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Thuja Occidentalis - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Arbor Vitae, Thuja, Thuya, Thuja Occidentalis, Thuya occidentalis, Thuj.

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HPUS indication of Thuja Occidentalis: Warts
Thuja Occidentalis
Common symptoms: Warts, Dizziness, Fungus, Headache.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Thuja in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Kidneys inflamed; feet swollen.

Stitch to bladder from rectum.

Violent burning in fundus of bladder.

Urging to urinate frequent and hasty.

Stream interrupted.

Frequent want to urinate, with profuse emission of a watery urine, also at night.

The urine foams; the foam remains long on the urine.

Involuntary secretion, of urine; at night; when coughing; in drops after having urinated.

The bladder (and rectum) feels paralysed, having no power to expel.

Sediment of brown mucus.

The urine contains sugar.

Boring in region of bladder, with painful drawing up of testes.

Urine yellowish or wine-coloured.

Orifice of urethra agglutinated by mucus.

Cloudy sediment in urine.

Bloody urine.

Prolonged trickling of urine, after having urinated.

Sensation as if a drop were flowing into urethra, after emission of urine, and at other times.

Burning sensation in urethra, esp. in morning and during day; also after and during emission of urine.

Shootings in urethra, during emission of urine, and at other times.

Jerking, voluptuous formication in fossa navicularis.

Smarting in sexual part of females, during emission of urine.

Itching in urethra.

Stream small and split, next day yellowish discharge from urethra, with chordee.


During pregnancy child moves so violently it wakens her, causing cutting in bladder with urging to urinate; pains in l. sacro-iliac articulation, running into groin.


Continued painful erections, esp. night and morning, with lancinations in urethra.

Pollutions with sensation of stricture in urethra.

Gonorrhoea scalding when urinating, urethra swollen; urinal stream forked; discharge yellow; green; watery; with warts; red erosions on glans; subacute and chronic cases, esp. when injections have been used and prostate is involved.


Profuse perspiration on genitals, esp. scrotum; sweet-smelling, like honey; staining linen yellow.

(Relaxed scrotum with sexual weakness and lethargy; unfit for strain.)

Feeling in testes as if they moved.

Condylomata on glans and prepuce, moist, itching and suppurating, esp. while the moon is increasing.

Ulcers, like chancres, on prepuce.

Swelling of prepuce.

Red excrescence on inner side of prepuce; like fig-warts.

Smooth, red excrescence behind glans.

Many red pedunculated condylomata surrounding glans.

Shootings in scrotum, in penis, and along spermatic cord, as far as navel.

Drawing in testes, with retraction of one of them (l.).

The semen has an offensive smell.

Blenorrhoea along with otorrhoea; penis constantly erect and prepuce inflamed (cured in boy, 12.)

Gonorrhoea with a soft lump having an abrasion on it on l. side of fraenum praeputiae, lump small and painless.

Profuse and watery discharge from penis.


Warts, condylomata, and other excrescences about vulva.

Ulcers on internal surface of vulva; vulva has a sore, smarting feeling.

Burning and biting in vagina.

Vagina extremely sensitive during coition.

Recto-vaginal fistula (cured.)


Warts on orifice of uterus, with shootings and burning sensation when urinating.

Uterine polypus.


Venereal diseases.

Affections in general appearing in male or female genital organs, particularly on the external organs; affections on l. side particularly.

R. T. C.).


Painful spermatic cords from suppressed gonorrhoea.

Round, unclean, elevated ulcers with red margins, moist and painful.

Sycotic cauliflower excrescences; fig-warts smelling like old cheese or herring brine.

Nightly painful erections causing sleeplessness.

Irresistible inclination to onanism even during sleep.

Nocturnal emissions; wake him; followed by heaviness and ill-humour.

Seminal emissions cured with 5-drop doses of Ø (C. W. Roberts).

Flow of prostatic fluid.

Prostatic affections from suppressed or badly-treated gonorrhoea.

R. T. C.).

Renewed gonorrhoea after coitus.

Affections appearing on external organs, esp. l. side.

Itching and burning smarting, as from excoriation, in genital organs.

J. C. B.).

Pressure on genital organs.

Contractive and spasmodic pain in genital organs, extending to hypogastrium.

Ovaries, affections of.

Swelling and excoriation of labia.

Cauliflower excrescences.


L. ovary inflamed, agg. at each menstrual nisus; distressing pain, burning when walking or riding; must lie down; pain extends through l. iliac region into groin, and sometimes into l. leg, pain sometimes burning.

Cutting, squeezing, shooting pains in region of l. ovary.

Pain, located in ovaries or duct, from over-physiological action.

Bleeding fungus of breast (completed cure after Phosphorus Phos.).

Sycotic excrescences; moist, bleeding and offensive.

Leucorrhoea mucous; is almost green.

Abortion at end of third month, commencing with a scanty discharge of blood for five days, then more and more profuse.

Bright red or clotted blood with bearing down in third month of pregnancy (cured with Thujopsis dolabrata.)

R. T. C.).

Labour pains weak or ceasing; contractibility hindered by sycotic complications; pains in sacro-iliac articulation running into l. groin; pain from walking, insupportable, must lie down.


Menses too early and too short; scanty, with terrible distressing pain in l. ovarian and iliac region.

Before menses excitement and pulsation of arteries, back of head, headache and toothache; labour-like abdominal pains, tenesmus and fainting; much perspiration.

During menses tiredness, palpitation, spasmodic weeping; restlessness in legs; retching, pressing in stomach, distension, pain in abdomen and back; bearing down out of genital organs; burning in varicose veins of genitals; sensitiveness and swelling of breasts; general coldness.

After menses tiredness; rush of blood upward; toothache; sleeplessness; nightmare.

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