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Thuja Occidentalis - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arbor Vitae, Thuja, Thuya, Thuja Occidentalis, Thuya occidentalis, Thuj.

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HPUS indication of Thuja Occidentalis: Warts
Thuja Occidentalis
Common symptoms: Warts, Dizziness, Fungus, Headache.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Thuja in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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A chronic scrofulous inflammation of the eyes, with swelling of the cervical glands, gradually disappeared during the first four weeks,

Redness of the white of the left eye near the cornea, in the morning, without sensation (after seventy-four hours),

Great redness of the whites of the eyes and of the inner surface of the lids. A slight swelling beginning in the evening, gradually increasing the whole next day, with much lachrymation and itching of both eyes; this was repeated still more violently after eight days,

The eyes are red and painful on every effort,

The white of the eye is blood red,

Right eye congested with blood (twenty-first day),

The white of the eye is very much inflamed and red, with biting and pressure as from sand,

The weak eye is red and burning hot,

(A spot on the cornea of the right eye becomes smaller and more transparent),

Small ulcers in the eyes and on the head, with ulceration behind the ears, forming scabs,

Eyes continually closed (twenty-ninth day),

Eyes glued with mucus on waking (thirteenth day),

The eyes secrete much gum (sixty-sixth day),

Convulsive movements of the eyes, and a feeling as of a grain of sand in them,

Squinting with both eyes, alternately coming and going,

Squinting of the left eye,

Weakness of the eyes (third day),

The eyes are weak and painful from very effort,

Weakness of the eyes, particularly observable when writing (third and fourth days),

Weakness of the eyes when reading (ninth day),

Weak eyes, pressure as from fine sand in them,

Sensation of weakness of the eyes, with need of resting them, with burning and itching in them, and sensitiveness of all the surroundings of the eyeballs,

Weakness of the eyes; on reading a quarter of an hour, the letters run together; it often seems as if the gaze were fastened upon a letter so that he cannot read further; the right eye is worse than the left; a glass afforded no assistance, though the eyes have no appearance of disease,

Weakness of the eyes, even on exerting them a little; they ache deep in, and everything seems to become constantly smaller, until objects swim together,

The weakness of the eyes increases, so that she sees badly both near and distant objects,


Feeling of dryness in the eyes,

Right eye dry, and in the margin of the lower lid a burning spot, as if a stye were about to form (twelfth day),

Feeling of dryness in both eyes (after a quarter of an hour; thirteenth day),

A feeling as of sand in both eyes,

Feeling of sand in the eyes, especially in the right (sixty-third day),

Pain in eyes and head at night (thirty-first day),

Pains in the eyes compressing the lids together,

Pain in the eyes as after too great effort, obliging to close them,

The eyes are sensitive to air, and are easily irritated,

The eyes feel dim, as if she was in the dark,

The eyes constantly long for a warm covering; as soon as the eyes are uncovered they immediately become painful, and it seems as though cold streamed from the head out through them,

Painful burning in the eyes with white mucus in the canthi,

Dry burning in the eyes,

Burning of the eyes (eighteenth day),

Burning in the eyes without redness, with very indistinct vision,

Burning in the left eye near the internal canthus, compelling him to rub it (third day),

Burning and stinging in both eyes and eyelids, with injection of the cornea, in the evening (ninety-fifth and ninety-sixth days),

Burning in the eyes, which were pained by the light, with the headache (nineteenth day). With the headache, burning in the right eye, which disappeared on repeatedly washing it with cold water (thirty-fourth day),

Burning in the eyes, especially in the internal canthi, in the evening (twenty-sixth day); on rising in the morning (forty-second day); slight in the morning (fifty-second day); at 10 A.M. (fifty-eighth day); as if the room were smoky (for an hour), in the evening (sixty-seventh day); after dinner (seventy-third day),

Pressure and sensitiveness in the eyes (twentieth day),

Pressure in both eyes (fifteenth day), ; (first day),

Pressure in the eyes for two or three days,

Constant pressure in the eyes, especially in bright light,

A pressive pain, as from a grain of sand in the left eye, continues without any other symptoms,

A painful stitch through the centre of the left eye, commencing in the centre of the brain (fourth day),

An unusual distressing sticking sensation in the eyes,

Sticking in the eyes in the morning (in the sharp air),

Some stitches in the eyes, always in a bright light,

Stitch in the left eye (sixty-eighth day),

Sticking in the right eye (seventy-ninth day),

The sticking pains in the eyes are aggravated,

Brow and Orbit.

The hair of the brows falls out with much itching,

Dry tetter on the eyebrows and head, itching and stinging,

In the evening a painful little tubercle in the middle of the left eyebrow (fifth day),

The roots of the hair of the left eyebrow are sensitive when passing the hand over them (sixteenth day),

Tearing pain in the left eyebrow, disappearing after touch (after eleven hours),

Slight drawing over the left eyebrow (forty-fifth day),

Slight pressing in the lower border of the right orbit, soon disappearing; but the orbital edge remained sensitive to the touch, and to the closing of the eye for a quarter of an hour (seventy-first day),

Pressure and tension in the left and afterwards, also, in the right orbit, in the morning after waking (fifth day),

Painful tension in the bottom of the left orbit for several minutes, at 7.30 P.M. (sixth day),

Drawing pain in the bottom of the right orbit, continuing a quarter of an hour, in the morning (thirteenth day),

A decided pressure above the right eye, externally (after three hours and three-quarters),

A pressing sticking above the left eye, which extended toward the right, and then disappeared,


Agglutination of the lids at night,

Eyes agglutinated for several mornings (forty-ninth day),

Agglutination of the eyes, with a sensation as of sand in them, in the morning (fifty-eighth day),

Eyes agglutinated, with pressure in them, in the morning (seventy-first day),

Eyelids slightly agglutinated on waking in the morning (fifty-ninth and sixty-fourth days),

Eyes somewhat agglutinated and watery in the open air (sixty-ninth day),

The tips of the eyelashes become covered with fine light-brown scurf,

Accumulation of hardened mucus in the inner canthus all day,

The eyelids were thick, as if she had cried a long time,

Swelling of the upper lids (after seventy-six, and one hundred and twenty hours),

The eyelids swell, become red and hot, with photophobia,

The eyelids become redder and more painful, and secrete much thick, glutinous, corrosive mucus (sixth month),

The canthi of the eyes are often inflamed for one or two days, with sticking and redness of the white of the eye,

With increasing inflammation of the eyelids, the eyes become dry, and itch very much,

The inflamed eyelids become covered with small ulcers,

A red pimple on the margin of the lower lid,

Frequent white desquamation from the eyelids,

An old inflammation of the eyelids diminished rapidly from day to day, after the dose, until there was only a nightly agglutination of the lids,

Thick, red, burning eyelids, spasmodically drawn together, with which the vision is very dim and obscure,

A stye on the right eye, after the disappearance of which the eye became inflamed,

Quivering in the upper eyelid (soon, second and third days),

Frequent quiverings of the lower lid of the left eye (forty-eighth and forty-ninth days),

Falling down of the upper lid several times a day, especially in the evening by the candlelight, with a contractive sensation in it,

In the morning she cannot open the eyes well, and in the evening the lids are very weak,

On waking, was for a long time unable to open his eyelids; they were painful, and closed involuntarily (ninety-seventh day),

In the evening the eyelids feel as if the could not open them, lasting a long time (after fourteen days),

Jerking of the left eyelid,

Jerking constriction of the lids,

Heaviness of the eyelids, with slight burning in the eyes, and heat in the right ear (seventy-second day),

Feeling as if the eyelids were swollen, and a foreign body were in the eye (fourteenth day),

Boring pain above the right inner canthus (after three days),

A feeling in the internal canthus of the right eye, as if a grain of sand had fallen into the eye; this continued until bedtime, and rendered the movement of the eyelid somewhat painful, though no objective alteration in the appearance of the organ could be detected (fifteenth day),

Sensation of heat and dryness in the left outer canthus, as if the part would be inflamed (after twenty-nine hours),

Burning of the eyelids,

A burning pressure in the outer canthus of the left eye, without redness (after nine days),

Burning and stinging in the edges of the eyelids in the evening (even the smoke of tobacco burns in the nose), (seventy-first day),

Burning in eyelids, and less distinct vision in the evening (thirty-first day); with obscuration of sight (thirty-second and thirty-third days),

Slight burning in the left external canthus, in the forenoon (sixteenth day); in the canthi (twentieth day); in the external canthi (fifty-third day),

Burning in the external canthi, after rising (thirteenth day),

Cutting in the upper eyelid,

A sticking and feeling of dryness in the right outer canthus, as if a grain of sand had got into it (twelfth day),

A violent, deeply piercing, sharp stitch in the right inner canthus from time to time (after two hours),

Violent stitch in the inner canthus of the left eye, which exudes moisture, by which the vision is obscured (after one hour and a quarter),

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Frequent lachrymation, the tears do not run down, but remain in the eyes,

Painful lachrymation of the left eye, worse in the air,

Lachrymation, was obliged to wipe the eyes constantly (sixty-fourth day),

Lachrymation, so that he could not see clearly (sixth month),

Very profuse lachrymation in the cold, the eyes run a stream (after three months),

Watering of the left eye while walking in the open air (after nine hours),

Tearfulness of the eyes in the air (fifty-fifth day),

Eyes continually watered when walking against the wind, which had already been frequently remarked (sixty-eighth day),

Frequent lachrymation of the left eye (when walking in the open air), (fifth day),

The left eye began to water, the right one remaining dry (after fifteen minutes, tenth day),


Violent pain in the right eyeball, but soon disappearing, leaving behind a sensibility of the eye to touch of the hand, which remained a long time (first day); immediately on waking the same pain re-established itself (second day),

Pressure in the eyeballs and on the skull, as if the eyeballs were pushed into their orbits by a stone, in the evening (seventieth day),

Pressure in the right eyeball,

Drawing tearing in both eyeballs, in the evening (seventeenth day),

Tearing in the right eyeball, coming from the brain (first day),

Stitches in the left eyeball and in the right metacarpus (first day),


Pupils dilated in the evening (thirty-fourth day),

Great dilatation of the pupils (after six hours),

Great contraction of the pupils lasting five days (after one hour),


Dimness of vision like a mist before the eyes, and pressure in them, as if they would be pressed out of the head, or as if they were swollen,

Dimness of vision in the open air, like a veil, for near and distant objects, with confusion of the head for half an hour,

The vision seems dim, with a feeling as if something were before the eyes,

The eyes become dim, weak, and squinting,

Failure of the eyes when reading (within two hours),

Can scarcely see anything more by the left eye, associated with photophobia, with lachrymation and agglutination of the lids,

Indistinct sight (seventh day),

Obscuration of the sight with dilatation of the pupils, and burning of the eyelids (forty-fifth to fifty-second day),

Obscuration of the eyes while writing (first day),

Failure of the sight, with the aching in the forehead (fourth day),

Complete amaurosis of the right eye, and commencing weakness of vision of the left, requiring the brightest illumination, with rapid aching, loss of power on slight effort, associated with red swelling of the lids, secreting mucus; gradually became perfectly cured within nine months,


Short-sightedness increased,

So short-sighted that he could scarcely see the ground, even near objects were indistinct (after nine months),

Double vision when reading, momentarily relieved by closing the left eye,

Photophobia in the open air, which had lasted for many years; with the seeing of a dark-red shine ceases, so that she can dispense with the blue glasses hitherto worn (ninth week),

Slight sensitiveness in the right eye, in the morning (twenty-second day); sensitiveness of the eyes (forty-third day),

Sudden blackness before the eyes while sitting quietly in the afternoon, so that she sees nothing, at the same time the voices of those standing about seem to come from a great distance,

Sudden attack of blackness before the right eye, with crawling and an asleep sensation in the tongue, right half of the face and down the right arm, even to paralysis of the whole right side, and falling down and becoming delirious, speedily and entirely passing off, except frequent attacks of faintness while standing in the forenoon, in a pregnant woman (seventh month),

In the evening by the candlelight it became dark before the eyes, so that he could not see distinctly, reading and writing were very difficult; the next morning on rising fluttering of bright white spots before the eyes, it seemed blue when the eyes were closed, it was difficult to read and write (after twenty-two weeks),

It becomes black before the eyes, like a faintness, by paroxysms,

Dark before the right eye, with twitching of the upper lid,

While reading, objects seem dark, with sensation about the eyes as if he had not slept enough,

Vision of the eye that is not inflamed seemed dark,

Vision seemed impaired; everything seen with the left eye seemed enveloped in a fog, so that when he closes the right eye he can scarcely read, because the letters seem covered in spots with fog (after six months),

Mistiness of sight, with dulness of head (fifth day),

At a distance it seems like looking through a fog; near, everything seems smaller,

Every object seen by the right eye seems smaller than natural,

Biting in the corner of the right eye, once about 5 P.M. (without any cause affecting the eyes), the surrounding objects swam before my eyes; I could not see clearly, much less read; this lasted nearly a quarter of an hour,

A dark net swims before the eye with double vision,

When reading the print swims before the eyes,

All objects before the eyes swim on looking for only a short time (fourteenth month),

Black points before the eyes, which seemed to move about, even on closing the eyes, with dulness of the occiput,

Small black flashes flit before the eyes,

A black woollen thread seems to float before the left eye; it actually seems to exist, and he tries to catch it (twenty-first week),

Dark spots before the eyes while reading, so that reading was difficult (fifty-fifth day),

Clouds and streaks (muscae volitantes) were hovering before the eyes, accompanied with indistinctness of sight, which continued next day (ninety-seventh day),

Illusion of vision; while writing all objects about him seem to tremble (immediately after eating),

A gray spot before the right eye, with diminution and swaying to and fro of all objects, on closing one eye, worse in the morning,

A gray spot flickers before the right eye, at times surrounded by a golden halo, at times whirling in a circle; the eye seems especially dim, and the white frequently red and hot,

Frequent appearance as if a bird were flying before the eye,

On going to dinner, a sudden sparkling before the eyes, and a multitude of black shining points swam before them, so that he could not clearly make out surrounding objects. After awhile this symptom disappeared; first in the right eye (fifth day),

Flickering before the eyes at night, immediately after taking a dose,

Great flickering before the eyes, associated with wavy movements, especially while writing (nineteenth day),

Flickering before the eyes, so that he could scarcely see during dinner (thirty-fourth day),

Fluttering and flickering before the eyes, so that vision was indistinct, continued to recur (after twenty weeks),

Fluttering bright zigzags before the eyes (seventieth day),

A wavy, zigzag movement before the eyes for an hour after rising from bed, making vision very indistinct (seventeenth day),

On entering a dark room, a luminous disk of the size of a pear hovered before his eyes, it shone like a firefly (sixth day),

Golden points floating downward in the eyes, and slowly disappearing,

Colored lightnings at times shooting through the eyes,

Seeing of a luminous disk, shining like a firefly. This was sometimes perceived in the daytime, but most frequently at twilight, in the room. Afterwards this luminous circle, which followed the movements of the eyeball, and was hovering at various distances, now before one, now before both eyes, assumed a more elliptic form, and had a dark Viola Odorata violet or blackish nucleus in the centre. Sometimes the disk was of the size of a millet or hemp-seed, but always luminous on the edge (till forty-sixth day),

Bright blue glistening spots before the eyes, so that he could scarcely see distinctly in the morning on rising (after six months),

Bright flickering zigzags before the eyes, so that he was obliged to close them while writing, while it lasted he could not see distinctly (sixty-ninth day),

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