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Thuja Occidentalis - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

Arbor Vitae, Thuja, Thuya, Thuja Occidentalis, Thuya occidentalis, Thuj.

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HPUS indication of Thuja Occidentalis: Warts
Thuja Occidentalis
Common symptoms: Warts, Dizziness, Fungus, Headache.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Thuja in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Hawking up of mucus (thirty-third day),

Hawking up of large lumps of a blackish-green color,

Moderate expectoration of mucus from the throat by hawking and raising, after which the general condition is improved,

Much mucus in the throat, which is very painful to raise,

Hawking up of dark clotted blood from the throat, in the morning (fifth month, recurring in the eighth month),

Streaks of blood in the mucus hawked up, frequently recurring at indefinite periods (sixth and seventh months),

Hawking of tenacious mucus, which is difficult to loosen (forty-second day),

Hawking of much watery mucus, in the morning (eighty-second day),

Obliged to hawk for half an hour in the morning, in order to raise tenacious mucus from the throat (after twelve months),

Frequent hawking, with the sensation as if the throat were sore, continuing three days (eighth day),

Frequent hawking, with cough (twelfth day); worse; the cough, with oppression of the chest (sixteenth day),

Frequent hawking of mucus (fifteenth day),

Frequent hawking and hacking (eighth day),

Frequently obliged to hawk and throw off white, tough mucus (ninth night),

While eating, much mucus in the throat, which she is obliged to hawk up, else she cannot swallow the food,

Frequent hawking up of thick mucus, in the morning (thirty-seventh and sixty-fourth days),

The mucus hawked up had an unpleasant, sharp, resinous taste (sixty-eighth day),

Frequent hawking up of mucus (twenty-ninth, thirtieth, and thirty-first days); of a tough mucus (fortieth day),

Blood-red mucus is hawked up from the fauces,

A nauseating rancid vapor rises into the throat, recognized by the smell,

The throat becomes thick, the thyroid gland swells and becomes sensitive,

Swelling of the whole right side of the throat and face, eye, right cheek, gum, and cervical gland, mostly beneath the ear, together with nosebleed and dry coryza on the right side,

Swelling of the throat, for four days (after eleven days),

Sensation of an internal swelling in the throat preventing swallowing, as from a growth, unusually distressing and constantly recurring, so that no clothing could be tolerated about the throat, and speech was difficult,

The throat seems internally swollen, with stinging pains, making swallowing difficult,

Sensation of choking in the throat amounting even to suffocation, obliging him to walk about at night, whereby it was somewhat relieved (twelfth month),

Pain in the throat during deglutition,

Pain in the throat, as if sore, hoarseness, and rough barking cough,

Pains, as if the throat were swollen, with dark-red swelling of the left tonsil, which is covered with a broad white superficial ulcer (fourth week),

(Pain in the throat, always close to the larynx, with swelling of the glands, and bad taste that distinctly starts from the larynx when eating, talking, and hawking, with frequent expectoration of small offensive-smelling masses like millet seeds, for three weeks, then entirely disappearing and followed by steady improvement, in a tuberculous patient), (seventh month),

Sore throat, with hoarseness, and rough cough,

A sensation in the right side of the throat as though it were about to inflame; during the whole day, stinging pains when swallowing, which disappeared again entirely in the subsequent night (after one hour, fifth day),

A kind of sore pain on swallowing saliva, as if air penetrated a wound, in the whole palate, extending toward the left ear internally,

Sore throat, like swelling from taking cold,

Sore throat, with a feeling as if there were a constricted spot in it,

Rawness in the throat, as from snuff,

Rawness in the throat, as if the skin were denuded,

Dryness in the throat (forty-first day), ; (eighth day),

Frequent great dryness of the throat, as if it would stick together,

A peculiar dryness up and down the throat, as from sand, with uprising heat and a bad odor from the mouth,

Feeling of dryness in the throat, with frequent hawking and spitting of a white tough mucus and confluence of much saliva into the mouth; the taste was injured by it, and the food tasted as if it had not salt enough,

Feeling of dryness and sense of constriction in the throat; the same sensation that is perceived when one is for a long time exposed to the heat of the sun without drinking (twelfth day); in a slight degree (thirteenth day),

Feeling of dryness in the throat, lasting two hours, soon (fourth day); lasting all day, immediately (fifteenth day); the whole evening (sixteenth day),

Throat dry and rough, and some difficulty in swallowing (twelfth day),

Dryness of the throat, and painful deglutition with the chill (sixth day),

Scraping in the throat, ; (first day),

Scraping in the throat and inclination to cough (third day); the scraping continued, with frequent cough (fifth day); scraping in the throat, compelling him to cough (thirteenth day); with cough (twenty-sixth day); with frequent cough (thirty-fourth day),

Sensation of a hair in the throat,

Sensation mostly like a plug in the throat, which he attempts to relieve by coughing,

Sensation of roughness in the throat came on and lasted until afternoon (after one hour, eighth day); feeling of roughness on the tongue, hard palate, and in the throat (immediately, ninth day),

Scraping in the throat provoking dry cough (first night),

Scraping and roughness in the throat (tenth day),

Scraping in the throat after eating ices (fifty-eighth day),

Feeling of roughness in the throat, lasting some hours (fourth day),

Feeling of roughness in the throat, in the evening (tenth and eleventh days),

Feeling of roughness in the throat, which soon went off; then for an hour, a feeling in the throat as if there were a painless tumor there (fifth day),

A little roughness in the throat (thirteenth day),

Roughness in the throat, with continual inclination to hawk, and with a deeper tone of the voice, in the morning, disappearing again after breakfast (fifty-eighth day),

Roughness in the throat, in the morning (sixty-seventh day),

Throat rough, scraping, as if it would become inflamed (after fourteen months),

Irritation of the throat causing a dry hacking cough (after thirteen months),

An acrid sensation in the throat suddenly provoking cough,

Burning, as from bitterness in the throat,

Burning in the throat, obliging him to hawk (soon, thirty-eighth day),

Cutting-burning pain in the throat close to the larynx, with swelling of the glands of the right and left side, with stitches extending into the ear, and heavy swollen tongue preventing swallowing (fourth month),

Pressure in the back part of the throat on swallowing,

Pressure and sticking in the throat when laughing and talking,

Scraping, pressure, and salt mucus in the throat,

Pressure in the throat increases so that the trachea seems to become constantly narrower,

Biting and bubbling in the throat, rising up from low down in the left side,

Sticking in the throat,

Sticking in the pit of the throat,

Sticking-tearing drawing in the throat, and a sore sensation, with heat in it when coughing (first day),

Crawling in the throat preventing loud talking,

Uvula and Tonsils.

The uvula seemed to be lengthened, in the afternoon (third day),

The arch of the palate, uvula, tonsils, and fauces suddenly became inflamed and dark red, and covered with superficial white ulcers, especially on the uvula, from the tip of which a piece is lost, with the most profuse salivation, bad odor from the mouth, sleeplessness, and inability to swallow,

Tonsils and inner throat swollen,

Tonsils vividly reddened, in the afternoon (third day); red (nineteenth day),

Slight swelling of the tonsils, painful and inducing frequent deglutition (twentieth day),

Fauces and Pharynx.

Fauces dry (ninth night),

Violent thrustlike stitches in the right side of the fauces suddenly extending into the ear, with a sensation in the ear, on opening and closing the mouth, as if there were an opening in it through which the air could penetrate (after six hours and a half),

Dryness of the pharynx (twenty-ninth, thirtieth, and thirty-first days),

A slight pain in the right side of the pharynx, extending to the ear; swallowing somewhat impeded (ninth day); returned in the afternoon, with a feeling of dryness and increased thirst, and wholly vanished again in the evening (tenth day),


Inclination to swallow,

Difficult swallowing without any apparent cause, in the throat (third day),

Difficulty of swallowing, with gurgling and cracking in the throat,

Sudden inability to swallow anything, as if the throat were paralyzed, without pain, swelling or redness, together with paroxysms of accumulation of saliva in the mouth, and a feeling of tightness in the throat (fourteenth month),

Sensation as if he could not swallow on account of mucus, and as if the pharynx were contracted; after hawking, the throat feels raw,

Painful swallowing (thirty-fifth day),

External Throat.

Swelling of the cervical glands (after five hours, third day), ; at 6 P.M. (eighth day),

Swollen glands in the neck and groins,

The parotid and neck seem swollen, with pulsation on stooping,

Salivary glands very much swollen, much salivation,

Pain in the (swollen) cervical glands so that he could not lie down at night,

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