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Wiesbaden - General symptoms - Clarke


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HPUS indication of Wiesbaden: Corns

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Wiesbaden in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The Spring at Wiesbaden, in Prussia. (Contains in sixteen ounces Carbonic acid 6.416 cubic inches, Nitrogen 0.103 cubic inches; of the following solids, in grains, Nat Mur Nat. m. 52.49,Kali Muriaticum K. mur. 1.119 Li. mur. 0.00138, Ammonium Muriaticum Am. mur. 0.128, Calcarea Muriatica Calc. mur. 3.617, Magnesia Muriatica Mag mur l.566, Mag. bro. 0.027, Calc Carb Calc. Sulphur sul. 0.692, Calc Carb Calc. ph. 0.0029, Calc Carb Calc Arsenicum Album ars. 0.0015, Calc Carb Calc. c. 3.210, Mag. c. 0.079, Fer. c. 0.043, Manganum Aceticum Mang. c. 0.004, Silicic acid 0.46, Alumina Alumina silicica 0.603; traces of Mag. Iodium iod., Stro. c., Cup. c.) Dilution.

The hot, chlorinated saline springs of Wiesbaden (Fontes Mattiaci of Pliny) contain 8.176 grammes of solids to each litre, and of these Nat Mur Nat. mur. makes up more than seven grammes. The baths, which constitute the chief part of the treatment, are extremely excitant. The baths, combined with drinking the water, generally determine at the commencement of the cure certain phenomena of saturation which disappear on temporary suspension of the treatment. The most common of these is a saburral state of the stomach, and a feeling of fulness and tension in the whole abdomen. Gout and rheumatism are the chief affections for which Wiesbaden is sought. Passive or atonic gout is the only kind for which Wiesb. is suited, and these cases usually pass through a period of aggravation before improvement sets in. Torpid and nodous rheumatism are benefited, the douche being employed as well as the bath. Paralysis.

muscular and tendinous contractions.

sprains. in complete anchyloses.

stiffness from old fractures.

gunshot wounds which are slow to heal, are also benefited by Wiesb. "Abdominal plethora and portal obstruction are relieved." "By the artificial congestion which they set up in the venous plexus of the rectum they have for an almost constant effect the disengorgement of the viscera under the diaphragm, and the prevention of stasis in their parenchyma" (Constantin James).

to whom I am indebted for the whole of the above facts). Apelt observed the effects of drinking the water and excessive bathing. Magdeburg observed the effects on eight healthy persons. The excitant, congestive, and evacuant effects mentioned by James appear in the provings. Blood rushes to the face. There is vertigo when lying in bed.

and vertigo which causes falling. Haemorrhages occur from anus and nose which relieve other symptoms. Fermentation occurs in the abdomen, and there is great exhaustion after diarrhoea. Haemorrhoidal flow occurs with amel. of abdominal plethora. In one case nose-bleed occurred persistently for six weeks, at the end of which a weakness of vision bordering on blindness was cured. During the menses there is great weakness.

also constipation. A number of remarkable symptoms appeared in reference to the skin and nails. The hair grew rapidly and became darker. Nails also grew rapidly. Corns and callosities dropped off. Berridge cured with Wiesb. 200 a Miss B., 21, of a soft corn between fourth and fifth toes of right foot. There was burning and shooting pain in the corn (H. P., vii. 477). With the sweat of Wiesb. there is itching. The sweat on the diseased parts made a brown stain. The urine stiffened linen. The symptoms were amel. By nose-bleed.

by haemorrhoidal flux. agg. During menses. agg. From coffee (frequent micturition). agg. Lying in bed (vertigo).


Amenorrhoea. Angina pectoris. Body, odour of, offensive. Constipation. Corns. Diarrhoea. Ear-wax, excessive. Epistaxis. Glaucoma. Gout. Haemorrhage. Haemorrhoids. Hair, rapid growth of; falling of; grows darker. Hernia, inguinal; femoral. Indigestion. Miscarriage, prevents. Rheumatism. Sterility. Vertigo; caduca. Whitlow.

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