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Tarentula Hispanica - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spanish Spider, Tarantula, Tarentula Hispana, Tarentula, hispanica, Tarentula hispanica, Tarentula hispania, Tarent hisp, Tarent.

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HPUS indication of Tarentula Hispanica: Restlessness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tarentula Hispanica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Swelling of the joints, relieved with Tarantula, followed by a pain on the right side, with anxiety; sometimes increasing so much as to stop breathing,

Weakness of all the limbs, staggering when walking, general numbness and dulness,

The necessity of moving the legs is extended to the hands, with desire of taking something and throwing it away, followed by general fatigue,

The necessity of moving the legs extends to the hands, with an uncontrollable desire to take something and roll it between the fingers, followed by general fatigue,

Pain in all the limbs of a rheumatic character,

Lancinating pains in the arms and legs,

Great pain in the knuckles and toes, and on account of the intensity of the pain, could scarcely bear the lightest weight of linen,


Upper extremities

Heaviness in the superior extremities one hour after taking the medicine,

Pain in the right arm,

Pain in the left arm,

In the forenoon, pain in the left arm and hand, as if strongly squeezed,

Slight pains in the middle and external parts of the arms and forearms, on the inferior surface of the wrists, and superior part of fingers,


Pain in the shoulder-joint, as if its ligaments were relaxed, with slight tickling in the stomach,


Painful and burning sensation in the upper part of the arms, their internal aspect; in the middle of the forearms; in the left knee and calf, with anxiety, restlessness, and crossness,


At noon, shooting in the flexure of the left arm,

Pain from the flexure of the arm to the hand, at noon,

Pain in the anterior and inferior parts of the left arm, increased by carrying the hand to the left shoulder,


Pain and swelling of the wrists,

At night, pain in the left wrist when pressed, or when making use of it; continued several days,

Towards noon, shooting in the right wrist; renewed in the evening,


Restlessness of the hands; movements as if knitting, followed by a marked general shaking, particularly of the inferior extremities (Arsenicum Album Arsen. 8000th checked these symptoms),

Necessity of moving the hands and fingers, together with general malaise (relieved by Cocculus Indicus Cocculus),

Painful sensation on the palmar and dorsal surfaces of both hands, with pain in the head, burning in the abdomen, sadness, and indifference,

In the night, lancinating pain in the external border of the right hand,

Shooting, lancinating pains in border of left hand,


Unbearable pains in the thumbs, particularly the right, relieved by pressure,

In the evening, pain in the left thumb,

Pain in the right little finger when using it,

Pain in the right little finger, extending to the forearm,


Lower extremities

Paralysis of lower limbs; violent pain in the back, that the least movement makes unbearable,

Complete paralysis of the lower limbs; inability to move them on account of the pain. Hard and frequent pulse,

Great restlessness and agitation, particularly of the inferior extremities, with desire to cry and restlessness,

Weakness of the lower limbs, dulness of mind, general prostration, obscuration of sight, and immobility,

Since sunset, great fatigue and pain in the lower extremities, particularly in the left thigh and hip, as after a very long walk, or like the rheumatic pains felt before a change of weather,

Numbness of the inferior extremities, followed by paralysis,

Numbness of the lower extremities, changing to a conclusive retraction of the muscles,


Pain in the hips and kidneys during the night,

Pain in the hips and coccyx in the evening, disappearing when sitting,

Bruised pain in the right hip when rising up, when standing, and walking, disappearing when sitting; followed by an uncontrollable desire to jump,


Severe pain in the buttocks, lasting from 6 A.M. till night; increased by ascending or descending stairs, or making any oblique movements with the trunk. This pain was accompanied with toothache,

Pain in the thighs when walking, as if strapped,

Pain in the right thigh and hip,

Shooting pain in the left thigh,


Trembling of the knees when standing or walking; the joints felt stiff and sore,

Pains, with slight swelling of one or both knees, which are so sensitive as to make any pressure unbearable,

Pain in both knees,

When beginning to walk in the morning, pain in the left knee, for several hours, even when at rest,

Convulsive shaking or twitching of the right leg,


Weakness of the right leg, not allowing the foot, when walking, to be placed squarely on the ground,

Weakness in the legs, with throbbing, hammering pains in the knee and left thigh, extending to the hip-joint,

Uneasiness in the legs, with necessity of constantly moving them,

Great heaviness of the legs; difficulty walking; inability to kneel down; and necessitating sitting on account of the cough, the oppression, and the perspiration,

Great heaviness of the legs, and difficulty of moving them; they do not obey the will; has to lie down,

The leg and lower joints gradually became numb and insensible to pinching. In the bitten spot there was a tumor of the size of a lentil, reddish and almost livid,

Bruised pain, particularly from the knees downward, with uneasiness, and desire to move often; the pain remains the same when standing, sitting, or lying down,

Great fatigue and weakness of the legs when walking,

Slight pains in the middle and anterior parts of the legs,

Shooting in the right tendo Achillis,

Shooting pain either in one or both calves,

In the morning, crampy pains in the legs, particularly in the abductor muscles,


Pain in the right internal malleolus, in the afternoon,

Shooting in the articulation of the right foot, when walking, and when placing the foot on the floor, in the afternoon and evening,


Pain in the foot, as if an abscess were forming,

Severe pain in the right foot, when waking up in the morning,

Painful cramp in the sole of the right foot,


Toe which had been bitten very much inflamed,

Unbearable pains in the toes, with an enormous swelling,

Crampy and tearing pains in the toes, more intense and constant in the great toes,

In the night crampy pain in the right great toe, in the metatarsal articulation; this pain is worse on motion; afterwards crampy pain in the right thigh and calf; the pains appeared and disappeared rapidly,

Shooting in the right great toe,

Shooting in the right little toe,


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