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Veratrum Album - Chest symptoms - Clarke

White Hellebore, Veratrum, Ver-a, Verat.

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HPUS indication of Veratrum Album: Collapse
Common symptoms: Exhaustion, Coughs, Cramps, Vomiting, Weakness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Veratrum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Chest very much oppressed, with pain in side, during an inspiration.

Pressure at chest, esp. in region of sternum, and principally after eating or drinking.

Sensation of fulness in chest, which induces frequent eructations.

Squeezing in chest, esp. after drinking.

Cramp in chest, with painful constriction.

Spasmodic contraction of muscles of chest.

Incisive pain in chest.

Tickling in chest, as if it would provoke cough, in middle of sternum.

Slow, sharp stitches near nipples, which at last itch.


Violent palpitation of heart, which pushes out the ribs, with choking, and severe fits of anxietas praecordium.

Pulse slow, almost lost.

Great activity of arterial system.

Angina pectoris.

The blood runs like cold water through the veins.


Pulse slow, and almost extinct, or small, quick, and intermittent.


Obstructed respiration, often to the verge of suffocation, generally produced by a spasmodic constriction of throat and chest.

Shortness of breath on least movement.

Dyspnoea and impeded respiration, also when seated.

Shootings, by paroxysms, in chest, with obstructed respiration.

Respiration oppressed; voice hollow; weak.

Chest loaded with mucus, with roughness and scraping in the throat.

Spasmodic contraction of glottis with dilated pupils.

Suffocative constriction in larynx.

Tickling very low down in trachea, provoking cough without expectoration.

Cough, excited by a tickling, deeply seated in the bronchia, with easy expectoration, or else dryness.

Cough, irritation referred to lowest part of sternum; pressure at stomach-pit, or over abdomen = cough immediately (Bayes).

Dry, tickling cough, after walking in sharp, cold air.

Cough provoked by drinking, esp. cold water.

Violent cough, with continued risings, as if about to vomit.

Cough in the evening, with salivation.

Dry, burning cough, generally in evening and morning.

Cough, with pain in side, weakness and obstructed respiration.

Hollow, deep cough, always in three or four shocks, as if proceeding from abdomen, with incisive pains in abdomen.

Lancinations towards inguinal ring, when coughing.

Cough, like whooping-cough, with vomiting.

Cough, with yellowish expectoration, on entering a warm room, followed by pain, as from a bruise in chest.

Cough, with copious expectoration.

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