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Tarentula Hispanica - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spanish Spider, Tarantula, Tarentula Hispana, Tarentula, hispanica, Tarentula hispanica, Tarentula hispania, Tarent hisp, Tarent.

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HPUS indication of Tarentula Hispanica: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tarentula Hispanica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Eruptions, Dry.

Ecchymosed spots on the skin, limbs, and on fleshy parts, varying in size from two to five inches in circumference, with uterine discharge of a pale blood; gastric complaint and debility,

Hepatic spots on the body; after using the medicine they disappeared, but the above uterine symptoms reappeared,

Hepatic spots on the body, here and there; when cured with medicine the uterine symptoms reappear,

Spots and aphthous abrasions in different parts of the body. Hepatic spots; spots on the skin, oozing a pale and impoverished blood,

Reddish spots on the neck and sometimes on the cheeks; delicate, weak constitution on account of frequent uterine discharges, and symptoms of hysteria,

It produces at first a little inflammation, like that from the sting of a bee,

Ringworms (herpes) on the forehead, and also on the face, with stinging, like pins, under the chin,

Furfuraceous herpes on the forehead and the face, with bluish or dark circles around the eyes, and spells of general debility,

A very confluent eruption of pimples on the whole body, except on the hands and feet; with a marked increase of heat, itching and burning when scratching in the evening. (This eruption lasted twenty-seven days),

Eruption of small pimples over the whole body, mainly on the head and temples, together with pricking and itching, ending with a slight suppuration,

An eruption of small pimples on the forehead, similar to miliaria (after three hours), extending on to the face and superior part of neck under the inferior maxilla. As a forerunner of this eruption, general debility, frontal headache, vertigo, and burning itching of the whole face. The eruption disappeared on the third day, but the burning itching on face and the impaired vision persisted two more days, with sneezing and coryza,

Confluent eruption of pimples on the face, neck, and other places, except the hands and feet; with marked increase of heat, pricking, and itching when scratching, and aggravation towards evening for two days,

Eruption like miliaria on the face; general scorching heat during three days, accompanied by a happy mood, and loss of memory,

An abundant eruption of pimples on the whole face, more on the right than on the left side (after sixty hours). (Lasted thirty days),

Miliary eruption on the face, with impaired vision, heat, and general perspiration, poor memory, and happy mood. (Lasted three days),

An eruption of pimples on the cheeks and near the commissure of the lips; itching and burning, increased by scratching,

Indolent pimples upon the dorsal surface of the left hand, the size of a pea; disappearing without inconvenience,

Eruptions, Pustular.

A pustule in the left forearm, at the lower third and external aspect, the size of a twenty-five cent Argentum Metallicum silver piece, with a black point at the apex; painful, with increased heat; it suppurated on the sixth day, and left a scar four days after,

A pustule, large as a pea, conical in shape, with broad base, on the middle finger; it suppurated on the seventh day, discharging some blackish blood,

Small tumor, or callosity, the size of a ten-cent piece, whitish and indolent, on the palmar surface of the right hand, between the middle and index fingers, near their metacarpal articulation. The next day the callosity increased in size, with heat and severe pain, causing the patient to wake up several times in the night. The callous tumor continued to extend to the base of both fingers on their internal side, till the third day, when it broke, leaving an ulcer with callous borders, of a good character, and covered with whitish pus. The ulceration lasted twenty days, and left a slight scar. During all this time there was poor memory and happy mood,

A small and painful callous tumor at the end of the right thumb, that fell off on the seventh day,

A small, hard, and shining callosity, or wartlike tumor on the left index finger, with increased heat and shooting pain in it; worse by pressure; dry cough; sexual excitement, and poor memory. After two days the tumor fell out, but the cough remained for eight days longer,

Each year there was the most intense pain in the toes from the reopened wound; they were inflamed and during the course of the inflammation a thin and very acrid ichor exuded from the nails, deeply corroding the neighboring part,

An indolent boil between the scapulae, which disappeared without any inconvenience on the second day,

An indolent boil, the size of a large pea, in the superior part of the left breast, lasted two days, and disappeared without giving any trouble,

Painful conical boils on the posterior and upper part of the right thigh, interfering with a free movement of the limb,


General formication on the whole body, with yawning colic, and sexual excitement,

Formication and slight burning over the whole surface of the body,

Burning and scarlet color of the whole body, with sweat on the head and face during coughing,

Pricking and burning sensation in the whole body, towards midnight; the skin becomes of a scarlet color during half an hour, followed by a bitter taste in the mouth, and bloating of the abdomen, which is painful to touch,

Pricking in different parts of the body, repeated for two nights,

Pricking in the whole body during the night, as if caused by a great number of fleas,

Pricking along the sagittal suture, with a yellow, crusty eruption,

Great pricking and itching over the whole body, particularly in the head, face, eyelids, and temples,

Slight pricking and itching in the anterior part of the trunk, in the arms, and in the legs,

Great itching; pruritus on the whole body, particularly on the head, face, eyelids, and temples,

General itching, like the itch,

Itching sensation over the whole body, with burning pain in the sacral region and left half of the scrotum,

Cold produces itching in the feet,

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