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Tarentula Hispanica - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spanish Spider, Tarantula, Tarentula Hispana, Tarentula, hispanica, Tarentula hispanica, Tarentula hispania, Tarent hisp, Tarent.

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HPUS indication of Tarentula Hispanica: Restlessness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tarentula Hispanica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Paroxysm of insanity. she presses her head and pulls her hair.

rests about six minutes, and then she begins again, with restlessness, complaining, and threatening.

strikes her head with her hands, scratches herself, does not answer when questioned.

threatening manners and speech.

restlessness of the legs.

strikes her body, continues threatening.

deep anguish, her clothes annoy her.

she believes she is insulted.

general trembling. pain in abdomen, relieved by pressure with her hands.

she seems to listen, and answers with words and gesticulations.

a mocking laughter, and joy expressed in her countenance. She comes out of this attack with a severe headache, eyes staring and wide open.

she sees small figures hovering before her eyes, and moves her hands,.

From the first there was an indescribable melancholy, anguish, and restlessness.

peevishness, the attendants could do nothing to suit me.

great haste in whatever I under took, from a constant fear that something would happen to prevent my finishing it.

I would start up suddenly, and hastily change my position, through fear that something would fall on me.

when walking I would stop short or suddenly throw my head to one side, through fear of striking it against some imaginary object which appeared to be suspended a few inches above my head. Great fear of an imaginary impending calamity. Great desire to be alone, with fear of being alone, even during daylight. Frightful visions as soon as the eyes were closed, with inability to sleep,.

Complete loss of memory.

she does not understand the questions addressed to her.

she does not know the persons whom she sees every day.

cannot say her prayers. Afterwards she is cheerful, followed by deep sorrow.

feels like crying, sobbing, palpitation of the heart, oppression at the chest, headache, burning heat, and general perspiration,.

About 1 P.M., shooting, lancinating pains under the right eyebrow and right temple, with sensation as if cold water was poured on. These symptoms flew around from temples to eyes, or to sides of head, or from there to forehead or root of the nose, and vice versâ.

sometimes when the pain affected the forehead or sides of the head, it was not of a lancinating or shooting character, but there was a sensation of great internal noise,.

Forty-eight hours after inoculation there was intense burning of the scalp, speedily followed by a vesicular eruption, resembling Crusta lactea.

five ulcers formed on different parts of the scalp, which discharged a thin greenish ichorous pus, very offensive.

vesicles appeared on different parts of the body, soon becoming pustular and turning to ulcers.

the eruption on the scalp and body remained about three weeks before its final disappearance,.

Slight inflammation of the ball of the right thumb, which is hard and shiny, with lancinating pains. The inflammation lasted eight days, extending to the hand, with shooting and smarting pain all the time, and passed to suppuration. During these eight days there were observed as concomitant symptoms, a right-sided headache.

itching and smarting of the eyelids.

swelling of the right axillary glands, chills, etc. The suppuration lasted about fifteen days, and the ulceration healed,.

He felt a prick, similar to that of an ant or fly, and at the same time experienced pain in the joint of the left ring finger. The next day the affected part became red and surrounded by a livid areola of a golden color.

on the third day the golden areola was swollen, with continuance of the pain.

on the fourth day the swelling disappeared, the bitten part remained suffused with a red and livid color, but in the meantime the pain was hardly felt no new symptoms appeared for fifteen days. A black scab, which covered the spot, was removed, formed again and again, until on the fifteenth day the former yellow circle appeared,.

The finger became somewhat inflamed, with intolerable burning and itching in the vicinity of the scratch (after twenty-four hours).

the symptoms continued to increase from this time, and on the third day they became fully developed.

slight enlargement of the axillary glands, which were sensitive to touch.

submaxillary and cervical glands much swollen and very sensitive, the least pressure causing intense pain.

the neck was swollen anteriorly in a line from the chin to the sternum, and posteriorly in a line from the occipital protuberance to the scapulae, dark red, nearly purple. I can convey no better ideas of the rapidity with which the swelling progressed than by mentioning that on the morning of the third day after inoculation, I had on a fourteen and a half inch collar, my usual size.

at 10 A.M. I replaced it with one an inch larger.

at 12 M. I again changed for one still an inch larger, which I was obliged to remove at 3 P.M., as the neck was so swollen that I was in danger of choking.

the swelling continued to increase until evening, when it was much relieved by a profuse haemorrhage from the nose,.

Dry cough, in the morning (in a woman of twenty-six years).

in the evening it is more frequent and spasmodic.

hoarseness, roughness in the larynx and trachea, and pain in the front part of the chest.

frequent pulse, increased heat.

dizziness, pain in the whole head, and smarting in the eyes.

thirst, but water disagrees.

want of appetite. heat in the abdomen.

shaking chills in the back.

convulsive spasms in the posterior part of the trunk, thighs, and legs.

general lassitude, indifference, and poor memory. These symptoms, which lasted for several days, increased from 5 P.M. till 5 A.M., with sleeplessness and malaise, in bed. This woman experienced, at the same time, violent and constant sexual appetite,.

Gastric symptoms, with slight pains in the roots of the teeth, particularly when touching each other. (Many symptoms of the digestive symptom are peculiar, on account of the sympathetic pains which accompany them, or arise on the sides of the head, face, ears, teeth, and malar bones; these pains are of a neuralgic or congestive character),.

Chills and shivering during several hours.

gnawing stinging pains in the kidneys.

lancinating pains in the limbs.

headache, with buzzing in the ears.

at 7 P.M., severe chill, compelling to lie down, to get warm, getting warm with difficulty at the end of two hours.

fever during all night, and the next day feels chilly.

easy vomiting of bile, in the morning. This fever also appeared at the end of the proving,.

Constant chill and coldness during four days, except in the nights, when she sleeps.

feels broken down, as if bruised all over, particularly when moving.

the first two days, pains in the legs and head.

the second, bilious vomiting, in the morning.

the fourth day, at the same hour and lying down, slight sweat. This fever was complicated besides with coryza and cough, and repeated at the end of the proving.

after this fever, the woman felt heavy and dejected for eight days, during which time she had the eyes inflamed and the eyelids agglutinated, in the morning,.

When waking up, severe chill and general shaking, chattering of the teeth, bruised feeling all over, particularly in left side of chest, followed by a burning heat and sour perspiration afterwards.

then sleeps and dreams he was at a river border looking at the flowing water, but when looking up to the sky he became sad.

seminal emissions,.

Shivering, horripilation and general shaking, icy coldness, yawning, violent thirst, with need of stretching.

compressive headache. symptoms like the first stage of intermittent, lasting one hour, followed by pain in the heart, as if it would jump out of its place.

pain in the left arm, followed by muscular weakness, heat, and cough.

fever, with a scorching heat, intense thirst, pain in the left arm, dryness of the mouth, oppression, panting, and dyspnoea,.

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