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Veratrum Album - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

White Hellebore, Veratrum, Ver-a, Verat.

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HPUS indication of Veratrum Album: Collapse
Common symptoms: Exhaustion, Coughs, Cramps, Vomiting, Weakness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Veratrum Album in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Swelling of the face for several days,

Face sunken, with anxious expression,

Convulsive movements of the face and limbs,

Face bluish,

Face dark colored, with an expression of anxiety,

Face dark red, hot,

Extreme redness and heat of the face,

Red face, with great thirst and flow of urine,

Paleness of the face,

Face and lips pale,

He became pale in the face, with the frequent stools,

Sudden alternations of paleness, with heat and redness of the face,

(Painful jerking sensation in the muscular parts of the face), (after three hours),

Drawing and tensive pain over the whole right side of the face and right ear,

Burning in the face and head,


Twitching in the cheeks, at noon, sparks before the left eye, paleness of the face and faintness, followed by vomiting of a quantity of white froth (the attacks recurring for three days),

Stitches in the right cheek and right chest, with salivation,


Cracking of the skin of the lips,

Dry lips and mouth, in the evening, not without thirst (after thirteen hours),

Burning on and somewhat above the red of the upper lip,


Jaws closed,

Stiffness of the masseter muscles,

Dull pressure in the muscles of the left side of jaw, like a violent pressure with a dull point of wood,

While eating all the muscles of the lower jaw become sore, as if bruised, so that he is obliged to stop chewing,

Smarting pain in the forepart of the lower jaw (after nine hours),

Sticking pain in the articulations of the jaws, on opening them, which prevents his drawing down the jaw as usual (after four hours),

Needlelike stitches in the right jaw, frequently through the day (second day),

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