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Tongo - Mouth symptoms

Diptrix Odorata, Seeds Of Coumarouna - A Tree In Guiana, Tonka, Tonquin Bean, Tong.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tongo in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Gums and teeth

Some painful tearings in a hollow tooth of the left lower jaw, an hour after dinner (first day).

Violent tearing in all the left lower teeth, from behind forward, as if they were being pulled out, after dinner (first day).

Digging and disturbance in the left lower posterior molar, unchanged by cold and heat; they are aggravated by the contact of food (sixth day).

Several painful tearings in three left inferior molars; she believes they are being pulled out, after dinner (first day).

A violent tearing in the left lower jaw, in a corresponding molar tooth (first day).

Tearing in the left upper molars, when laughing. Tearing from the last left molar to the upper part of the head, in the morning, after rising (seventh day).

Tearing in some of the left lower molars, which cold water causes to cease, in the afternoon (first day).

Tearing in the roots of the upper molars; the pain reaches as far as the zygomatic process, and is followed by crawling in their tips; on closing the jaw it at first increases, then ceases (second day).

At dinner, violent tearing in two lower molars of the left side, aggravated by biting on them, in the forenoon (first day).

Shooting, which, starting from a diseased tooth, goes through the head and the muscles of the right side of the nape of the neck (first day).

Tickling in some molars of the right side, in biting on them, ceasing when she opens the mouth (first day).

Acrid blood flows from the left lower gum, without sucking, in the evening (third day).

Tearing in the left lower gums and in the teeth (seventh day).

Toothache, with tearing pain, esp. in molars, agg. by pressing upon them, dissipated by the use of vinegar.

Acid blood from teeth and gums.


Flow of water in the mouth.

Mouth constantly full of water, almost all the forenoon.

Copious accumulation of water in mouth.


Bleeding of a hollow tooth of the left lower jaw, the blood has an acid taste, in the evening (seventh day).

Acid taste in the morning, after getting up (second day).


Burning of the palate (after three-quarters of an hour).

Fine tearing in the back part of the palate (in half an hour).

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