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Veratrinum - General symptoms

, Vera.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Veratrinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



After the ointment has been applied a sufficient length of time to put the constitution completely under its influence, the feeling of heat and tingling extends itself from the place where the friction may have been made, over the whole surface of the body, and produces sensations similar to those arising from the internal use. The sensibility of the parts over which the application has been made, is increased so as to render them peculiarly susceptible of the presence of certain stimuli, particularly electricity or galvanism.

these agents have in some instances been applied along with the Veratria ointment, but have given rise to sensations so acute as to render their further employment almost insupportable, and that without the slightest perceptible alteration of the surface (after application of ointment),.

Sensation of warmth in the stomach, which gradually extends itself over the abdomen and lower part of the chest.

after the dose has been repeated once or twice, the same feeling is experienced in the lower extremities, and particularly in the feet.

the upper extremities and head become also affected in the same manner, and if the medicines be pushed further, a sensation of tingling, exactly similar to that caused by friction with Veratria ointment, manifests itself in various parts of the body, and sometimes over the whole surface of the skin.

this is generally accompanied by considerable perspiration, and some feeling of oppression, and all these effects are augmented by heat, or by the use of warm diluents.

to this succeeds a sensation of coldness.

and should their administration be still continued the stomach becomes affected, and a degree of nausea takes place, followed by vomiting. In a few instances only have they acted as diuretics, and in still fewer as purgatives (after 1/6 grains),.

Increased vascular tension. It relaxes it and stimulates the elimination of toxins by skin, kidneys, and liver. It is an alkaloid of Sabadilla, NOT of Veratrum, locally in neuralgias, and for removal of dropsy. Five grains to two drams. Lanolin, rubbed on inside of thighs, causes diuresis. Alkaloid from seed of Sabadilla. — Electric pains, electric shocks in muscles, fibrillary twitchings

Veratria. (An alkaloid obtained chiefly from seeds of Sabadilla Sabadilla and roots of Veratrum Album Veratrum.) C32H52N2O8. Trituration.

"Large doses of Veratrinum cause violent sneezing and great gastro-intestinal irritation, vomiting, purging, and symptoms of collapse, the pulse being rapid, small, and irregular.

and often involuntary muscular tremors come on. A peculiar creeping and prickling sensation in the skin generally accompanies these symptoms. Externally applied to the unbroken skin it has no marked action, but if rubbed on with some fat, it passes through the epidermis and acts on the true skin, causing first irritation and then paralysis of the ends of the sensory nerves, and producing a prickly and creepy sensation, succeeded by numbness. This effect is produced whether applied locally or taken internally. Veratrinum's irritating action in the sensory nerves is also observed if it be inhaled through the nose, when it causes violent sneezing, which also occurs after absorption through the stomach" (Brunton). A large number of the effects of Vern. were the result of inunctions. Vern. is both a paralyser and a great pain producer. It causes electric pains.

sensation like electric streams in nerves.

shooting pains like electric-shocks in veins, muscles and joints. Vern. causes tetanus, which Farrington distinguishes from the convulsive action of Nux Vomica Nux in that Vern. causes purgation and vomiting with the spasms, and that general paralysis does not take place from exhaustion as with Nux Vomica Nux, but from devitalisation of the muscles. Twitchings, subsultus tendinum, fibrillary twitchings are marked. Startings and tremors occur in limbs previously affected by paralysis or pain. The pains are tingling, sparkling, prickling, burning. There is a drawing pain along the spine. Sensations of oppression in head, suffocation.

of boiling water running over the back. As if a stream of warm air or drops of hot water issued from various parts. As if a frozen atmosphere round feet to knees.

or cold water poured on them. Shocks in head. Twitching of facial muscles. Snapping, closure of lower jaw. One Peculiar Symptom is "Dull pain, afterwards burning, in lower, part of spinal column, followed by pain in bowels and prepuce, accompanied with jerking in lower limb.".


Colic. Diarrhoea. Dysentery. Dysuria. Intestines, catarrh of; neuralgia of. Jaw, snapping of. Neuralgia. Oesophagus, stricture of. Paralysis. Spine, neuralgia of. Tetanus.

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