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Veratrinum - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

, Vera.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Veratrinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Felt dreadfully tired, weak, and faint, as if she had undergone some tremendous exertion, though she had enjoyed an excellent night's rest,


Trembling and uncertain movements, when he wishes to lay hold of anything, he misses his grasp,

Subsultus tendinum (after 6 milligrams),


Slight twitchings in various muscles,

Great weakness (after 24 milligrams),


Faintness (after 6 milligrams),

Violent collapse, with vertigo, obscuration of vision, paleness of the face, cool skin, weak, irregular, rapid pulse, followed by violent vomiting, trembling of the whole body, sweat, depression (after 3 milligrams of Acetate),

Great agitation, with violent vomiting,

After a person has taken, for two or three times, form 1/6th to 1/4th of a grain of Veratria, frequently, indeed, in from half an hour to an hour after the first dose, there arises a feeling of tingling, sparkling, prickling, in parts remote from the stomach, most commonly in the joints of the fingers and toes, sometimes in the elbows, bends of the knees, and shoulders, occasionally on the forehead or over the eyebrows, more rarely and at longer intervals in the thighs, abdomen, or back. Simultaneous with this, or soon after, some patients experience a sense of warmth, others of cold, referred to different regions of the extremities and trunk, mostly in the hands and soles of the feet, the knees and mouth. While one has the feeling as if a stream of warm air or drops of hot water were issuing from these parts, another perceives, as it were, a frozen atmosphere around the feet, and particularly the knees, or as if cold water was poured upon them. Some compare the sensation in the mouth to that produced by sucking Mentha Piperita peppermint. In general the warmth occurs where there is integrity of the vital powers, but abdominal torpor, while old hypochondriacs and hysterical women, with predominant asthenia, experience the cold,

Sensation of electric streams in the nerves,

Shooting pain like electric shocks, in various muscles and joints,

Beside the above sensations, there is occasionally superinduced this peculiar phenomenon, namely, that a pain, which may have been of long standing is some part of the body, either suddenly disappears altogether, or else is replaced by another, equally sudden in its invasion, in some distant part. Examples are not wanting of a limb or of the muscles of the face, especially if previously the subject of painful or spasmodic paroxysms, becoming seized with starting and tremor soon after taking the medicine. Thus, in from half an hour to an hour after the dose had been swallowed, parts began to start, which were in a half paralyzed state from apoplexy, or which used to present violent spasms or trembling during severe paroxysms of tic douloureux. In some cases the development of heat was very marked. In the case of a torpid lymphatic subject, in whom, from "abdominal epilepsy," the left arm had gone into a half palsied state, attended with frequent twitchings, a fleeting but sensible warmth succeeded the application of Veratrine,

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