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Tongo - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tongo in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Heaviness in the head, on rising, after stooping (first day).

Heaviness in the whole head, in the morning, on waking and after getting up (sixth day).

Confusion of the head, especially the occiput, with somnolence and a sort of intoxication (immediately).

Stupidity in the head during a hard stool, and even some time afterwards.

Feeling of weight in the head, and sensation as if it was too large (at the end of half an hour).

The troubles in the head and teeth cease after using vinegar.

Heaviness in the forepart of the head, almost preventing him from lifting his eyes (after half an hour).

Tension at a small place on the vertex (first day).

Several severe dull dartings deep in the vertex (first day).

Weight in the forehead, on rising after stooping.

Pressure, in the forehead, now here, now there, but more on the left side (seventh day).

Pressure and throbbing in the vertex (ninth day).

Fine tearing on the vertex, on the right side of the head (after eight hours).

Tearing in the right side of the head, when stooping, ceasing on rising (fourth day).

A violent tearing, deep in the head, in a small spot in the right parietal bone (after two hours).

When laughing, deep sticking in the right side of the head (second day).

Sharp darting in the right side of the head, followed by tearing in the right ear, in the evening (sixth day).

Several sharp dartings in the upper part of the right parietal bone, through the head, and coming out below the occiput (second day).

Some sudden severe shootings in the right side of the head, so that she utters loud cries (second day).

Dull stitch in the left parietal bone.

Sharp stitching in the left side of the head (fourth day).

Throbbing stitching above and behind in the right parietal bone, extending toward the forehead, broken off, often, by leaning the head on the hand (second day).

Dull stitching, followed by tension, in the right side of the occiput; it drew the head backward (seventh day).

A sharp stitch in the left side of the occiput, and afterwards itching in the same place, ceasing when scratched.


Drawing pains in the head, now here, now there, especially in the right frontal eminence (after one hour and a half).

Throbbing headache, with heaviness of the whole head, in the morning, after rising (seventh day).

Transient, painful drawing deep in the brain, in the left half of the forehead, when lying in bed (second day).

Several pointed stitches in the vertex, and, at the same time, a painful cutting, like a contraction, in the occiput (second day).

The crown of the head, externally, is very painful to touch (first day).

A shock in the vertex, followed by tearing more in the front in the left parietal bone, and at the same time a painful shooting in the cranial cavity, which makes him cry out (first day).

Throbbing pain in the left side of the head (second day).

Throbbing headache in the left side, as she goes into the room (sixth day).

Compressive headache in the occiput, with external sensitiveness, in the morning, after getting up (sixth day).

Tearing from the right occiput, through the head, to a frequently painful tooth in the right lower jaw.

Ulcerative pain in the right side of the occiput, the skin is even painful to the touch.


Headache all the morning, pressure, tearing, and stitching, especially on going into the room; with tearing up the left side of the face, very morose, and much sensitiveness of the scalp, mostly ceasing on using vinegar, at noon (fifth day).

When entering the room, throbbing in both sides of the head, which feels squeezed as in a vice; at the same time sensitiveness of the hairy scalp; this all soon disappeared after dinner (first day).

Extreme sensitiveness and painfulness of the scalp to touch (sixth day).

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