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Veratrum Viride - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

White American Hellebore, Ver v, Verat-v.

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HPUS indication of Veratrum Viride: Fever

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Veratrum Viride in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confused sensation in head (after two hours),

General Head.

Dull feeling in the head all the afternoon and evening (fourth day),

Head felt full and heavy (second morning),

Queer feeling about the head (after two hours, second day),

(Burning sensation of head, with flushed face), (fifth day),


Heavy dull pain in head with the weakness (first day),

Heavy dull headache, with occasional painful throbbing in the temples (after four hours),

Constant dull headache at 4 P.M. (second day),

(Violent headache of a central congestive character); aggravated by noise and motion (fifth day),

(Violent headache, with severe vomiting every fifteen or twenty minutes), (first and second days),

During this proving had no headache after the first and second days,

Headache, which stopped at the temples and seemed to take a diagonal course across the head (after two hours, fourth day),

Slight headache, with full, pressing, heavy feeling in eyes (first day),

Steady, dull pain over right eye, gradually extending to forehead (after second dose, twenty-fourth day),

(Some frontal headache, with nausea; head feels full and congested), (fifth day),

Awoke in the morning with frontal headache, which seemed relieved after a stool (second day),

After 1 P.M. noticed a frontal headache, which extended back on left side of head to occiput; continued all day, more when lying down, especially when lying on occiput (first and second days),

Frontal headache, with cold feet and hands (second day),

Numb constricted pain in forehead, pressing back to the ears, sensation as if membrana tympani would break (second day),

Sharp drawing pain over the left eye, with a contracted feeling in the skin of the forehead (after ten minutes),

Pain in left side of head at junction of parietal and temporal bones, in the forenoon (thirty-first day),

Pain in right mastoid process (half an hour, after fourth dose, thirty-eighth day),

The old pains began to fly about in temple and left trochanter major (after second dose, forty-sixth day),

Headache on left side back to temple (first day); on left side, from before backwards (second day),

Headache on left side to temple at 9 A.M.; stopped in the afternoon (third day),

Dull headache in occipital region (third day); all day (fourth and fifth days); slight occipital headache (sixth day),


Some heaviness about forehead (after second dose, twelfth day),

Slight aching over right eye, also in right temple and right malar bone, just under the eye (twenty minutes, after third dose, first day),

On waking, after a short sleep, felt an indescribable sensation rising from forehead towards crown, and grasping, as it were, the vertex and occiput (first night),


A sensation of stiffness in the voluntary muscles, particularly the temporal and extensors of the head,

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