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Tabacum - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Tobacco, Tab Ac, Tabac, Tab.

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HPUS indication of Tabacum: Sea sickness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tabacum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.

Corners of the mouth sore (after second and fourth days),

Frothing from the mouth,

The breath and the cutaneous secretion oppressively charged with the odor of tobacco,

Four had ulceration of the mucous membrane of the mouth,

Dry mouth,

Burning in the mouth and throat, soon, ,

Burning scraping warmth in the throat and oesophagus, extending to the stomach,

Constant profuse ptyalism,

Spits much,

Mouth insipid, in the morning (second day),


Speech difficult,

While reading he cannot articulate; he reads very indistinctly, quite contrary to habit (first day),

Speech faltering, and mind uncertain,

Speech difficult and unintelligible,

Power of speech wanting,

Almost speechless; her voice was hoarse and she could only murmur some inarticulate sounds,


Lips drawn back, showing the teeth, which were covered with dark sordes (third day),

Dryness of the tongue and lips,

Gums and teeth

Chattering of the teeth from cold, in the evening (fifth day),

Caries of all the teeth,

Teeth good, but dirty and stained,

Toothache, continuing until nearly all the teeth were lost,

Violent drawing-tearing toothache in the upper teeth, extending towards the forehead (eighth day),

Drawing pain in the upper teeth, disappearing on pressing on the cheeks (third day),

Sharp tearing in the teeth of the right lower jaw (after half an hour),

Toothache becomes intolerable,

Sudden violent toothache, with heat of the face and dizziness,

When biting upon hollow teeth a sticking in them (third day),

Violent, persistent, throbbing toothache, in several hollow teeth,


Gums pale and parched,

Drawing in the gum (fourth day),


Yellowish mucus from the mouth,

The mouth is full of white tenacious mucus which must be frequently expectorated,

Dryness of the whole mouth, with violent thirst,

Great dryness of the mouth,

Great hyperaemia of the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx; pharynx covered with granulations, with dryness, and a varnished appearance,



Increased secretion of saliva,

Accumulation of saliva in the mouth,

Constant running of thin watery saliva from the mouth,



Tongue tremulous, red and dry,

Constant trembling of the tongue and extremities,

Tongue pale, trembling constantly,

Tongue entirely covered with a thick brown-yellow coat, very adherent and smooth, notwithstanding the prominence of the papillae,

Yellowish tongue, not coated,

Tongue thickly furred,

Tongue coated,

Tongue dry and dark red in color,

Tongue dry and white,

His tongue, without being furred, is whitish, and trembles,

Tongue red and dry,

Tongue dry, parched, and covered with a blackish-brown crust (third day),

Fine stitches in the tongue, soon,

Tongue feels swollen, so that in speaking his words run into each other (after smoking half a cigar, indoors),

Swollen glands under the tongue, painful to external touch (eighth day),


Alienation of taste of tongue, with sensation as if the back of the tongue were filled with the settlings of his pipe; day and night this taste persecuted him; mixed itself up with his food and drink,


Taste bad,

Bad taste in the mouth, as of burnt milk,

Bad insipid taste, in the morning, as from disordered stomach (second day),

Flat slimy taste, in the morning (third day),

Everything tastes sour (third day),

Sour taste in the mouth (third and sixth days),

Water tastes as if mixed with wine (third day),

A very bitter taste in the mouth (tenth day),

Bitter taste in the mouth, in the morning after waking (fifth day),

In December, 1856, after having, perhaps, for some time, smoked more than usual, I perceived in my mouth a disagreeable taste, like that of rancid oil, which lasted for eight days, ceasing only during a meal, and returning an hour after, in spite of all efforts to remove or disguise it. At the end of a few weeks, a yellowish spot appeared on the edge of the tongue. This spot, which at first was the size of a half-dime, looked exactly as if a piece of dried Usnea Barbata lichen had been planted there. It seemed as though I could detect, by sucking at it, that here was the immediate cause of the bad taste in my mouth. It grew a little larger by slow degrees. Soon another similar spot appeared on the arches of the palate,

The patient could speak only in a low tone and in a broken manner, and complained of exhaustion, confusion of the head, and a mouldy taste of tobacco,

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