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Tongo - Eyes symptoms

Diptrix Odorata, Seeds Of Coumarouna - A Tree In Guiana, Tonka, Tonquin Bean, Tong.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tongo in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Dryness and burning in the eyes, in the evening, when reading (second day).

Burning in the eyes, as if they were too dry, in the afternoon (third day).

Violent tearing in the right upper orbital border (first day).

Three painful tearings, externally, above right orbital border (first day).

Violent biting and sticking in the right eyebrow, in the afternoon (seventh day).

So violent a trembling in the right upper lids that the eye waters with it; frequently renewed, for two hours (seventh day).

Feeling as of a grain of sand in the inner canthus of the eye (first day).

Tension around the lower eyelid; she dares not open it for fear of an aggravation, which, however, did not occur (first day).

Tearing and tension in the left lower eyelid (second day).

A burning shooting in the lower eyelid, like a bee-sting (seventh day).

Itching in the inner canthus of the left eye, in the afternoon (seventh day).

Itching in the inner canthus of the left eye, which rubbing relieves, but does not remove (after one hour and a half).

Burning sensation and dryness of eyes, when reading in evening.

Drawing, tension, and quivering in eyelids.

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