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Tabacum - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Tobacco, Tab Ac, Tabac, Tab.

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HPUS indication of Tabacum: Sea sickness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tabacum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Quiet delirium, murmuring to himself,

After a time the patient changed from a state of stupor into one of wild intoxication, started up in bed with ridiculous, foolish talking, accompanied by convulsive movements and spasms of the facial muscles,

Complete intoxication,

Felt as if intoxicated with spirituous liquor (after one hour),

Extreme agitation,

Intoxication for more than twenty-four hours,

(The Mexican priests incite courage and bravery by means of an ointment of tobacco),

Great joyfulness and talkativeness, as from intoxication (first day),

Frequent laughter without cause,

She sings the whole day (twelfth day),

Joyful and lively, second and third days,

She is very lively and jolly, danced about on one leg for joy, and laughs without reason nearly all day (first day),

He was queer for days after, the principal symptom being weak and irritable pulse,


Very morose and fretful (first day),


Low spirits, want of resolution and general hypochondriasis,

Gloom, hypochondria, apprehensions of sudden death,

Most profound gloom, constant fear of death, yet attempting suicide,

Nervous and hypochondriac,

Psychical alteration and hypochondria in a high degree,

Hypochondria in a high degree,

Extremely hypochondriac mood (first day),


Anxiety and sickness (woman),

Anxiety on being alone at night,

Anxiety with very depressed, melancholy thoughts while walking (third day),

Uneasiness and anxiety in the afternoon, as if some misfortune would occur (tenth day),

Apprehensive and insensible,

Apprehensive towards evening, several days,

Apprehension and anxiety occurred several afternoons, and were relieved by weeping,

Apprehensive, faint-hearted, and despondent, with nausea; she thought she would die, which disappeared after vomiting, after dinner,

Great apprehension with oppression of the chest, and a very despondent, sad mood, as if he apprehended some misfortune, preceded by inclination to vomit; relieved by weeping (first day),

Apprehension, anxiety, and despondency, as if she dreaded death, at 4 P.M., two days in succession,

Terrible apprehensions of immediate death,

Despondent, joyless mood,


His manner is nervous, restless, and uneasy; he looks as though he were frightened, and confesses to a feeling of anxiety without any cause for it,

Evenness and mildness of temper, notwithstanding he felt very uneasy about his health,



He was incapacitated for business of any kind, weak, irresolute, and despondent,

Completely indifferent, would not answer, immovable,


Indolent (first day),

Disinclined to work (second day),

Dread of work, etc.

Psychical uneasiness,

Exalted action of the brain; copious flow of ideas; during this sort of intellectual paroxysm, which often continues all night long, leaving me in the morning worn-out and sick, I would conceive and elaborate about twenty undertakings, of which probably not one would ever come to light,

Mind dull,

She feels dull, cannot rightly collect her thoughts (fourth day),

Difficulty in concentrating his mind for any length of time on one subject,

Confusion of ideas,

Understanding transiently confused,

The primary effects of tobacco on my constitution exactly corresponded with the secondary effects of coffee, viz., turpitude of the cerebral functions; confusion of ideas, and lack of words to express them,

She is unable to grasp an idea, something else constantly occurs to her and crowds out the former thought, with heaviness and dulness of the head, all of which disappears after vomiting, after dinner,

Twenty-three manifested serious derangements of the intellectual faculties,

Loss of intellectual power,

Memory has failed of late,

Stupefaction, , etc.

Profound stupor,

He no longer recognized his surroundings; when spoken to he understood, but the answers he endeavored to make were only unintelligible sounds,

Lost consciousness for a moment; he screamed out that smokers must go out of the room, though no one was smoking, that the fumes took away his breath, etc.; immediately afterwards he became quiet, but talked incessantly and irrationally, with open, staring eyes, spoke of events in his past life, then returned to consciousness,

Completely dumb and insensible,

Complete loss of consciousness, , etc.

Unconscious as if in a faint,

Became senseless and unconscious, without apparent respiration,

Fell unconscious to the ground,

She fell to the ground unconscious, with stoppage of the respiration and scarcely perceptible pulse,

Complete insensibility to pinching and sticking,

Complete unconsciousness with appearance of quiet sleep,

The child lay in a soporous condition with the eyes half closed, with a staring look, dilated pupils, with violent trembling of the limbs, rapid respiration, violent beating of the heart and carotids, extreme thirst, profuse sweat, and cold extremities (after twenty-four hours),


The person seemed in a comatose condition for some moments, then he was roused by the pain, but uttered no complaint, but made violent automatic movements, rose, walked a few steps as if intoxicated, and threw himself upon the bed and tossed about,

Profound narcotism, stupor,

Fell into a comatose state and died,

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