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Tilia Europoea - General symptoms - Clarke

Linden, Tilia Europea, Tilia Europaea, Tilia, Til.

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HPUS indication of Tilia Europoea: Profuse sweat

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tilia Europoea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Tilia Europoea. The common Lime or Linden. N. O. Tiliaceae. Tincture of fresh blossoms.

Dentition. Enuresis. Epistaxis. Leucorrhoea. Usnea Barbata Lichen. Neuralgia. Peritonitis. Rheumatism. Toothache. Urticaria. Uterus, bearing down in; prolapse of; inflammation of.

The sap of the Lime contains sugar, and the flowers an abundance of honey, which makes the tree particularly attractive to bees. A tincture of the fresh blossoms was proved by the Austrian Society. The most striking characteristic is "an intense sore feeling about the abdomen and profuse warm sweat which gives no relief." This has led to its successful use in cases of peritonitis. In addition to this are marked bearing-down symptoms in the whole genito-urinary and rectal regions, especially in the uterus, and these combined with the others have indicated Til. in puerperal metritis and other disorders of the female generative sphere. An intense facial neuralgia was developed in the proving.

and also a very aggravated condition of skin irritation with pimples of the' Usnea Barbata lichen order. Some Peculiar Sensations are As if a piece of cold iron pierced through right eye, causing burning. Burning as if a piece of ice were drawn over ear and face. As if something living were under skin of face. Tearing in anterior muscles of thigh, as if they were too short. There are A number of pains above the root of the nose.

epistaxis of thin, pale blood which coagulated quickly. The left side was most affected. Great sensitiveness to draught of air was induced. The symptoms were agg. Afternoon and evening.

talking. walking. sneezing.

stooping. cold water. amel. In cool room.

walking about in open air.

closing eyes (head). by coffee. Pain in head was amel. by application of cold water.

pain in jaw agg. Heat of bed agg. skin Symptoms.