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Tongo - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tongo in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Upper extremities

A couple of dull shootings in the left shoulder (first day).

Paralytic pain in the right axilla (after one hour).

Lancinating tearing in the head of the left humerus during rest (fifth day).

Burning in the right elbow, ceasing when rubbed (first day).

Sensation of internal pressure in the left forearm, in the elbow (after one hour).

Tearing in the elbow, at a point above the wrist-joint and extending to the latter, short-lasting, but very painful (after one hour).

Violent tearing below the condyle of the left elbow, which ceases when pressed upon, but returns (first day).

Stinging and tearing in the right arm, directly below the elbow (eighth day).

Tearing in the posterior joint of the right thumb as far as the middle, which ceases on movement (second day).

Tearing in the middle of the posterior phalanx of the right index finger (first day).

Violent tearing in the extensor tendons of the right middle and ring fingers, during dinner.

Lower extremities

After dinner, at 5 o'clock, tearing in the left hip-joint, ceasing on being rubbed, when walking; a couple of violent sharp twitchings deep in the right hip, when standing (second day).

Twitching, with fine stitches, in the middle of the right thigh on sitting, ceasing on standing up (second day).

Violent tearing in the left thigh, as if in the bone, when standing, ceasing when seated (second day).

Violent tearing in the left thigh and knee, relieved by pressure, in the evening (first day).

Tearings sometimes in the thigh, sometimes in the knee, relieved by walking and pressure, all day (sixth day).

Tearing at first in the left knee, as far as the middle of the tibia, then in the middle of the thigh, toward the hip-joint, relieved a little by pressure (first day).

Tearing over a hand's breadth above the left knee, extending into the knee-joint (first day).

Shocks in the knee when walking, so severe that she is threatened with falling, during the menses; some painful tearings in the right tibia (first day).

Violent stinging, like the prick of a needle, repeated six or seven times, in the fatty portion of the right great toe, after dinner, when seated (second day).

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