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Tarentula Hispanica - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spanish Spider, Tarantula, Tarentula Hispana, Tarentula, hispanica, Tarentula hispanica, Tarentula hispania, Tarent hisp, Tarent.

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HPUS indication of Tarentula Hispanica: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tarentula Hispanica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Weakness in the region of the kidneys, preventing standing; hollowness of head; prostration; forgetfulness,

Indescribable derangement in the kidneys, bladder, and genital parts, ceasing after the passage of a brown fetid urine mixed with small calculus,

Pain in the kidneys, caused by vesical calculus, with desire to urinate, which cannot be satisfied,

Pain in the kidneys

the bladder seems swollen and hard; difficult urination; emission by drops, with burning,

renal colic, ceasing after urinating,

Dull pain in the kidneys; the legs give way suddenly, and feel as if detached from the body,

Pain in the kidneys, with a debilitating sensation; pain in the legs, necessitating sitting down,

Pain in the region of the kidneys,

Pain in the kidneys all the day,

Pain in the kidneys and hips, in the evening,

Pain in the kidneys, with a very disagreeable sensation, during the forenoon,

The kidneys are painful, even to touch, with sensation of soreness, debility, prostration, and dulness,

Intermittent pain in the left kidney, in the morning,

Shooting in the right kidney,

Shooting pain in the kidneys late at night,

Shooting in the right kidney, in the night while in bed,

Shooting and gnawing pains in the kidneys (sixteenth day), renewed every twenty-four hours for fifty-six days; these pains lasted sometimes one or two hours, but generally a quarter or half an hour; particularly in the afternoon and night,

Sticking pain in the kidneys; general debility without any apparent cause (the appetite and digestion normal); the strength gives way suddenly,

Trouble in the kidneys without any appreciable cause,



Swelling of the bladder, reacting on the uterus, as if this organ was violently displaced; general debility, particularly of the legs, when walking; yellow complexion,

Inflammation of the bladder, violent fever, excruciating pains, together with gastric derangement,

The bladder seems to acquire an enormous development; difficult passage of a dark-red urine, with a gravel-like sediment,

Feels the bladder as if squeezed; spasmodic action of this organ, debilitating the patient, and pains in the thigh, relieved by rubbing,

Pains in the bladder and impossibility to pass the urine; haematuria,

Pain in the bladder, extending to the uterus, and causing derangement in that organ,

Severe pains in the bladder, with distension; cannot walk, but does not suffer much,


Burning in the urethra, during and after micturition; indifference, alternating with happy mood,

Tearing pain in the urethra after urinating, but when the pain ceases, the desire to urinate returns,

Micturition and Urine.

Profuse micturition,

Profuse micturition, sweating, weakness of the legs, and emaciation,

Profuse micturition, fatigue of the body, and weakness,

Involuntary emission of urine when coughing, laughing, and making any effort whatever; constipation,

Incontinence of urine when coughing, and during any movement requiring some effort, with bowels regular, for eight days,

Urine scanty, high-colored, and passed with such difficulty that on several occasions it seemed that I must resort to a catheter; the urine, after standing, showed a dense precipitate,


Painfulness of the genitals; testicles relaxed and painful to touch; pain in the groins and stricture of the urethra,

Swelling of the penis, with pain in the groins, fatigue, weakness of the legs, and stricture of the urethra,


After taking the medicine for eight days, an indolent tumor, the size of a filbert, was developed in each testicle,

Heaviness and pain in the testicles; considerable swelling of the right one; is obliged to stay in bed; sexual excitement; seminal emissions,

After having felt, when taking the medicine, a slight pain and swelling of the spermatic cord and right testicle, the latter became as large as a lemon, with adhesion to the scrotum in some parts; uneasiness and restlessness, with aggravation in the night and when moving,

About the second day, increased pain in the spermatic cord, with heaviness of the left testicle, and great sleeplessness without cause (better by riding in a carriage),

During the emission of semen, a sensation of heat is felt in its passage, and it is of a rose color, due to some blood mixed with it,


Burning pain in the hypogastrium and uterus, with sensation of great weight, interfering with walking, as in prolapsus, and causing pruritus at the vulva. (These pains were relieved by the olfaction of Moschus; the hysteralgia, with colic and borborygmus, by Magn. carb.; the crampy and expulsive pains from the sacrum to the uterus, as in abortion, by Cuprum Metallicum Cuprum; the incontinence of urine, brought on by the least movement, laughing, coughing, etc., and even without these circumstances, by Chelidonium Majus Chelidonium),.



Erections, with sexual appetite,

Erection when awake, without erotism, only ceasing when violently exercising the whole body,

Erection without erotism,

Erections, disappearing easily when moving or fixing the attention on any other object,

Incomplete erection, with dizziness and formication,

Drawing-pulling sensation in the left spermatic cord, with borborygmus and constant expulsion of gas, for six minutes,

Increased sexual appetite, though moderate,

Sexual excitement, and continued seminal emissions on account of onanism, followed by imbecility, stupid laughter, and progressive wasting away,

Excitement of the sexual appetite,

Constant sexual excitement, which nothing can control; sufferings of the prostate, debilitating sweats, unconquerable sadness, and stupidity; erotism,

Constant sexual excitement in a virtuous man, followed by hypochondriasis and unhappy mood,

Lasciviousness in a man thirty-five years old, reaching almost to insanity,

Lasciviousness in a man forty years old; constant sexual excitement at the sight of obscene objects; onanism, followed by prostatic sufferings,

Difficult coition, with little pleasure,

Difficult coition, followed by fatigue and cough,

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