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Tuberculinum - General symptoms - H.C. Allen

A Nucleoprotein, A Nosode From Tubercular Abscess, Tubercul, Tuber, Tuberc, Tuberculinum bovinum, Tub.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Tuberculinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Terrible pain in head, as if he had a tight hoop of iron around it.

trembling of hands. distressing sensation of damp clothes on his spines.

almost absolute sleeplessness.

profound adynamia. was thought by his friends to be on verge of insanity.

most of his brothers and sisters had died of water on brain.

right lung solid, probably from healed-up cavities, as he at one time suffered from pulmonary phthisis. - Burnett.

head gradually enlarged.

alternately wakeful and delirious at night, talked nonsense by day, at intervals.

nocturnal hallucinations and fright, delirium.

pyrexia. had eczema which almost disappeared after two unsuccessful vaccinations, and which were soon followed by above condition.

after administration of remedy there occurred a severe pustular eruption, then patches of a lepra and eczema appeared. - Burnett.

February 7. The swelling about the ear increased till Sunday night (three days) and looked as though it would break on the outside. Since then it has been going down.

his ear quit running yesterday. The discharge became thick and would not run.

they kept it syringed out with warm water and soap.

it gradually grew less. Hardly any odor about the discharge. Stool once or twice a day. Appetite better. A little more restless at night. Anxious to get out of doors, but cried to get back into the house again. Head seems to hurt when he cries. Disposition better.

he is not so cross. The swelling about the glands almost gone. Seems to be gradually improving. Placebo.

After the tenth injection his left moustache, which was kept cut to prevent scabs from gathering, ceased to grow, every hair fell out, and for a month the left upper lip was perfectly denuded of hair, and had all the appearance when seen under a lens of being depilated.

however, the hairs began to grow well before he left the Home. (Hine)..

Girl, aged 15, tall for her age.

tonsils enlarged. chronic discharge from nose, worse early morning on rising.

speech thick. thorax of pigeon-breast type.

perspires much across nose.

very bad perspiration of chest, armpits, palms, nose, and feet.

feels very chilly. spleen swollen.

distinct dullness on percussion at apex of right lung.

suffered badly from vaccination.

gets chilbains. - Burnett.

Stout man, bright, florid complexion, mother died of phthisis, with which disease her sister is suffering, gets pneumonia very often in cold weather.

hence travels from place to place to avoid colds.

coughs much, brings up much phlegm.

perspired profusely and drank great quantities of fluids.

wretched sleepless nights, with almost constant fever.

glands of neck much enlarged. - Burnett.

Mrs. S---, aged 27, Denver, catarrh of nose, throat and larynx.

cough severe worse by lying down.

for ten or fifteen minutes after retiring coughs severely.

loosens some tough mucus which can neither be raised nor swallowed. Nightsweats.

is warmly covered. Morning diarrhea watery, profuse, gushing, at 630 A. M.

a slight motion, turning in bed, necessitates getting up in a hurry, with a rush. Rumbling, gurgling in abdomen as if quarts of water were in stomach and bowels. By careful eating can go rest of day without. Going without noon-day meal stool is natural, but it would not affect morning diarrhea. In morning, weak.

exhausted. In afternoon, feels fairly well. Excessively nervous during menses. Last three periods have been ten or fifteen days late and more scanty than usual. Under the care of one of our best homeopathic prescribers has had Aloe Socotrina Aloe, Sulphur Sulphur, Podophyllum Peltatum Podophyllum, Gamboge and Rumex Acetosa Rumex.

Mr. G. A. T., 28, dry goods salesman, light complexion, mental, motive temperament, active, wiry, well nourished. Father and three uncles died of pulmonary tuberculosis, leaving him the only living male representative of the family.

is strictly temperate, uses no coffee, tea, beer, or tobacco. Has suffered for nine years from involuntary emissions, with or without erections, and with and without dreams.

weak and exhausted for two days following emissions.

has six or eight per month. Has had some of the best men of both schools in the city caring for him, and the last six years under homeopathic treatment, and for three years under one of the ablest members of this associationp.

Miss Mary E. A., 29, University student, one brother living in poor health. Mother, several aunts and rest of family died before thirty of tuberculosis. In July, when 11 years old, was severely poisoned with ivy, and has annual attacks in summer ever since. Menstruated at 13.

early, full, scanty, dark, clotted, exhausting, dribbles for a week.

omits in June, July and August every year. Stomach and abdomen bloated worse in summer. Perspires easily on single parts. Hands and feet edematous. Nape and occiput heavy.

painful. Mental labor.

her college work can only be done with great effort. Restless, dreamful sleep, unrefreshing. Feet and hands cold and damp. Summer heat exhausts her. Leucorrhea acrid, profuse, brownish-yellow, offensive, running down to the heels in large quantities. Not relieved by bathing.

no history of grief or traumatism. The most peculiar symptoms about it were its tubercular small hard nodules in the gland, a superficial string extending to the axilla. Previously had suffered from severe headaches.

since the growths appeared, headaches ceased. The nipple was retracted. On account of tubercular character of growth, the history of former headaches, which were similar to those of Tuberculinum, I gave the patient one dose. In 48 hours burning, lancinating pains began in the growths.

had previously suffered from burning pain which was palliated by sedatives. The burning, lancinating pains continued two or three days, then gradually disappeared. The retraction of nipple was less marked, the tubercles softened, the pains disappeared and general health promptly improved.

Tuberculinum, a typical case.

Howard L., 28 years of age, a resident of Attleboro, Mass., was indisposed in the fall of 1898, troubled with hoarseness and gastric ailments. A neighbouring physician was called who had attended the young man's family for many years. This physician commenced in September, 1898, to inject Tuberculin (Koch's), and up to December had injected his toxin twice a week for several weeks, and then once in two weeks the remainder of the time. The result? At the time of the commencement of this treatment Mr. L. could work and eat comfortably.

soon his stomach rebelled against food and the bowels became constipated, his hoarseness increased and distressing, suffocative spells set in every forenoon, lasting an hour or so.

he would then be able to breathe well the rest of the day.

In January, 1899, I was summoned hastily in the night and found him laboring for breath, the noise of his breathing audible from the street. His first words were "My God, help me.

Suddenly became unconscious while sewing or talking, began screaming, tearing her hair, beating her head with her fists, or trying to dash it against the wall or floor.

attacks daily for a month, then spasms set in, with rolling of head from side to side and moaning.

continuing five weeks, followed by a recurrence of fainting fits, at least twice a week.

a few hours before an attack of fainting, a shuddering like a chill seemed to go from brain down spine.

when questioned about an attack, she said head would suddenly seem to swell over eyes and pain became "horrid" and she knew no more.

between attacks she was free from all complaints except fatigue and an ever-present frontal headache. - Swanp.