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Tongo - Modalities Etc

Diptrix Odorata, Seeds Of Coumarouna - A Tree In Guiana, Tonka, Tonquin Bean, Tong.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tongo in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking and after getting up, heaviness in head; headache, etc.; after rising, headache, etc.; after getting up, headache in occiput; after getting up, acid taste; scraping, etc., in throat; early, in bed, urging to urinate; stinging in left scapula; heat in head.

(Forenoon), Mouth full of water; loathing, etc.; when walking, cutting around stomach; shootings in side of stomach in side of stomach, etc.; inflation in bowels, etc.; irritation to cough.

(Afternoon), burning in eyes; biting, etc.; in eyebrow; itching in left canthus; whirling, etc., in epigastrium, etc.; tension in abdomen; shooting in groin, etc.; rumbling, etc., in side; 2 to 5 o'clock, in open air, shaking chills.

(Evening), Tearing in side of head, etc.; when reading, dryness, etc., in eyes; tearing in root of nose, etc.; bleeding of teeth; blood from gum; burning over lower ribs; tearing in thigh, etc.

(Night), Emission of flatulence.

(Contact of food), Pain in left molar tooth.

(During dinner), Tearing in tendons of fingers.

(After dinner), Tearings in hollow tooth; tearing in lower teeth; hiccough; sensation below pit of stomach, etc.; sensation in right groin; burning in region of ribs; 5 P.M., tearing in hip-joint; when seated, stinging in great toe.

(Leaning to right side while sitting), Burning in region of left ribs.

(Laughing), Sticking in side of head.

(During menses), Pain in upper abdomen, etc.

(Rising after stooping), Heaviness in head; stinging under left chest.

(Entering room), Throbbing in sides of head, etc.; throbbing in side of head.

(Scratching), Itching in ear.

(Sitting), Pain in sacrum; twitching, etc., in thigh.

(Standing), Twitching in right hip; tearing in thigh.

(Stooping), Tearing in head.

(After diarrhoeic stool), Soreness of bowels.

(During and after hard stool), Stupidity in head.

(Walking), Urging to stool; leucorrhoea; shocks in knee.


(Biting on teeth), Pain in jaw ceases.

(After dinner), Throbbing in head disappears; loathing, etc., ceases.

(On emission of flatulence), Whirling, etc., in epigastrium, etc., ceases.

(During exercise), Pain in sacrum ceases.

(Leaning head on hand), Stitching in parietal bone broken off.

(On movement), Tearing in thumb ceases.

(Pressure), Burning in region of right ribs; pain in left breast; tearing in knee, etc.; tearing in thigh, etc.

(On rising after stooping), Tearing in head ceases.

(When rubbed), Burning in elbow; in walking, tearing in hip-joint ceases.

(When seated), Tearing in thigh ceases.

(After supper), Rawness in throat disappears.

(Standing up), Twitching in thigh ceases.

(Turning head), Pain in side of nape of neck.

(After using vinegar), Troubles in head, etc., cease.

(Walking), Tearing in thigh, etc.