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Tabacum - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

Tobacco, Tab Ac, Tabac, Tab.

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HPUS indication of Tabacum: Sea sickness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tabacum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Hawking of mucus (first day),

Much tenacious mucus in the throat (ninth day),

Tenacious mucus in the throat, which cannot he raised,


Nocturnal attacks of tightness of the throat, with palpitation and neuralgic pains in the neck,

Sore feeling in the right side of the pharynx when not swallowing,

Irritation to cough and scratching in the throat (second day),

Frequent irritation in the throat and larynx, exciting violent fits of dry cough, chiefly at night,

Scraping in the throat,

Scraping and pressure in the throat and larynx,

Scraping in the throat the whole afternoon (second day),

The throat is so scraping and dry that she can scarcely swallow (second day),

Rawness and scraping in the throat (soon),

Dryness of the throat,

Throat parched,

Throat dry and irritable,

Pressure in the throat as if something were sticking in it (second day),

Tickling and raw feeling in the throat,

Tickling in the throat, rising up and provoking frequent cough (after half an hour),

A crawling sensation in the throat, which is painful on swallowing,

Transient stinging sensation of heat in the pharynx, soon,

Uvula and Tonsils.

Uvula oedematous,

Catarrhal inflammation of the tonsils,

Tonsils enlarged,


Diffused redness and dryness of the fauces and roof of the mouth,

Redness of fauces,

Pharynx and Oesophagus.

Pain in the pharynx on swallowing,

Rawness and scraping in the pharynx,

Biting and scraping in the pharynx (immediately),

Scraping and burning in the pharynx,

Burning in the pharynx,

Heat in the pharynx after swallowing,

Periodic sensation of a plug in the oesophagus, with constant dull pressure,

Pressive pain in the lower part of the oesophagus on swallowing food (after three hours),


Swallowing very painful, owing to spasms of the throat,

At times great difficulty in swallowing (after three days),

Swallowing was very difficult, even a small quantity was swallowed with the greatest effort,

Deglutition difficult (impossible, except when the article to be swallowed was placed low in the throat),

Unable to swallow,

External Throat.

Tensive pain in the submaxillary glands, with a feeling as if swollen, and as though the lower jaw had lost its mobility, soon,

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