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Tabacum - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Tobacco, Tab Ac, Tabac, Tab.

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HPUS indication of Tabacum: Sea sickness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tabacum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Lassitude and debility of the voluntary muscles, with vertigo on motion,



Much yawning (second, third, fourth, and fifth days),

Yawning and sleepiness after dinner (first day),

Much yawning after dinner (first day),


Sleepiness (after one and a half hours), ,

Great inclination to sleep,

Very sleepy towards evening (third and fourth days),

Promotes sleep,

Sleepiness in the house, which disappears in the open air (second day),

Sleepiness, associated with heat and restlessness,

Sleepy in the forenoon; he also slept for a short time (first day),

She was sleepy immediately after dinner, and slept for an hour, and even then could not arouse herself until after violent palpitation (fourth day),

She woke before midnight and soon fell asleep again (first day),

Stupefying, but not refreshing sleep at night,

Sleep, stupefaction, and profuse perspiration,

Deep sleep, followed by copious perspiration,

Sound sleep at night (second and fifth days),

Cannot be wakened or aroused in the morning (second, third, and ninth days),


Sleeplessness, , etc.

Could not fall asleep in the evening, could not wake in the morning (third day),

Light slumbers, often interrupted, sometimes without apparent cause, but more frequently by cough and colic,

Restless sleep,

Sleeping badly and eating badly, when sight began to fail,

Uneasy sleep at night, with coldness and tossing about the bed (ninth day),

Restless sleep at night, frequent waking on account of pain in the left wrist and ankle,

Restless sleep with anxious dreams,

Sleepless and restless at night, and were often favored in sleep with dreams of snakes and other frightful visions,

Starting from his early slumber with a shock through the epigastrium and sometimes through the chest,

Frightened during slumber (first day),

Awoke several times at night (first and second day),

During the first part of the night there was wakefulness, but this was always followed by sound sleep, which continued till the hour for rising,

Ten had disturbed sleep,

Sleep bad, and disturbed by dreams,

Startings, when first falling into a slumber,


Sleep disturbed by many dreams,

Sleep broken by the most horrid imagery, in the shape of frightful dreams, for more than a year,

Dreams that she wished to talk and could not, on account of her excessively large tongue, which extended out of her mouth and up to her nose; she tried to cry out and could not, thereupon wept and was inconsolable, until at last she woke in anxiety (a kind of nightmare), (first day),

Uneasy dreams,

Dreams disturbing sleep,

Painful dream that a tooth had fallen out,

Anxious dream of fire (first day),

Frightful dreams,


After having lain in bed for three hours, she felt a shudder throughout her whole body, which was followed by nausea and violent vomiting, with convulsions in the arms, lower limbs, and even in the muscles of the back; these convulsions had continued from 1 to 4 A.M.,

Convulsions, etc.

Spasmodic convulsions,

General convulsions, with bending forward of the body and stretching of the limbs, with subdued cries, on account of the pain in the stomach,

Frightful convulsions, with rigidity of the limbs and violent contractions of the muscles of the abdomen; bending backward of the body; distended bloodvessels on the head,

Tetaniform convulsions,

Clonic convulsions, which produced great muscular agitation, particularly of the extremities; the teeth were grit together, hands tightly clenched, legs flexed and extended in rapid alternation,



Profuse perspiration,

Profuse perspiration before midnight, as if soaked with water, with the odor of tobacco,

Profuse perspiration on the head and chest,

General copious perspiration,

While engaged in light occupation, streams of perspiration ran down his face,

The whole skin, except the forehead, cold, covered with trickling perspiration,

Cold perspiration for some days,

Cold perspiration, , etc.

Cold sweat covered the whole body,

Cold sweats all night,

Cold, clammy sweats,

Viscous sweating,

Nightsweat (first day),

Profuse perspiration of the head,

Cold sweat on the forehead,

Cold perspiration on the face,

Cold sweat on the hands (after three hours),

Perspiration apparently diminished,

The cutaneous transpiration, whether from the diminished temperature of the atmosphere, or as an effect of the Tobacco, was very sensibly lessened in quantity,



"The pernicious effects of Tobacco upon children are incontestable. The use of Tobacco causes pallor, chloro-anaemia, palpitation, and troubles of digestion. The anaemia is incurable as long as the habit is continued. Children addicted to Tobacco are of inferior intelligence, and have a taste more or less pronounced for strong drink. Those who drop the habit before the production of any organic lesion recover perfectly,"

Twenty-seven presented marked symptoms of nicotine poisoning,

The habitual use doubtless causes a physical and mental deterioration of the race. One's offspring are more liable to possess a delicate constitution, because this abuse produces undue excitement, and hence exhaustion of nervous force in the patient, and statistics conclusively show that such indulgence predisposes the next generation to various cerebral affections,

Feeling of increased vigor in the muscles, with disinclination for the slightest movement (soon),

Entire system flaccid, pallid,

Walks literally bent double, pressing both hands over the region of the spleen, and groaning at every step,

Blood thin; red corpuscles scattered, non-confluent and crenated,

Eight had decided deterioration of the blood,


An advanced state of marasmus,

Rapid emaciation,

Loses flesh, especially on the back; the cheeks also become wasted (after ten days),

Began to emaciate and grow pallid,

She is emaciated; all her clothes are too loose (twelfth day),

Average weight of body 225.79 pounds (for five days before smoking); 225.86 pounds (for five days while smoking),

Average weight of body 224.77 pounds (for five days before smoking); 223.62 (for five days while smoking),

The hands were doubled into a fist and tightly drawn across the chest; the fingers could not be outstretched nor the arm moved; the muscles of the chest and arms felt hard, with vibrating contractions of different fibres,


Muscles rigid,


At fit of hemiplegia eight years ago,

Twitching of the muscles,

Jerking in the whole body, with pulsation in the head and palpitation (fourth day),


Trembling greatly,

Trembling of all the muscles,

Trembling of the whole body, with the nausea,

Trembling of the head and hands, with great excitement, like intoxication after dinner (first day),

Whole frame shook with strong tremors,

Nervous tremors,

Spasmodic contractions of single muscles,

Constant jactitating movements of the muscles,

Whole body affected with spasmodic contraction,

In a state of continuous muscular tremor, and when he moved across the room to reach his bed, his legs seemed bent or bowed, as if he were permanently deformed, which, however, was not the case. He had evidently lost the full use of the muscles of the lower extremities, and he climbed into bed with considerable difficulty. When he reclined in the bed, a continual movement of the muscles of the arms and legs was kept up, and the facial muscles moved occasionally in an involuntary manner,

Great nervous excitement, accompanied by irregular action of the muscles, more particularly of the eyelids, mouth, and upper extremities, which lasted for about two hours after each occasion of using this substance. These sensations were succeeded by a pleasant feeling of ease and contentment, which lasted about two hours,

General convulsive trembling,

Violent spasms, with great rattling (after two minutes),

Violent involuntary contraction of all the muscles, with appearance of frightful pain constantly placed the hand upon the abdomen and tore at the penis forcibly,

Convulsive movements of the arms, then of the legs, and afterwards of the whole body, which progressively augmented during six or seven minutes, and were succeeded by extreme prostration,

In half an hour violently convulsed, the flexor muscles of the upper and lower extremities being rigidly and spasmodically contracted, so as to contract the limbs forcibly against the body,

The next morning he always had a spasmodic attack, was constantly obliged to stretch the limbs and yawn, with a sensation of rolling through the chest, abdomen, and calves, followed by a feeling of leaden heaviness of the feet,

The general effects upon the system were almost identical with those previously described as resulting from the former use of Tobacco; there was the same nervous excitement, trembling; wakefulness, but in a somewhat less degree,

Slightly convulsed (in one hour),

Disturbance of motility,

Complete rigidity of the muscles,

He felt decidedly uncomfortable at the end of the eighth, and when he had finished the ninth, he as attacked by giddiness and shiverings; these symptoms became worse after the tenth cigar; he refused to leave off smoking, and was then attacked by severe pain in the bowels and vomiting, and died in the night,

General debility, ,

General sick feeling,

Great debility and emaciation,

Weakness, etc.

Weakness and indolence,

Weak, nervous, and timid,

Weakness, paleness, dilated pupils (second day),

Very weak and languid,

General relaxation of the whole body, with rough and warm palms of the hands (soon),

Weakness towards evening, and on moving part, immediate shivering and coldness between the shoulders, with dizziness and stitches in the temples, forehead, and vertex (first day),

Muscular weakness so great that any movement was very difficult,

Weaker in the forenoon than in the afternoon (first day),

General feeling as if he were losing all his strength all over body (after smoking half a cigar indoors),

Lost strength very rapidly,

Inclination to lie down, yet when he goes to bed he cannot close his eyes to sleep,

Aversion to work (first day),

Disinclination for physical effort,

Aversion to moving about,

Reflex and motor functions weak,

Muscles weak and flabby,

Relaxation of the whole body,

Excessive languor,

Feeling of great exhaustion,


Profound prostration,

Excessive prostration all night,

Complete prostration, motionless, and apparently insensible,

Nervous excitability,

Nervous and shaky on smoking,

Smoking makes him nervous if he exceeds his usual amount,

Very nervous for several years, especially after smoking, in the morning,


Great restlessness,

Restlessness and sleeplessness, with the jerking of the muscles,

Restlessness, requiring continual change of place,

Restless and excited condition,

Restlessness drives her from place to place, with constant sighing (tenth day),

In the course of an hour a patient has been seen to sit on every chair in the room, recline in various positions on sofas, armchairs, bed, or floor, sit on the edge of the table, and give, as a reason, that not place or position seemed comfortable, and he was compelled by an irresistible restlessness to this constant change,

Inclined to faint,

Faintness, etc.

Sudden faintings,

Quite collapsed, with cold sweats (in one hour),

Frequent attacks of faintness,

Attacks of syncope and unconsciousness,

Violent syncope,

Profound collapse, with pale face, with cold sweat,

Hyperaesthesia of different nervous branches,

Anaesthesia more or less complete, especially of the left side of the extremities and of the tip of the tongue,

General numbness,

General numbness, commencing first in tips of fingers, toes, and tongue,

Complete loss of sensation, of voluntary motion, and of respiration,

Feeling as though the blood were circulating more rapidly and violently (soon),

Inability to lie on the left side; it caused so much pain and palpitation,

Painful cramp,

Cramps and twitching,

Drawing pains over the whole body,

Violent pressive pain, with uneasiness of the whole body and anxious perspiration,

Dread of motion,

During low barometer, and when the wind blows, the pains return, and they can only sometimes be relieved by hot applications to the stomach, by lying on the back, and by a strict diet (notwithstanding his good appetite), during, two, three, or four days,

Aggravation of all the symptoms from great heat, great cold, and especially from stormy weather,

Aggravation by walking, riding in a carriage, and especially from the jarring of a railway train,

The left side of the body suffers more than the right,

She feels better in the open air,

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