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Tellurium - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

The Metal Tellurium, Tellur, Tellurium Metallicum, Tell.

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HPUS indication of Tellurium: Ringworm

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tellurium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



In the forenoon, when sitting, a burning in the right side of the hepatic region, and later, a heavy painful pressure,

She was attacked in the right side of the abdomen, but worst of all, low in the back, which continued several days, with gnawing, rubbing pains in the abdomen,

Pain in the left flank within the crest of the ilium,

Fulness in the region of the upper part of the abdomen and of the liver,

After supper, very full in the abdomen, but not bloated,

General sensation of warmth in the abdomen, as after spirituous drinks,

Sensation of numbness in the abdominal walls, as if it were in the flesh, began below the umbilicus on each side of the same, and extended around and upward to the ribs, while he lay on the sofa after supper,

About 10 P.M., pinching in the abdomen; better after passing wind (seventh day),

About 8 A.M., pinching in the abdomen and stool, first thick, then diarrhoeic (eighth day),

Some dull pain low down above the pubic region, and anteriorly on both sides of the abdomen,

Pain in the pelvis at the left side (after one hour),

On the left side, in the region of the uterus, across, in the groin and towards the hip, violent stitches or cuttings (third day),

Frequent stitching pains from the middle of the pelvis across towards the left side, in attacks (fourth and fifth days),

After lying down, a throbbing on the right side, superiorly in the pelvis (ninth day),

She put on a somewhat tight petticoat; this was very uncomfortable and caused a return of the pain in the left groin, which she had several weeks before (after five weeks),


Eructations tasting of the food,

Nausea before the evening meal, ceasing by eating, together with the headache (fourth day),


Very peculiarly stinking flatus, like a compound of hydrogen, such as he never smelled before (second day); after one week, the same once again, not occasioned by the mode of living,

Pressure of incarcerated flatus under the last ribs, first on the left side, then on the right, an hour and a half after breakfast (third day),




Nausea caused by the vertigo; after eating rice he was obliged to vomit,


Appetite and Thirst.

During the whole time, a good appetite and a disposition to drink a glass of beer oftener than common, which always tasted good; both later ceased,

11.30 P.M., while going to sleep, sudden desire for apples, which makes him wide awake again (thirteenth day),

No desire to smoke (first evening),



Heartburn, a sensation of warmth, as after spirituous drinks, in the epigastrium and on both sides of the same,

Disagreeable sensation in the stomach; something comes up as far as the pharynx, as though a wet eructation were about to occur, but nothing comes up; finally, a difficult retching, then an accumulation of water in the mouth; after half an hour accumulation of water in the mouth, retching, then yawning,

Feels empty and weak in the stomach, yet without appetite,

A feeling in the stomach like weakness or faintness (tenth day),

The disposition to become easily faint in the region of the stomach often recurred,

Singular contracting sensation in the epigastrium, as if the parts were folded together; when this sensation passed away, there remained a pain and soreness in the left side,

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