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Thuja Occidentalis - Ears symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arbor Vitae, Thuja, Thuya, Thuja Occidentalis, Thuya occidentalis, Thuj.

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HPUS indication of Thuja Occidentalis: Warts
Thuja Occidentalis
Common symptoms: Warts, Dizziness, Fungus, Headache.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Thuja in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Fine cramplike pain in the right external meatus auditorius; worse when the scalp is drawn down from the highest point of the skull (after four days),

Cramplike sensation in the right outer ear (after four hours and a half),

Compression in the external ear,

Extraordinarily violent tearing in the left concha, and soon after in the left eye, which ended with a darting stitch through the middle of the eyeball (third day),

A continuing squeezing-sticking pain in concha of the left ear, after dinner, while sitting (first day),

Tension in the lower portion of the outer ear, as though a band were pulling downward (after six hours),

Violent pressing-burning pain behind the right ear (after nine hours),

Dull pressing pain behind the left ear (after half an hour),

Slight drawing behind the right ear, and some constriction in the ear (thirty-seventh day),

Drawing behind the right ear, with single stitches in the mastoid process of the temporal bone, soon disappearing after dinner (sixty-ninth day),


(Increased amount of earwax),

There exudes from the right ear a constant moisture smelling like bad meat, with swelling and a noise of boiling water in the ear, with difficult hearing,

(Discharge from the ear diminished),

Great swelling within both ears, with very difficult hearing, congestive pulsation of the vessels in it and in the whole head, lasting a long time and recurring at indefinite intervals (eighth to eleventh month),

Sensation of swelling in the ears, with increased difficulty of hearing,

Aching boring in the right ear, and at the same time in the teeth, right eye, and forehead, becoming intolerable in the evening,

Cramp in the inner ear like an earache and a compression, followed by a stitch like a streak of lightning, so that he trembled; frequently in the evening,

A transitory cramp pain in the right ear (ninth day),

Tension in the auditory passages and stoppage of the ears (forty-sixth day),

Sensation as though something were squeezed out at both ears,

Pressing pain in the meatus auditorius (at noon),

Pressing sticking pain in the right meatus auditorius (after five hours),

Boring in the ears (third day),

Twitching in the right ear, with sticking pains (first day),

Quivering twitching from the ear to the left corner of the mouth,

Pinching pain in the right ear,

Pinching in the left ear when swallowing,

Sticking in the ears,

Sticking and ringing in the right ear (first day),

Single, flying, very painful stitches from the depth of the right ear through the external ear (thirteenth day),

Several stitches in the interior of the right ear,

Dull sticking in the interior of the right ear,

Dull sticking from the right ear and under the lobule outward (first day),

Violent itching in the ear, as from an ulcer,

12.50 P.M., when indoors, a sudden, transient feeling, as if cold air blew into right ear (fourth day),

Heat in the right ear (seventy-second day),

In the morning, feeling of fulness, with stoppage in the right ear and frequent sneezing, which returned in the evening; soon after which quite violent itching in both nostrils towards the point of the nose, after a short continuance of which, a secretion of thin mucus followed (fourteenth day),

A feeling of stoppage in the left ear, with diminished power of hearing, each time lasting several minutes, in the morning and at noon (forty-second day),

Both ears stopped (first day), ; (second day),


Hearing alternately good and bad,

Hearing very difficult for some days (third week),

The right ear seemed to suffer, the hearing was impaired, the lower part of the concha was inflamed, swollen, sensitive to touch, at times associated with itching and roaring (after six months),

Difficulty of hearing increased, with constant singing in the ears,

Noise in the ear, as from rattling of tinsel-paper,

Frightful sounds in the ears, with dulness of the head,

Buzzing in the ears (second day),

Buzzing and roaring in the head, at noon (forty-first day),

Violent buzzing in the ears, lasting several hours (thirty-ninth day),

Whizzing and buzzing in the right ear (fourth day),

Whizzing in the left ear (tenth and twelfth days),

Hissing in the ears, as of boiling water,

Constant singing in the head of the same melody,

Ringing in the ears,

Ringing in the ears for several hours,

Ringing in the ears, frequently during the day (second, third, and seventh days),

After dinner, suddenly felt a shrill ringing in the right ear, which, after a few hours, as suddenly changed to a dull buzzing and groaning, the latter sensations gradually to a noise as of a bubbling liquid, which continued all night (thirty-seventh day),

Frightful hammering and tearing in the ear, in the evening in bed, lasting till after midnight, with micturition every half hour, and with cold feet as far as the knees,

Creaking in both ears when swallowing, resembling the turning of a wooden screw, accompanied with a sticking and feeling of dryness in the right outer canthus, as if a grain of sand had got into it (twelfth day),

Painful sticking and creaking in both ears as when a wooden screw is turned, especially during empty deglutition (after a quarter of an hour, thirteenth day),

Painful thumping and roaring in both ears on coming into the room from the open air, in the afternoon (sixty-ninth day),

Roaring in the ears (fifth day), ; (forty-second day),

Roaring in the left ear (ninth day), and creaking when swallowing saliva (fifth day),

Roaring in the ear (early, in bed),

Roaring in the ears, like a draft through a stove (after one hour),

Constant roaring and rumbling in the ears, as if she frequently heard the bellowing of cattle,

Roaring in the ears causing aching, with painfulness of the whole occiput, aggravated by swallowing,

Diminished roaring in the head and ears, and improved hearing, in a girl suffering from difficult hearing for a very long time (twelfth month),

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