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Tarentula Hispanica - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spanish Spider, Tarantula, Tarentula Hispana, Tarentula, hispanica, Tarentula hispanica, Tarentula hispania, Tarent hisp, Tarent.

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HPUS indication of Tarentula Hispanica: Restlessness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tarentula Hispanica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Insanity on account of an unfortunate love,

Great agitation,

Great excitement caused by music; one hour after it, general and copious perspiration,

Dementia, with individuals inclined to sadness, and of a gloomy disposition,


Severe attack of hysteria, lasting half an hour; increased by moaning; relieved by sighing,

Hysteria, with bitter belching. Repeated yawning, which lasted from a quarter to half an hour,

Beginning of insanity; they sing, dance, and cry, without fever,

Ludicrous and lascivious hysteria in a woman of twenty-nine years; the patient had to be restrained by force,

Visions of monsters or animals, that frightened him,

Vision of different things not present, as faces, insects, ghosts, etc. The colors, red, yellow, and green, and particularly black, produce heavy mist before the eyes. Hallucinations, sees strangers in the room,

Nervous crisis, more intense with women and girls,

Feigned paroxysms; a girl simulating fainting and insensibility, looks sideways to watch the effect produced on those around her,

Hysteria, with crossness,

Great taciturnity and irritability; desire to strike himself and others,

Excessive gayety (in a young girl, fifteen years old, nervo-lymphatic temperament, who commenced to menstruate). Laughing at the slightest cause,

Fourteen days after taking the medicine, the happy mood reached the borders of mania; the disposition to joke and laugh was extreme,

Joy and strong emotion, with trembling, when seeing beloved friends or persons,

The fourth day of taking the medicine, the moral troubles were relieved; gayety and disposition to laugh,

Very good disposition the whole day,

Happy mood and gayety in the street, disappearing on coming indoors and replaced by a deep sadness,

Better disposition and mood soon after taking the medicine; little inclination to be angry,

Desire to joke, to play, and to laugh; extreme gayety,

Lively and satisfied; disposition to joke,

Singing until becoming hoarse and exhausted,

The musical air called "Tarantella," charms and pleases the person; he keeps time with his head, trunk, and limbs,

Music cheers up, amuses, and relieves; the prover perspires, and experiences a general bruised feeling which disappeared with one dose of Zincum Metallicum Zincum 200th,

The patient laughs, dances, runs, and gesticulates, without noticing he is an object of astonishment,

Fits of nervous laughing,

Laughter, followed by crying, with trembling of the limbs,

Laughter that nothing can stop, followed by screams,

Stupid laughing, followed by hiccough and spasms,

Lamentation, with oppressive pain in the heart, as if a misfortune had befallen her. The inferior extremities are cold, with cramps,

Weeping, with oppression and pain in the heart, as from a misfortune; cold and cramps in the lower extremities,

Crying and yawning, with a feeling of weakness at the pit of the stomach,

Crying spells without cause,

Crying and moaning by the least contradiction; consoling words aggravate,

Crying and moaning during the night, and getting up from bed, with severe headache, and oppression in the cardiac region,

Excessive grief, accompanied in the afternoon by thoughts of death,

Grief without any cause,

Deep grief and affliction, with general trouble, nausea, and dizziness, compelling to lie down,

Profound grief and anxiety; general trouble, uneasiness, and nausea, with dizziness, compelling to lie down,

Sadness, dejection, and discouragement; ceasing during the evening, when eating,

Sad, cross, and need of lying down,

Sadness, lamentation, as if a misfortune had befallen him; with necessity of changing position and moving,

Sadness, silent, with heaviness on the head, and sleepiness; yawning with muscular debility and dulness; bad taste in the mouth and coated tongue,

(The indifference, the disgust for everything, and sadness produced by this medicine were present, particularly from morning until 3 P.M., with a marked aggravation after the middle of the day. From 3 P.M., until evening, the gay disposition returned again),

(Sadness, grief, melancholy, and moral depression, are not only almost constant symptoms of the sting of Tarantula, but they have been also present, in a striking manner, during the different provings of this medicine),

Not satisfied, desire of crying, in the afternoon, as if there was a very deep grief,

Profound melancholy; sadness, with tears. (Relieved by Pulsatilla Pulsat. 1000th). Then follows a ravenous appetite, longing for articles which were not relished before,

Worried and greatly vexed, with much weeping, as if one could not realize something earnestly desired,

Desire of lying down without any light, and without being spoken to,

The patient presently becomes gloomy and morose, then falls into a state of moping, which can scarcely be dispelled,

Fear of getting "typhus fever,"

Impatience, restlessness, and cross; strong desire to go to business,

Cross, tendency to get angry and to speak abruptly; is obliged to move the limbs, with tearing and pressing pains in the stomach, and in the left side of the chest; great thirst, with necessity of introducing his fingers into the mouth,

Irritable and cross at the least contraction,

Great irritability, rage, fury, loss of reason, desire to strike himself and those who prevent it. Skin smarts after scratching. (Relieved by Rhus Tox Rhus tox.),

Cross, with a good appetite,

Change of temper, in a good-natured man, to the point of becoming intolerable; under the influence of sexual excitement he showed a better disposition and mood,

Ennui, crossness, easily made angry, contrary to his habit and disposition,

Changeable mood, passing suddenly from sadness to gayety; from fixed ideas to uneasiness of mind,

Alternated sorrow and gayety, with return of strength. The good effect of music continues, followed by a copious perspiration,

Indifference. In the evening indifference about what is going on around; no attention paid to conversation, even if it be most interesting; cannot think about what has been said,

Indolence and muscular weakness; yawning and stretching; dark, sad thoughts, increasing until afternoon, when, after an agreeable emotion, they changed into an excessive joy, which lasted all the evening,


Dulness; the patient does not wish to answer the questions asked,

Ennui, alternating with mirth,

Weakness of memory; indolence for intellectual labor,

Little intelligence and poor memory,

Absence of mind, yawning and moaning, followed by cough,

Afterwards he remembered hardly anything that had happened to him,

Loss of memory, accompanied with good nature; changeable mind, tears, singing, and irresoluteness. (In a woman, twenty-six years old, who complained of violent sexual appetite),

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