete sleeplessness and springing from bed,

Suffered chiefly at night from paroxysms of praecordial oppression, with palpitation and pain between the shoulders,

One morning was suddenly seized with pain in the region of the heart, with transversal constriction in the upper part of the chest. He could neither walk nor speak; the pulse was insensible; the hands cold; the attack continued half an hour,

Darting pain, extending from the heart upwards to the vertex, and sensation of constriction across front of upper chest, with dyspnoea and disposition to take a full inspiration,

Aching pains in cardiac region, generally worse at night, with frequent intermission of the pulse and of the heart's action,

Slight disturbance at the heart,

Heart's Action.

Both sounds of heart clear, but the action was relaxed and occasionally intermittent,

The heart sounds were muffled and seemed to almost run into each other,

Systolic murmur in aortic area and in course of large vessels,

On applying the hand over the cardiac region, the impulse conveyed to it was of marked peculiarity, much resembling, as was conceived at the time, the purring tremor, or fremissement cataire of French writers, which is likely to accompany aortic regurgitation,

Sounds of the heart inaudible, and its movements scarcely felt (after three days),

Palpitation, etc.

Palpitation and pain in cardiac region,

Palpitation while lying in bed on the left side, which ceases on turning to the right side (twelfth day),

For some time he suffered from palpitation, with pain and constriction of the chest, which came on in the form of an attack from inhaling the fumes,

Palpitation with the tightness of the throat,

For about a month, during the night he frequently had attacks of palpitation, with oppression and pains about his shoulders,

Strong pulsation of the temporal arteries

Violent palpitation (third and fourth days),

Violent palpitation all night,

Most distressing palpitation of the heart,

Heart beating so violently that he is compelled to give up active exercise,

Heart beat somewhat irregularly, with a slight anaemic murmur,

The heart beat very irregularly; this was evinced by palpitation and tremulous motion of the organ, especially when lying upon the left side,

Beat of the heart weak, slow, intermittent,

Beat of the heart weak and intermittent,

*Heart's action very feeble,

Heart scarcely beat,

Heart perfectly paralyzed,

The most powerful influence seemed to be exerted on the heart's action,


Pulse rapid,

Violent pulse,

Pulse more rapid by 10 beats, and fuller (soon),

Pulse small and very frequent,

Pulse small, rapid, irregular,

Pulse averaged 85 (before experiment); 92 (during experiment),

Full, hard, rapid pulse,

Pulse quick and feeble,

Small, hard, rapid pulse,

Pulse full, slow,

Pulse slightly compressive and perfectly regular, at barely 60,

Man's pulse hard and quick,

Pulse soft, full, and feeble,

While he sits, the pulse beats but 48 in a minute. It is large and full to the finger, under which it passes slowly, and readily compresses; any movement at once increases the beats, and more than occurs in the healthy state,

Woman's pulse rather soft, but frequent,

Pulse slow, 45, ; 50 to 60,

Very slow pulse,

Pulse small, 82,

Pulse 60, regular, small, and weak,

Pulse 48, and small,

Pulse very slow and weak,

Extremely weak, small pulse,

Pulse small, slow, 34,

Pulse remarkably slow, scarcely perceptible, intermittent for fifteen seconds,

Pulse small and intermittent, 78,

Slow and intermittent pulse,

Pulse small and weak, 70,

The pulse becomes small and weak, the skin cold, and covered with clammy sweat,

Frequent intermission of the pulse and of the heart's action, with the pains in the cardiac region,

Among eighty-eight inveterate smokers, there were twenty-one instances of marked intermittence of the pulse, occurring in men from 27 to 42 years of age,

Pulse irregular, variable, and intermittent; at one time 136 per minute, and in a short time thereafter down to 38 per minute,

Basis, 74 1/2 pulsations Six minutes, 81, 81, 81, 83, 82, 82; average 81.6. Seventeen minutes, 85, 89, 89, 93, 96, 90, 94, 94, 93, 92, 93, 95, 95, 96, 94, 97, 93; average 93,

Basis, 74 1/2 pulsations Six minutes, 79, 77, 80, 78, 78, 77; average 78.1.

Seven minutes, 83, 87, 88, 94, 98, 102, 102; average 93.4. Eight minutes, 105, 105, 104, 105, 105, 107, 107, 110; average 106. After smoking eleven minutes, 112, 108, 107, 101, 101, 100, 100, 100, 100, 98, 91,

Smoking seven minutes, 76, 75, 79, 79, 76, 78, 82. Smoking ceased ten minutes, 81, 88, 81, 83, 82, 84, 83, 83, 80, 82,

Basis, 70 1/2 pulsations Six minutes, 68, 70, 71, 70, 72, 74; average 70.8. Six minutes, 76, 77, 86, 89, 91, 94; average 85.5. Four minutes, 98, 95, 96, 95,

Smoked fast three minutes, 94, 94, 96. Pipe recharged, 87, 93, 96, 96, 96,

Basis, 82 pulsations 85, 85, 84, 80, 94, 94 (one missed), 84, 84, 88, 89, 86,

Basis, 65 pulsations Seven minutes, 64, 64, 64, 65, 67, 64, 65; average 64.7. Seven minutes, 70, 70, 70, 71, 74, 68, 71; average 70.5. Five minutes, 76, 77, 77, 81, 81; average 78.4,

Basis, 84 pulsations; 84, 84, 85, 84, 86, 84, 83, 85, 86, 84, 87, 86,

Basis, 73 pulsations Ten minutes, 76, 75, 73, 74, 71, 74, 71, 74, 73, 73; average 73.4. Six minutes, 77, 79, 81, 87 (missed one), 74, 75; average 77.1,

Pulse not perceptible at wrist, and action of heart scarcely so in praecordial region,

Pulse almost imperceptible, very small, intermittent, extremely slow, 45,

Pulse scarcely perceptible, 83,

No pulse at the wrist (third day),

Pulseless (after fifty minutes),

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